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Ultimate Fighting Championship. MMFF Event




In the Galactic corner: The PROSTATE BROTHERS…Over 110 years of combined experience





In the Pink Corner: SKIPPY and her tiny Joey…Over 1000 punters (this month)


Far__Far_Away__Kori_Graybourne_by_JayAxer.jpg.....Skippy (with tits)

infant-kangaroo-costume-zoom.jpg..........Lil Fart in a Bottle (Go City)


This is a tale of youth and exuberance against old age and treachery.


For some time now a match has been scheduled between some of the heavyweights of the punting scene….PARIS’ tits and the fart in a bottle - Cristal.


On the macho side are the Prostate Bros…Charlie and Clandestine. Extremely sophisticated SNAG’s.


Our training regime has been unequalled in alcoholic history. Charlie has been selecting only the finest training juice from my cellar…vintage brew for vintage bodies.


We had a tester with Sabrina and Delta and on occasions in that preliminary bout it was like feeding a rope through the eye of a needle so we (read me)I needed extra practice in not being distracted and concentrating on the job at hand. A supply was ordered and I have been practicing in readiness.…self abuse collateral damage pictured


condoms.jpg... The only problem was re washing them and drying them without shrinkage. :blink:


Now fit healthy and ready to rock, this vintage tag team will roll these two amateurs deep into the bedsheets!


Charlie has his eye on taming the fart in a bottle. He recons his weight will keep her in check and he has been drinking litres of Pineapple juice. He believes that he can drown her if she escapes from under him.


As for myself……….that leaves Skippy…and my top says it all :P .



Now who’s shitting themselves.. CHB!! ;)


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Xx Cristal-hotbabe xX


Bahahahahahaha....this is the funniest thing I've heard all week...


Bring it on is all I can say....

I'm sat having yet another pint at this very second... However...there will be a rebuttal on my website blog on Monday for this futile attempt to take on the 2 most feared hookers in town....

Watch out.... I'm coming for you....







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Your bravardo does not scare Charlie. He's the man (City) lil girley.

One bump on your head again (I think there is a bar there) and you'll be putty in our hands. HaHa.

Also, were going to remove those shoes of yours so you can lick our kneecaps....!!

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Can't post on Cristal's blog, but here are my odds:


4:3 - K.O. - Cristal and Paris destroy them

3:2 - T.K.O (corner stopage) - Either Charlie or Clandestine do not last the distance

2:1 - Points - Charlie and Clandestine last out the rounds for a 'points decision'

4:1 - T.K.O. (medical) - someone requires medical attention

5:1 - T.K.O. (corner) either Paris or Cristal do not last

9:1 - K.O. - Charlie and Clandestine destroy Paris and Cristal


Side bets

5:2 - Cristal interprets the 'showers' section of Clandestine's email as a 'suggestion' rather than 'boundary'

100:1 - Winston ends up somewhere he shouldn't (ie. in either one or both of Charlie and Clandestine)

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Xx Cristal-hotbabe xX


Lol, and yes you can post on my blog now, I've fixed the comments section xx

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My support and empathy for my brethren compels me to barrack for them. However, the rational and experiential side of me is fearful that this could be like another one of Tyson's heavyweight bouts during his heyday ... all over within 2 minutes of the first round ... in favour of Paris and Cristal. It's a lot like voting for the Greens every election ... you know they're going to get rolled, but you still want to know you're doing the right thing.

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I think Team Oldies a.k.a The Prostate Brothers need a ringer. I volunteer to help lead them to victory if they pay for my travel and my time. :lol:

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Lol, and yes you can post on my blog now, I've fixed the comments section xx


not anonymously :) . It wants to know all my email account details - Fuck-that... :angry:

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I think Team Oldies a.k.a The Prostate Brothers need a ringer. I volunteer to help lead them to victory if they pay for my travel and my time. :lol:


In the words of Bricktop

"I don't care if he's Mohammed 'I'm Hard' Bruce Lee. You can't change fighters"

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Are you coming down for drinks night...extend your stay.


We could do with an anonymous subsitute at half time. Ps: Dont tell anyone C.M.P

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Odds posted on Cristal's website.

Seeing all of that has 'warped my fragile little mind' :blink: :blink: :wacko:

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Any final pre-event comments or smack-talk?


Tally Ho Chaps.... Huzzah

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Review will be posted in time..when I get my breath back and Charlie recovers.

As he said: Best fucking idea you ever had Clandy..I must agree.

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