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Flexi's 2012 Reviews

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2012 Mattress Awards



In the spirit of The Mattress Awards©, as defined in the Punters Act 2009© there can only be one winner of the coveted

Golden Mattress Award©


The very worthy winner of the very prestigious 4th annual

Golden Mattress Award©




First Runner Up




Second Runner Up





Previous Winners








Best Parlour (Overall)

  1. Le Boudoir
  2. Collingwood Confidential
  3. Westminster Secrets


Best Pricing Structure

Studio 54


Best Security

Westminster Secrets


Best Cleanliness

Collingwood Confidential


Best Ambiance

Le Boudoir


Best Introduction Rooms

Studio 54


Best Parking

Studio 54


Biggest Dump

Moon Club





Sex Workers


Best Sex Worker (Overall)

  1. Isabella @ Le Boudoir
  2. Martine @ Georgie’s Place
  3. TS Natalie Sweet

Best Sex Worker (Asian)

TS Natalie Sweet


Best Sex Worker (Transsexual)

TS Natalie Sweet


Best Sex Worker (Male)



Best Sex Worker (BBW)

Tina @ Westminster Secrets (Retired)


Best Sex Worker (Teenager)

Ally @ Westminster Secrets


Best Sex Worker (MILF 40+)

Martine @ Georgie’s Place


Best Sex Worker R’n’T (Retired)

Simply Bliss


Best Sex Worker (New Talent)

TS Natalie Sweet


Biggest Dud

Imogen @ Westminster Secrets





Workers' Attributes


Most Exotic

Tina @ Westminster Secrets (Retired)


Most Adventurous

Isabella @ Le Boudoir


Most Beautiful Face

TS Natalie Sweet


Most Beautiful Eyes

Maryjane @ Collingwood Confidential


Best Presentation

Maryjane @ Collingwood Confidential


Best Breasts

Emma English


Best Nipples

Maryjane @ Collingwood Confidential


Best Butt

Emma English


Most Believable

Isabella @ Le Boudoir


Most Effective Communicator

TS Natalie Sweet





Workers' Services


Best Skills (Overall)

  1. Martine @ Georgie’s Place
  2. Isabella @ Le Boudoir
  3. Maryjane @ Collingwood Confidential


Best Kisser

Isabella @ Le Boudoir



Elly @ Butterflys


Best Blow Job

Tiffany @ Moon Club


Best Hand Job

Ally @ Westminster Secrets


Best Rimmee

Maryjane @ Collingwood Confidential


Best Rimmer

Isabella @ Le Boudoir


Best Golden Shower

Maryjane @ Collingwood Confidential


Worst Fuck

TS Carmen





Forum Awards


Most Enjoyable Reviews

  1. Eastern 25 - September 2012 – Kitty - First Punt - First Review - by deejay mac
  2. Georgie's Place - October 2011- Martine and Georgia - The Threesome To End All Threesomes – by VILenin
  3. Naughty Times - December 2012 – TS Tiffany – by blakes7

Most Enjoyable Non-review Threads

  1. Am I Becoming Obsessed With Rimming? Started by Wollaroo on 5 October 2012
  2. Vagina Euphemisms started by Simone de Pont on 9 May 2012
  3. What’s Your Fantasy started by Sabina on 15 March 2012

Least Enjoyable Non-review Threads

  1. Are some of the reviews on our wls an insult to their modesty, intergrity, dignity and intrude into personal privacy?- itt
  2. How much difference does it make if it's raining - A reason to visit a parlour? – Boobsbutts
  3. All-Star Month comes to a close - Where did all that time go? - La Cucaracha

Most Poorly Disguised Non-punting Thread Faking as a Punting Thread

  1. Too many to even consider a winner.

Most Enjoyable Post

Posted by Always Ready on 29 December 2012 in Best Punter of 2012 by syzygy


“From punter's pov, the best punt is the cheapest and last the longest with the most services offered.

From WL's pov, the best job is the most expensive, lasts the shortest and with the least services requested.”


Least Enjoyable Post

Posted by Rivette on 10 October 2012 in “Yet ANOTHER Political Thread” by Rupert


“Not just boring dribble, but totally uninformative unless Gloria Van Flaukner of Nada Feleni post something. Actually any WL's post, even Triple T's sometimes They seem more switched on than most here.”


Biggest Forum Dickhead

  1. FlexiSexi (fourth year running)
  2. Name withheld
  3. Name withheld


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