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A different shape of blue




Dear Diary,



I have had the most enjoyable day today and I thought I’d tell you about it.


I helped a friend out today and worked at the nursing home with her. Fortunately, my qualifications had not expired yet and I was allowed to perform the duties of an aged care nurse. Unfortunately, due to uniform shortages, all they had for me was a white nurse outfit that was really a tad too small and a tad short on the skirt. But I was fine with it, happy that the inner exhibitionist in me had a chance to show a bit of cleavage and lots of leg. Good thing I wore proper knickers and not one of my g-strings!


Anyway, the day started relatively timidly without any fuss. There was a choking incident with Marge in the Chisholm wing, but we handled that quickly enough. And Ted was up to his usual stubborn self, not wanting to take his medication because “it was a huge conspiracy to gradually poison him so his kids can carve up his fortune”. He eventually settled down when I promised that he’d be allowed a glass of his favourite Scotch at dinner.


Along came Ron and George. These two old mates were thick as thieves, always together, always creating havoc, always arguing with each other, but never getting to blows. They reminded me of Statler and Waldorf from The Muppets. To me, they were their own worst enemies, but by the same token, they were a real-life comedy skit. What was really funny was that they almost resembled Tony Randall and Jack Klugman, the two actors who played Oscar and Felix in The Odd Couple! What’s worse is that Ron and George shared one of those side-by-side rooms with a common bath and shower between them.


Anyway, due to their boisterous nature, these two hardly ever sat still enough for a meal, let alone conform to the home’s nap times. To make them take their afternoon nap, they were prescribed Ambien. Now, Ambien comes in various shapes and sizes, but these guys had theirs in the little round blue pill version with the ‘A’ imprinted on it. And as the designated nurse for their wing, I was asked to make sure they took their Ambien this afternoon when lunch was done. Easy enough task. At least that’s what I thought at the time!


So, lunch comes and goes and it’s nearing afternoon nap time. I go to the medicine cabinet and grab the medication for everyone, including Ron and George. I thought I would get those two last not only because they were a handful, but also because they were in the furthest corner of the home, rather secluded from the central hub. I eventually got to them, and was warned that they would protest, which they did. But I forced them to swallow their pills. After they had finally swallowed the pills, I noticed that their beds hadn’t been made, and their towels from the morning shower were still on the floor, so I decided to do what housekeeping had obviously forgotten to do. That way, I could make sure these 2 rascals dozed off anyway.


I tidied up their beds first, but only slightly seeing as I expected them to sleep soon. I then went into the bathroom to clean that up. Meanwhile, I heard the 2 still bantering away. I expected them to gradually quieten down and doze off while I was in the bath. Instead, I heard them chattering away, then suddenly silence. Geez, that Ambien must really have kicked in, I thought. Anyway, another couple of minutes of cleaning up and I was done. I got out of the bathroom, and into Ron’s room and was greeted to a most unexpected sight. Here were these 2 old buggers – both 70+ in age – with their pants around their ankles, both sporting raging boners! I thought to myself, what happened here? Then it struck me. The blue pills weren’t completely round. They were round-ish, but not completely round. What looked like an ‘A’ on them wasn’t really an ‘A’. It was a ‘V’, which looks like an ‘A; when inverted. Oh fuck, I’d given these guys Viagra! Well, there’s only one thing to do now – get rid of their boners and get them to sleep anyway!


So, down on my knees I dropped and started to give each of them a blowjob, but they were already stiff as a rod. Or 2 rods as the case may be this time! In a flurry of activity, the 3 of us disrobed and I was soon to find George fucking me with Ron sticking his cock in my mouth. Then they swapped. Next, I was in doggie and again being spit-roasted by the two of them. These 2 larrikins seemed to really enjoy this and truth be told, so was I. Matter of fact, I soon came in this spit-roast position. George then lay on the bed and I climbed on top in cowgirl. Ron, being the more athletic of the 2 then hopped up on top of the bed and stood in front of me so I could suck on his cock. These 2 had obviously been watching a bit of porn! They swapped around, and I felt the 2nd of my orgasms build up and wash over me. These 2 certainly knew how to fuck, despite their age! By the same token, their age also probably explained why I had cum a couple of times but neither of them did.


Whilst I recovered from the 2nd orgasm, I quickly took a peek outside the door to see if we’d been either discovered or missed and neither seemed to be the case. So, back onto the bed we got and this time, we engaged in a DP with George in my pussy and Ron in my arse. It was awesome! Despite their age, these guys could thrust and they did it with gusto. I came twice – once in this position and once more when the two of them switched around. By now, my pussy and arse were tingling like the hot flush you get after a great gym workout. But I’d been gone for a little too long and I really needed these guys to cum and get to bed. I got them to bend over now and started rimming each of them. Watching their eyes bulge out in the mirror indicated that they not only hadn’t experienced this before, but also seemed to enjoy it. So, when I eventually flipped each one over and wrapped my lips around their dicks again, each one of them blew within a couple of strokes and filled the back of my throat. Ahh, my protein shakes for the day were now taken care of.

When we’d finished and dressed again, the two of them just stared at me. Before they could even form a question to ask, I said to them “now, this stays between us here, ok?” and they nodded. “If you both behave yourselves, we can get to do this again next time I help Teresa out at this home, ok?” Again, two silent nods, in total contrast to their incessant bantering from the morning. “Now, will you both go to bed and have your afternoon nap?” Without a word, Ron went to his room and lay on the bed, and George climbed back into his bed. The grin on both their faces said it all. I tucked them both in, then quickly left their rooms and headed back to the nursing station, all the while smiling inside because I’d just had some naughty fun myself.


When I got back to the nursing station, the others looked at me and smiled. “You had some trouble settling Ron and George, didn’t you?” one of them asked me.

“Yes, I suppose you could say that,” I said.

“But are they in bed now?”

“Sure are, quite as 2 church mice!”

“Did you have to resort to any bribes?”

“Perhaps a couple of bribes, but I think they will behave themselves now”


The rest of the afternoon just flew by and before you knew it, my shift was over. As I handed over to the evening shift nurse, she asked if Ron and George had given me a hard time. “Yes, of course! But nothing I couldn’t handle. I sort of knew what to expect and frankly, under the circumstances, I saw them cumming.” She rolled her eyes, totally unaware of the double entendre in my response.


I bade farewell to the others and hopped into Teresa’s car. During the drive home, she asked if I’d had a hard day. I said it was twice as hard as I imagined, but nothing I couldn’t handle. At that, Teresa just asked “Ron and George, right?” I said yes. Then she asked “don’t those two remind you of those two old muppets?” and I replied “Statler and Waldorf” and we both let out some giggles. She had no idea! Thankfully!


The next time I help her out, I’ll make sure I really check out the medication. Or perhaps, I won’t ……



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You gave them Viagra...well at least you wouldnt have to use cotsides. No way they would have rolled out of bed.....and Hugh Hef is older than they are PARIS. Now when are you cummming to work in one of my Aged Care homes...go on I'll even provide a little nurse outfit for you??

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I am cheating


hahahahahaha. You are one of a kind Paris. Fuck me I think I will move into that nursing home. Dont qualify yet but if you doing another shift I will lie about my age!!!

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Very well written , two very lucky or is that clever old fellas :)

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Nice to see you keeping in shape and getting practice for two other "Old Pensioners".

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The blue pills weren’t completely round. They were round-ish, but not completely round. What looked like an ‘A’ on them wasn’t really an ‘A’. It was a ‘V’, which looks like an ‘A; when inverted. Oh fuck, I’d given these guys Viagra! Well, there’s only one thing to do now – get rid of their boners and get them to sleep anyway!


OK, I am pulling you up on this. The Viagra pill does NOT have a "V" on it, and the ones in my fridge are diamond shaped. Furthermore, Viagra takes about half an hour to kick in, so how much time did you spend cleaning the bathroom? Once it does kick in, you still need some sort of sexual stimulation to get a boner.


Though the sight of you bending over in

a white nurse outfit that was really a tad too small and a tad short on the skirt.
would be probably enough.


But you are a good nurse

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I am choosing to believe this is a factual account, firstly because it is funny, and I hope something like this happens for me when I am in the long dark teatime of the soul.


Thanks Paris

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