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Finding Nemo Down under.. Saint to Sinner 2mnth anniversary :D

Violets nipples


please stop reading right here and now if you have prejudice against large ladies!!!


So.. anyway, until 3 months ago, i was your typical fat girl next door. I always thaught I'd give a great topless massage...(due to the fact that i am trained in beauty therapy, have F cup breasts, and they love to be helping :P) so i started doing some investigation into it.

My primary concern was one of my size. Im a size 26, and I was really scared that I wouldnt get any work... I mean, in a typical dating world size works against a girl right?.. It became pretty apparent very soon in that this wasnt so... that theres someone for every kind of size, shape, colour and kink! ;) Initially, i thaught i would just do rub and tugs.. but i got so damn horny doing investigation and research :P i decided to do full service.

This might sound like I'm trying to plug myself, but i reaaalllyyy need to write a blog right now. My life has changed so much in the last two months (the first month was all about research) I hand picked my first client,(throwing in here what a wonderful person, he was really helpful and enthusiastic.. i had to kidnap him for a whole weekend, and break myself in, (hadnt had sex for 3 years!) and launched myself (like any formidible missile ;)). tough gig, i know,but someone had to do it. :D

I have supportive friends and the most amazing network of other working lady friends, i really do consider myself blessed and looked after. I've probably trebled my 'number' in that time, and increased my sexual appetite, knowledge and confidence. (before there was none... now, i am being booked by men who specifically lust for the parts of myself i previously hated. I still sometimes can't get my head around it all. Im moving to Bris full time to pursue my new career choice...Beginning to get some regular clientelle, and i like that, :) its a nice thaught to think you give someone enough pleasure that they want to come back!

This is a whole world of its own, isint it? I have a couple of friends in my 'real world' who know what i do..and support me...So amongst all the people in my life, i get what i need from different people and it covers all the bases...I feel like i've gone from 0 speed to 100 cos i finally found the accellerator. Most people start exploring their sexuality from their teens. Im 37. The boat is half gone and im gonna have to swim like a fish to catch it! for this reason, Ive nicknamed my jaxy 'Nemo'. Oh to be able to call my business 'finding nemo' (down under). :D Anyway, so many funny things happen in a week, and writing is so cathartic. I dont want to miss the journey so im gona blog it. Feel free to follow.. or not. I will warn you now, its a quirky read that will sig the praises of chocolate, and enlighten you to the pains of a girl who is trying to find sexy lingerie in plus sizes,(oh, i do SO want to dress up as anything and everything) I also have a personal fuckit bucket list, which i am working thru. bahahahaha. stay tuned. :)


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Congratulations Violet. Great to see you have found a new career that has helped you "branch out" from worrying about a dress size. There is more to a person than that.

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I have found sexy is more about self confidence and they way you present rather than what dress size you may or may not be.


Once you have the mojo working gents will flock like moths to flames. Good to see you found your mojo and may you long keep it.

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Violets nipples


:D thanks guys. It absolutely seems to be so.. my confidence is better than ever (ie, i have a teeny little bit now) and..i think it translates... and DEFS seems to turn men on. he he he :P i guess what it comes down to is, like i said in my origional post, theres someone for every kink fetish size colour an shape. I appreciate the supportive comments. Rock on people :D
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