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Naughty Mistress Pompom



Why did he call me and challenge me with the statements, "I want to try something different, and are you worth it?" I wouldn't have felt it my duty to teach the lesson I did. I am generally a mild mannered lady, with a wicked side. Who am I kidding, I am a pro DOM, who truly likes to flay the skin off of the quivering flanks of some poor subs backside, but there is the sweeter softer side of me, the me who gives a gentle sweet GFE, with tender loving care. It's how I am built.


DOM is DOM, and GFE is GFE. And n'er shall the twee meet. Two entirely different activities, different frames of mind, different equipment, and different clients. But I blurred the lines a wee bit, I was bored and decided to have a bit of fun.


My gentlemen arrived at my posh city centre hotel to find me clad in a rather saucy hip hugging little blue number, stocking tops cheeky peeping out from the hem of my dress. Black patent leather pumps, big hair, and an even bigger smile. He, should have realised something was up, having seen me before. But bless, he blithely chatted away after sorting the business part of things out. I sat and kept smiling, nodding encouragingly in the right places, as I waited for him to undress. Deed done, he comes over and starts to gently touch my breasts, I move away and pull from behind my back, a lovely little negligee with pretty pink trimming, and smiling innocently, offer it to him and ask sweetly, if he could put it on for me, because I just love the feel of firm muscles beneath soft silk. He did raise a quizzical brow, but complied with the request.


Now standing before me clad in a sexy little pink and black number, I offered him the opportunity to remove my stockings and put them on, which he did. Well in for a penny in for a pound, I also offer him my shoes as well. He took them, placed them in his feet, and stood before me, arrayed in some of my cutest lingerie. He struts around like a peacock, clumsily at first, but once getting the hang of the heels, with more confidence. I chuckle indulgently. Boys.


By now I have moved from the edge of the bed to the table in the corner and am reached under it to remove Mr. Pinky.


Mr. Pinky and I have a rather checkered past. He is my 8" neon pink strap on attachment. I have smaller, but in the name of mischief I choose Mr. Pinky for the visual effect he has, when those wanting strap on training encounter him. The various facial expressions, range from Ahhh! to Oh Fuck! The one I encounter today was more along the lines of surprised curiosity. Oh this did make me smile. I indicated he should kneel and play with Mr. Pinky, maybe give him a kiss. He did, lavishing a bit more than the odd kiss on my beloved false phallus.


Men are ever so singleminded when in sexual situations, that they can sometimes miss obvious signs, signs such as the curtain in the room being pulled, only to reveal the sheer netting behind, luckily it was an overcast day so the light in the room wasn't entirely affected. I manoeuvred him into having his back to the window sill, by parting the net curtain out of the way. Still not a clue. This was almost too easy.


I had him stand up, and close his eyes, I then spun him around to make him a wee bit dizzy, all the time completely opening the curtain to reveal the view front the 9th floor of the ............ hotel in Belfast. It is a rather nice view of the city hall, and the law courts, as well as a few office buildings with rather large windows looking back at the hotel. He was positioned in front of the window facing out, when I ordered him to open his eyes. At first it didn't quite register. I stepped away from him, and instructed him to jerk off, dressed in my clothing, my shoes, and stockings in front of the window of a rather famous hotel in Belfast. The shock registered, and he got even harder. Indicated as if to turn around, and I was there right behind him, gently pressing his face to the window, and started to whisper a little story in his ear. Along the lines of in one of the building in front of us, his girlfriend was watching him, as he jerks off in front of all Belfast. I told him to look down at all the people looking at him. Well, needless to say this had a rather immediately effect of causing him to climax all over the window sill. He quickly tried to turn away from the opened window. I stopped him and instructed him to clean the window sill first, with his tongue. I then handed him some tissues to finish the job.


I sweetly sat on the bed, caressing Mr. Pinky, and innocently enquired if when he said he wanted something different, if that was what he had in mind? Bad Pompom!


Amazingly enough he has been back to see me, but for some strange reason, he never seems to requests anything different anymore, I do wonder why? And obviously the second question about whether I am worth it has emphatically been answered.


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