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Hear me on Radio!



I will be a guest at Joy 94.9 for the Vixen Hour Monday the 21st at 11pm.

We will be discussing Sex Work, stigma, and the role that media plays.

Hope you join us!


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I missed it!!:-( I had it in my phone diary and I was with a client so missed it. Did you geta copy by any chance Nada maybe you could post it?

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I missed it! Ha ha... I was away and was unprepared for the show. Jane and Christian were more prepared for the segment so I backed out. Christian wasn't happy about it, but I really think Jane is very well informed and an hour is not long enough for three people to speak on this topic.


I will do another show later, I am sure- but you can download the show here. http://www.cpod.org.au/page.php?id=424

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