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Contact with each other



There has been something bothering me for some time since “Old Foss” went off the radar for a while and many of us panicked to know if he was OK.

Now the passing of another well respected PP member it prompts me to write this..


Contact…I know many of us have this separate secret life if married or are part of this community as a single, so what happens when an on line friend or Nymph is unwell/dying/in trouble or passed away.


How is this to be communicated to others without a confidant?


We form relationships with others on this forum with mutual mores and values; some of us even keep in contact physically like Charlie and myself by having lunch together often and having a laugh and emailing each other.


Many of us would like to know if something is amiss with another member, not to be nosey but just to show support. Most of us seem to care when another, bought together by a common love of punting (or being punted), would like to show support of some kind, even if it just a post to the community that we are thinking about them..


I remember when Katana was in trouble overseas, he was flooded by support and assistance which bought a clarity back to me about common decency and a desire to assist without recompense.


I look at my own mortality and think that I would like some of you to know if I passed or was taken ill and not have had the ability or time to say goodbye to many of the lovely Nymphs or to those members that I have shared many a joke or posting with and say thank you for the good times and the love and laughs.


Just my rant.


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Poignant mate. I've often wondered at the 'relationships' I've formed with WL's over the years. Although I have to be discrete, they appear to be a very real and very necessary part of my happy existence. I've only recently joined this forum (or any forum for that matter) and am only just starting to realise that there's plenty of others, 'just like me' out there. I can't comment on whether real relationships will emerge from this but already I've experienced a sense of community and camaraderie from fellow members.


Question - if it lives online, does it really live?

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Watcher, according to Descarte "I think, therefore I am". Great words that define we human beings. And I emphasise the word human.


I have seen a number of examples of what I would consider to be close friendships, caring, relationships in the relatively short time I have been contributing to PP. Indeed, I was personally encourages and uplifted by some fellow members just this morning.


I believe that most of us care and would want to help other members to whom we are close if we could.


We just have to try to communicate and empathise as much as we can.

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Just over 12 months ago I started following a BLOG by "The Barreness". This childless, 30 something lady was really out to live life to the full.


Suddenly, there was a pause in her blogging, then she came back to say she was going into hospital for checks on her cancer. Suddenly, it made sense to me, the reason for her "barren-ness" and her passion to experience life (whilst she still had it).


Then nothing. She was gone. We her followers are left hanging with no "good bye", etc.


That's the danger of anonymous blogging I guess.

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Very good post blog clandestine you are a thoughtful caring person. I find pp drinks are really good to catch up with fellow punters and the girls who enjoy socialising. Maybe a FB page for us punters we could keep in touch, the girls have there own support group on FB.

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