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La Casa de Nana - 28/10/05 - Mariana



Captain's log... third night at Casa de Nana.


Before getting there, I did venture into a nearby parlour: far too dark, only a couple of unattractive girls available, kept going to Nana's. It may be worth checking out again some other day but the lack of visibility is absurd. I got to Nana's and it became somewhat difficult to walk around the place without being seen by Natalia... Ximena was having a night off apparently. Problem was that the place is divided in sectors and I did want to check who was near Natalia... eventually I was caught but after a friendly chat I got her blessing to see other girls (though I promised her I'd see her again before I leave Punta del Este)


Another problem was that many doors were closed. First I thought they were booked but soon realised that no-one was behind those doors. Nana's with its 33 rooms started to look not as big as it did; the girls started to look not as attractive as they initially did... or maybe Andy was in one of his fussy days. A short gypsy girl at the end of a corridor started to give me the shits calling me everytime I walked near her. I decided to go and sit at the bar for a while to wait for other girls to become free. I soon noticed a petite girl dressed in white shirt and jeans at a public phone. She noticed that I looked at her and since she wasn't getting an answer at the other end of the line, she asked me something along these lines: "Shit! Do you know where the slut could be?"... "Hmm, what slut?" I asked her back... "My mother"... she said... "Where would she be at this time?"... "The batroom?" I said... to which she replied "The bathroom... what is she doing, having a wank?"


Well, I know that nothing of what she said sounded particularly attractive, but all at once, she presented herself as a bit crazy, partly serious, partly joking... she was kind of cute and dressed in ordinary jeans... the combination of things made me go looking for her after she left. It wasn't tricky to find her in one of the rooms at the back. Her name is Mariana, petite, dark hair, greenish eyes, olive complexion. I asked her prices and she quoted 250 pesos "sencillo" (straight without oral) and 300 pesos for "con oficio" (straight plus oral)... Out of curiosity I asked for Greek but she doesn't do that... However she recommended me her oral skills. I had already made my mind anyway so I stepped in.


As soon as we undressed, she started kissing me... she did not mind kissing and French kissing at all. Then I started playing with her butt cheeks... you know like Spanish but with the butt cheeks instead. She suggested to do that on the bed. I had promised her not to stick it in (no condom yet and she did not do Greek anyway)... once on the bed, she looked at me with a devilish smile and said something like "But what if it slips inside and I end up liking it?"... Oh my god!... these women certainly know all male fantasies!... It took me a lot of discipline to remain a gentleman (should I have had a condom on, the story could have been different!)


After a while, she put a condom on me and started giving me oral... she was good indeed and then we just went doggy style. With all the psychological work she did on me, I came in no time.


When I was dressing, another girl came into the room, and said hi. She brought some fish and chips to share with Mariana. It was funny how they did not mind at all I was still there. Felt like staying but I had already eaten, so I kissed Mariana good night.


Next review will be hopefully after tomorrow, since last night I did not go to Nana's (took a bit of a break for other things)... however, there is more to come!

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