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From: Salon Kittys - Dec 2012 - Aleksa



I noticed that there are not alot, if any, posts about visiting B&D mistresses here.


Well I love a punt, but I also enjoy seeking the wild side. Hence my visits to Salon Kittys.


I have a leather fetish so I love seeing a woman in leather ready to do what ever she wants to me. I've visited Salon Kittys a few times and have now seen Aleksa about three times. I'll talk about our last visit


Aleksa is a blonde bombshell of eastern european origins. I'm into body worship and boy does she have a body to worship !


I started waiting on my knees in the nude waiting for Mistress. She entered the room dressed in a leather corset and knee high boots and immediately took control. Standing on my feet she applied a leather strap around my cock and balls to keep it "under control". As she knew me well, Aleksa immediately lead me to the chair in the corner, undid her corset and drove my head between her legs.


In heaven I searched deeply with my tongue to please my mistress. My mistress was pleased.


From there Mistress constrained me in a leather harness and leather mask before strapping me down to a bench. For the next hour and and half I was tantalised beyond belief as well as well and truely dominated when she put on her strap on.


The climax had her pulling me off with a leather glove as she stood before me in her leather glory.


This is the other side of sex which I recommend to anyone.






So your saying mistress Aleska alows you to go down on her and lick here in between her legs

Source: Salon Kittys - Dec 2012 - Aleksa

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