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Reviews & Why I love them.

Miss J


I had a lengthy version of what I wanted to say all typed up and ready to go. But alas I couldn't bring myself to post it.


Punter Planet is a gift.


I think if a punter has taken the time to write a review about a WL whether good or bad there is a good chance they are spot on about her service. I say this because there are some punters out there who don't have the gift you do. As a WL I have heard all there is to hear about ladies from my parlour. 95% of the time its consistent (5% of the time its a personality clash). Follow your gut, clarify what you want from your service before staying with a lady, ask questions about her service when you first meet her and don't waste your money on ladies that resent spending time with you. Her reaction to your questions should give you a fair indication of whether shes the lady for you.


Being a WL shouldn't be considered a job. It can be the most wonderful and exciting experience a lady can have in her life. You meet some of the most amazing and unique people. I miss it and wish I could be there now. But sometimes s#@t just happens.


Enjoy your next punt!


Miss J x


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Thank you Ms J. Most of us enjoy reviewing and consider it priase for the effort the lady has put in to the service for the client.

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I love the industry and have always been as I am. nothing fake about me. However, I now understand why some girls put on a facade and have fake back stories. I'm really missing the industry and I WILL be back soon!!!


The review I was reading was on the negative side about a WL so I won't point you in its direction. The one review about me is funny. Basically an experienced punter and a newbie who was a little shy. If you'd like to read let me know and I'll message the link.

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Thanks Miss J. I joined pp specifically for the reviews and intel as to who is likely to best suit me. This obviously is a fore runner to making direct contact with the lady(ies) concerned to confirm the review impression.


Accordingly, I consider it important to feed my experiences back into the system to help others.


I appreciate all that pp has to offer.

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Serena Vincente


I agree ! I love review because they help lovely gents to avoid disappointment and highlight that I do deliver to a very high standard. No mechanical business


because Passion isn't a myth!!


Serena Vincente




Serena xxx

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