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Becoming anal over a new car



I aint very materialistic. To me functional and practical are more important that style and form.


In need of an updated vehicle I got a reasonable deal on a ex demo vehicle. it's nice and ticks all my functional and practical boxes but also has style and form.

I've taken out a lease and hope to keep it in reasonable nick so the resale value at least covers the balloon payment at the end and hopefully have a touch left over.


Anyway I parked at a restaurant for breakfast. normally i would park away from the main parking to keep away from other vehicles. however today i thought to park a little closer as the carpark was empty.


while eating away 2 large cars parked either side of my car and i am thinking "why would they do that?" i see the back door open and pop back a little - oh did they just hit my car? man i was a little pissed. so i walk over and the guy is holding his car door with a hand on my car door. did he hit my car?


"man, did you need to park so close?"

"what's ur problem?"

"the car park is empty and you parked right beside me. and parked so close. why would you do that?"

i had a peek and i couldnt see any damage to my car so i thought fuck i am being anal.


"its a free country. i can park where i like." yah good point i concede.

"sorry man i just got the car and i thought you hit it."

his elderly mother got out the back seat - not a kid - oh maybe i am over reacting. anyway, what's the point of blasting this guy?


"sorry i am a little anxious. i should have parked somewhere else." which is what i should have done.


but today, i notice there is a small mark on the paintwork. what a fucking liar - he did hit my car!


i sort of wished i kept my old shit bomb. but i am glad i have the newer vehicle. it is just a car afterall and there are hundreds of people who have no consideration or just do things by accident.


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You are anal, you used to park your "old shit bomb" away from other cars as they may hit/scratch it - it's a car, not a precious antique in a glass cabinet.

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nah it's more than a machine. i have loved driving each car i have owned.. all my shit bombs. pure brilliance and smoothness.


but i am anal. i love driving the speed limit, giving way to pedestrians, letting trucks in, getting the best fuel economy, getting out of faster drivers way and trying to turn a corner with smooveness so it is proper comfort for the passengers while not impeding cars behind.


anyway, over the door hitting thing. worst case for bad things i can go via insurance and for little things i'll get em detailed.



nice thing this week with the vehicle has been putting together some music to play via USB. working out how to get files that weren't playing converted into playable ones.

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Ah mate I know just how you feel I have just bought a new one myself and these fkn bogans who care little for anyone elses stuff but their own open their door on me yesterday "Whilst I was in the car!!! and then told me I was being overwrought and fuck off or I will bash you and so on. I was tempted to really give it to them and drive straight into them 'I have insurance bet they don't!! However weeks without a car for some fuckwit just wasn't worth it I wll just park further away from now on.

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Man, there is nothing like a new car!


I totally get its like your baby and you are very protective of it, but to quote old Tyler Durden "things you own end up owning you!"

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It's a car.... Don't buy something you will get upset at if it can't be replaced.

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Damn, I read this blog cause I thought it would be about a different kind of anal (not on you, though, JJLUV)!

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Don,t no about the anal reference man ( maby im a bit old school?) but of course on one hand you have a right to park wherever you dam well chooce. Of course we also live in a society that exists of all types/kind of people . Which can be unpredictable even behind the wheel of a vehicle.!


Personnally its happened to me in the past and i was pissed too. Thats part why I drive a 20yr old $6000 car nowadays.


I somewhat agree with Emma. Thou of course its just my opinion . A car is a way of getting from A to B not a fashion or social status. It really tells nothing of an individuals life or circumstances. Its human behavour and attitudes behind the wheel that really counts .



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Thinking more about it... it isnt about the car... it is about the attitude of some people that really gets at me.


I was sitting in my car. A big Range Rover parks next to a nice little car. THe guy opens his door WHACK into the little car. Out he gets and takes a look at the damage he did. Closes his door and swaggers off. Couldnt give a shit.


I was brought up to open the door carefully. To use my hand as a buffer between my door and the car beside me. To own up if you damage someone's property. To give due care to my neighbour.


There is a spot in Niddrie with piss poor taxi only signage. As soon as you walk away there is a guy waiting and books you. Again, courtesy would be nice. Make the signage bigger and clearer. Give people a heads up. I parked there one sunday night. the car park was empty. i parked and went for dinner. came back and booked for being in a taxi zone. i wrote a letter to the council explaining that it wasnt on purpose. tough luck they replied. there were lots of other parking places. an oversight on my part but really not blocking taxis. in actual fact, of the 20 times i have been there, taxis have never been in those parking spots.


so the other week a guy parked there. i walked over and told him not to park there and pointed to the crappy sign. thank you so much, i did not see it. i felt good i had saved the guy $80. the guy driving into the car park next gave me a thumbs up telling me how he had been booked there before too. but ffs - cant the council make it easier. but i read their annual report and the amount of money that fines contribute to their budget means they wont improve things.

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