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how a very amazing WL saved my life

Cookie Ninjaaa


Before i start this, ill just like to let everyone know, I'm not the best at writing, nor have i wrote about this before so bare with me.

I'd also like to thank Femme, after reading her blog i decided i should try and share my story as well.


I guess ill start with a little bit about myself before i get in the the main reason i wrote this.

all my life, I've been sort of a loner, happy but a loner, school for me i didn’t have much friends, only bullied every so often, and a bit of a nerd. mind you now I'm proud to call myself a nerd lol

living in Darwin, i went to a fairly small school, so never had a girlfriend, and hardly went out town to meet people.


After school i decided to head over to America to work some of the summer camps. when i was over there, i met who i would say has been the biggest impact of my life, lets call her Rachel


While over in America we spent as much time with each other as was possible, worked together, then after camp traveling around the rest of America for 3 weeks.


Her living in Israel and me in Australia made things a bit difficult but talked to each other just about every day.


A year came around and we met in America for the camp, then more traveling in USA. couple months later it was a month in japan holiday with each other.


During the rest of the year we made plans for America again, then to visit her in Israel for a while, as she loved talking about Israel and how great it was.


3 weeks before i left to America i got the worst news i could have imagined, i found out she had died in a car crash, a week ago. obviously i was devastated.


Canceled my trip to America, and started drinking, ended up losing what little friends i had, lost my job and sunk lower and lower into depression.

As I had never really been good at showing emotions, I didn’t look for any help from anyone, parents to this day don’t even know a thing about me meeting Rachel, or planing to live, travel around with her in Israel, they thought I was just working longer in USA


After 3 months of that, i got a message from one of my friends in Israel started trying to talk to me through facebook, i said i was fine, but they must have guessed, telling me that Rachel would not like me to waste my life.


For the next few months i tried to turn my life around, got a job, stopped drinking.

Even though i was trying, it just seemed like i was going thru the motions, not really "living" if that makes sense


Then about 2 months ago in September i was at my lowest of the low, every day it just got worse. hardly any friends, never been with a woman before (fully that is).

I decided i still had a couple things i wanted to at least try before i couldn’t take it anymore.

That’s when i started looking at seeing an escort, back then i was still naive as anything, didn’t even know if WL's where legal in Darwin.


After a couple emails, and texts to a certain WL i decided to go thru with it, and met her that night.

The plan was have a couple hours "fun" then off myself the next day, had it all planned out, had written my note, didn’t have anyone to say goodbye to, parents i never really talked to, even though i lived with them.


The night came, i was just expecting, some sort of unconnected sex, with maybe some forced conversation, wasn’t expecting anything apart from the sex really.

What i got though, honestly saved my life, sure there was sex but what surprised me the most was how "real" it felt. i ended up staying the night, talking, snuggling, and just enjoying myself.


To me, that night was the best night I have had in a very long time, just nice to know that someone, even someone I payed to spend time with, actually seems to care about me :)

After that night, I realized I was actually happy, not just because of the sex, I've even had bookings where we have no sex, just dinner, cuddles and TV, then sleep together.


That was just over 2 months ago, since then, I have actually started to talk to old friends again, enjoy myself a little, and actually have some things to look forward to during the day, mind you its not much, but defiantly an improvement.

Just last week, I decided to tell the WL I met about everything, and how much she has done for me, was hard at first, but I'm happy I have told someone else.

Mind you, I still know more people through the couple games I play then in real life, but I feel like that there is a reason to celebrate.


All in all if I hadn’t of seen that amazing woman that night, I don’t know if I would have been here to write this.

I guess to anyone reading this, there is always a reason to continue on, even try spending time with a WL, its sometimes nice to just spend a night with another human.


Hope this wasn’t to bad, first time writing anything like this, plus its hard for me to write anything that doesn’t look like I rolled my head all over the keyboard lol


i would just like to add, i am extremely happy that Saige Devine has become part of my life, one of the best things that could of happend to me :) thanks so much Saige xxxx


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Really glad to hear you're doing better and reconnecting with those around you :)

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It's amazing just how much better these ladies make us feel, even when we're at our worst. While I don't have the same unfortunate story, seeing my first WL turned my life around as well.

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Thank you for sharing your story :)

It brought a smile to my face.. im glad you see the good again xxxx

Mwah xxx

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Some of the WL's I have met are also the BEST people I have met. Thanks mate for sharing and keep on punting! Always brings a smile to your face.

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Big Hugs and Kisses to you! It would have taken a lot of courage to tell us your story..


One of my favourite quotes is : "Every now and then beautiful angels appear cleverly disguised as ordinary human beings." ~Adele Basheer


This WL was your Angel, and I'm glad she saved you.. xx

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Taylor Alexander


I got a bit teary eyed reading your story, for i know what it feels like to have lost a loved one..... The dark cold broken feeling that oozes out of your body.


No matter how many times you close your eyes..... And wish to wake up hoping it is just some realistic nightmare you have had but it never happens.

The heavy slow robotic state that comes whilst the world just kicks along.


We are only ever in each others lives for a blink of time. Rachel would want you to live. Think about if it was you that died....wouldnt you want her to live?


The universe didnt want you to go anywhere hense why you were in the right place at the right time to feel cared for.

It dosnt matter if it was an escort or stranger you met somewhere.

What mattered was that you felt and how it started to thaw you inside.


Thankyou for sharing your story because men dont usually do. They bottle it up inside and never release anything.


Why do we think its ok to show emotions like laughter but shun emotions like crying?


I applaud your raw,honest reflective story,thankyou for sharing your story with me.




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I appreciate you opening up your life to us. The ladies save us in many ways.

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Wow thanks all, honestly wasn't expecting many people to read this

And yes says loads when I would much rather talk to one of you ladies then a "professional"

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Speaking from someone who's familiar with "professionals", escorts are a hell of a lot better.

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Babes thanks for sharing & glad you were able to work through the grief, & that she helped you turn ur life around.. Xx

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Congratulations for coming through "the other side". It takes a lot of courage to be honest. The most important thing is that you are ALIVE!!

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I would just like to add, saige is happy for me to name her in this so yea, Saige Devine is my angel :D

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Mate you are very brave to share your story. Yours is an example of what good the industry can have on society. As somebody who has also battles with depresssion and have had low ebs and feeling as though your time on earth has become untenable, it's amazing what a session with a WL can have on you. It's the kind of therepy that's outside convention but they're not joking when they say that they're like naked psychologists.


Thank you for sharing.


Saige Devine sounds like an amazing woman

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Thanks for finding the courage to write about this. I know it is hard to talk about this type of matter. as i suffer from depression (only mild), but it really is one day n night at a time. it does feel better to talk to someone or a blog to make it look less "cloudy" in our thoughts.

Good luck

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That took so much courage ninjaaa, thankyou for taking the time, and having the strength to open up... Sometimes in the darkest corners all we need is someone to reach out and show us the shard of light to climb towards.

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Dude.. offing your self is a bad bad idea, but Im so glad you got through it, there so many beautiful things in life just waiting to be discovered, WL is often overlooked by common people who thinks they got it all right, great stories, maybe post some more stuff every now and then...

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Wow ...

In chat i found you to be very mature for 22 and now I no why ...


This story really pulled my heart strings ..


I hope you never ever get that low again because hurting ur self

Does hurt many ....



Love Foxy






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Hiya Cookie,

Yes Saige is a very special person, and I am sure that others have most likely experienced the caring nature of many WLs to whom they owe much gratitude. Through Saige I met a truly exceptional woman, she is extremely ill, but fighting hard to get better.

Always remember that there are people out there who will grieve if ever you hurt yourself....... sometimes we think that no one cares, but you'd be surprised, and sometimes you just have to sit down with someone and pour your heart out. You are not alone...... just get out there and enjoy life. I would like to thank all those who have written in here, as it shows to all those that have read through the posts that there are caring individuals out there.......... and a big thank you to the WLs who have written in...... don't know many of you, but THANK YOU.

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This blog really hits a spot in the heart, you are such a beautiful person & in the shot time we've been speaking I feel I know you so well.

Well done for writing this & letting your feelings out.


So glad that saige has helped you through this, would be very sad if she didn't have that effect on you.


But, yay you're still here & we have one of the very few genuine, caring, kind hearted gentlemen left on this earth!


Congratulating you on your strength to make it through!!


Keep smiling precious xoxo


P.s see you soon ;)

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