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Flexi's 2009 Reviews

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2009 Review Index



2009 Mattress Awards

My favorite accomplices for 2009, considered across a range of sex-related categories.


2009 Shag Miles

A list of willing accomplices for 2009, including frequency, dates and locations.


2010 Punting Objectives

To sample at least two private escorts throughout the year and at the end of the year provide a brief analysis of private escort punting versus brothel punting. Given the sample size is so small, the analysis will be of limited value but may prove interesting in any case.


8 March - Ladies for Gentlemen (Charlotte) - Sweet Charlotte

My first ever review and what a great babe to start my reviewing life with. Charlotte was cute and sweet and enjoyed giving her man of the moment a warm, girl friend experience.


18 March - Private (Ling) - Ling 4 You

You win some, you lose some. Ling and I just never hit it off. It started with a lack of clear, frank pre-booking planning and went down hill from there. I'm happy to accept my share of the responsibility as effective communications takes two.


25 March - Ladies for Gentlemen (Pia) - Beauty from Pakistan

I'll never forget this girl. I've tried many times to see her again but we've never managed to get the timing right. Pia, an exotic beauty from Pakistan had a face and body to die for, and, despite some eccentricities, she was great in the sack.


8 April - Ladies for Gentlemen (Tina) - Genuine Satisfaction

Tina was the consummate professional working lady. What she lacked in beauty she made up for with skill and eagerness to please. Tina was unreservedly complimentary in her own honest, knock-about way about the things that pleased her. She had little difficulty in getting me up for Round 2 in a thirty minute booking and for me, that's very unusual.


24 April - The Grosvenor (Desiree) - Exotic Beauty

This BBW lady captured my imagination more than my golden mattress votes. Her kisses were lovely and her large chocolate-skinned body was appealing but there was a lack of that magical spark that makes all the difference.


9 May - Ladies for Gentlemen (Jessica) - Pleasant Surprises

Beautiful, tall, intelligent, blonde Jessica started out a little distant, if not a little intimidating. It wasn't long though before the real Jessica shone, leaving me with a big smile on my face and a desire for more.


22 May - Fetish House (Cindy) - The Perfect Package

Occasionally, just occasionally, I have needs which are, how does one say it, slightly bazaar. Cindy is a very pretty, full service mistress who is happy to take me to crazy land and back. I very much enjoyed the three bookings with Cindy before she left Fetish House. PS: As at September 2010, Cindy is back.


9 July - Studio 54 (Maryjane) - A Star Is Born

The first time I met Maryjane she blew me away. It was the first in what would become a series of 24 hot meetings in eleven months with this great gal before she gave me the arse.


16 July - Madame Leona's (Happy) - Happy Meal

To be honest I was booked to see Maryjane again this night after a brilliant start the week before. Unfortunately she had to cancel her shift so I was left without an accomplice and quite frustrated. On a whim I headed to South Melbourne and wound up at Madame Leona's. What a fucking dump. Happy was a pretty, if not an uninspiring morsel.


21 July - Hallam Penthouse (Bella) - Ohhhhhhh What A Feeling

Bella! Bella! Bella! A sexy wench with the most memorable mummeries a man will ever see. In addition, Bella was a lot of sexy fun and a downright lovely person. She came up with a special kind of kiss that I affectionately called the UCK. I will definitely approach Bella for another booking one of these days.


23 July - Studio 54 ( Maryjane) - Girl Friend Experience

The second in a set of five reviews of this fine woman sees me getting a little tied up, if you know what I mean. Another great booking with the superstar of punting and I'm even more addicted than the fortnight before.


24 July - Butterflys (Tamika) - DFK Queen

Tamika was legendary for her amazing tongue and it's penetration into her man of the moment's mouth. It's long and thick and more exploratory than Burke and Wills. Overall, with her love of DFK and DATY and reasonably BJ skill, Tamika is well credentialled.


30 July - Studio 54 ( Maryjane) - A Journey

The journey of Maryjane's body began with some making out and disrobing on the couch then moving to the bed. It was during this booking that I first became acquainted with this delightful young lady's lovely feet. Another great booking with the celebrity working lady.


10 August - Butterflys (Cristal) - Hot Babe

When I met Cristal she was just starting out and didn't have the reputation she has these days. It was a great punt. Cristal is aesthetically very pleasing, her skills are great and amplified by her slutty, raunchy ways. Everything goes and all the while I was lead through the booking by Cristal's gratuitous course language comments. Loved it.


19 August - Pickwood Lodge (Amber-Rose) - Dream Come True

Amber-Rose burst onto the scene and rapidly attracted a group of followers. This tall, curvy, attractive 19 year old was good in bed and was a fun communicator outside the room. Suddenly, she burst away from the scene as quickly as she arrived. I'm glad I got to meet her.


27 August - Studio 54 ( Maryjane) - Stairway to Heaven

After taking a break for about four weeks things seemed a little distant with Maryjane even to the point of a health check, something we'd moved beyond. Maybe she was telling me something. That aside, it was another fabulous booking but I left the strawberries in the car.


2 September - Garden of Eden (Lexi) - Gypsy Princess

Lexi was another who burst onto the scene with a group of followers, many of whom were the same the Amber-Rose followers. Lexi is a shorter, curvy beautiful 23 year old with a lovely baby face. She is very determined to satisfy her client.


9 September - Pickwood Lodge (Bambi) - Morning Delight

An interesting PM exchange with Bambi about cute tails and other such things saw me heading for a second time to Pickwood Lodge, possible the least discrete brothel entrance I've ever negotiated. Bambi was quite attractive and reasonably skilled. Her response to DATY was amazing.


10 September - Studio 54 ( Maryjane) - Strawberries and Honey

This was to be my last review of Maryjane and my last visit to see her at Studio 54 as she was to leave there shortly after this visit. This time I remembered the strawberries and honey and it was a sweet old time in Preston. This girl was simply the best. Too bad she gave poor old Flexi the arse.


18 September - Tender Touch ( Boa) - High Achiever

This was one of my infrequent visits to an Asian parlour and I'm glad I went. Boa's BBBJ was alone worth the visit. Boa was a very popular lady and it didn't take long to learn why.


28 September - Butterflys (Ruby) - Tall, Dark and Handy

Having a penchant for coloured girls I'd been planning on catching up with Ruby for some time. Ruby was a tall, elegant lady with a beautiful face. Kissing Ruby's large, dark lips was a beautiful experience.


30 September - Pickwood Lodge (Bambi) - An Afternoon Delight

A second visit to Bambi was equally as much fun as the first had been. After more banter online, cheeky Bambi had me in the mood for some of her luscious body.


29 October - Butterflies (Miss Carly) - A Touch of Class

Like Lexi, Miss Carly was a lady that took forever to catch up with. It was certainly worth the wait. Miss Carly was a lovely looking lady with a very sophisticated persona. She has a sexy, tall, curvy body with gorgeous breasts and rump. Miss Carly is into everything I am.


11 November - Pickwood Lodge Hannah) - Mystery Girl

It started with my noticing Hannah had paid me a profile view so I returned the favour. The PM conversation with this witty young lady resulted in a booking, sight unseen and recommendation free. This may not have been the beginning of bad blood between Hannah and Bambi but it didn't help matters. PS: Bambi soon moved to Studio 54.


27 November - Tender Touch (Rose) - Korean Rose, Delicate Petal

I was coming down off a meeting with Maryjane the previous day and felt a little out of sorts. A cheer-up punt was needed to get my concentration back. Rose, lovely Rose got it right in many ways. What a lovely young thing.


18 December - Ladies for Gentlemen (Tammy) - Charlotte Out, Tammy In

Tammy was another sight unseen and recommendation free lady who also turned out a very positive experience. A large lady with a slightly annoying sense of humor, she had particularly good manual skills.


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