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Confessions of Cristal Hotbabes Driver Blog



Before people start asking the questions yes Cristal has approved for me to write this continuous blog from my point of view.

I will start off with a bit of background as to how this came about. I have known Cristal for about 2 years now and she regularly attends my workplace so about 1 ½ months ago she mentioned to me that she was looking for a new driver as her previous driver was unable to continue as he was moving interstate.


Now earlier this year I was a driver for another WL for a couple of months so doing this was nothing new to me. So we talked a bit more about it and I agreed that I’d be happy to help her out when I was free. Now you may think being Cristal’s driver would entail just driving her to and from playdates but as you are about to find out there is much more to being Cristal’s driver than that.


First Job

It is 1 week before Cristal’s October Wet & Wild Party and I get a call from her explaining that we need to go to her previous drivers (who we will name Bob) house to pick her stuff that was stored there. I pick up Cristal and we make our way over there. When we arrive we go inside and Cristal straight away starts to explain what needs to be put into the car. Some of the things included toys, outfits, shoes, camera, 2 garbage bags full of towels (for the Wet & Wild Party). Luckily for me I had plenty of space in my car because by the time we left the boot and back seats of my car were full of her stuff.


We arrived back at my place and unpacked some of the stuff but as Cristal had a playdate in the city to get to and I had to go to work myself we quickly headed off to the train station where I dropped her off and made my way to work.


Wednesday 24th October

It’s 7:30am on Wednesday morning and I’m sound asleep when suddenly my phone goes off. It’s Cristal asking me if I’m free this morning to drop her off to a playdate this morning. I’m free so she sends me details of what to bring from the collection of toys at my place and I confirm with her what time I’ll be picking her up.


It’s 11am and I pick her up and as we are driving off she says that we need to make a detour to the supermarket to pick up some supplies. Supplies picked up (which include plastic sheeting, refreshments, and some food) and we continue on our way. Whilst driving we talk about how her week has been so far, we discuss Fridays Wet & Wild Party, amongst other things. We arrive at the hotel and I open up the boot we managed to squeeze the toys into her bag and I head off as Cristal didn’t need me to pick her up.


Friday 26th October

It’s the day of Cristal’s famous Wet & Wild Parties and I knew it was going to be a long day. We had already arranged for me to pick her up at 10am however at 8am that morning I receive a text from her to pick her up at 9:30am instead. No problems with that I pick her up at 9:30 instead. Now we were both a little nervous me because I had a number of things that needed to be done for Cristal for the day and Cristal was just hoping that everything would go to plan. Cristal had a booking 1st up at 11am in the city and we still had to go to the supermarket to pick up some food/refreshments for the Party that afternoon so we didn’t waste a single second picked up what was needed and we were now on our way. 20 minutes out from the CBD and on our way to the hotel Cristal realises that we need to pick up her suitcase from another hotel. Quick detour and we get to the hotel she picks up her suitcase and we continue on our way. We arrive at the hotel for her first playdate find some parking close by and then Cristal mentions that once she finishes with this victim we need to pick up some condoms from RHED a place in St Kilda that assists sex workers.


So she gives me the address and I decide that whilst I have 2hrs to kill I will work out the quickest way of getting there. Anyway we walk over to the hotel say our goodbyes and I decide to go for a walk around the city pick up some breakfast and just chill for a little while. After about an hour I make my way back to the car work out the best way to get to RHED and then wait for Cristal. I receive a text from Cristal saying she is on her way down at 1pm.


Cristal hops into the car and we make our way over there. Just before we arrive she mentions that there is no carpark close by so I will have to drive around the block and meet her there in a couple of minutes. After 2 trips around the block still no sign of her just as I was making my way round again I get a call asking me where I was. She sees my car and hops in and away we go to the hotel for the Wet & Wild Party. We arrive at the hotel with plenty of time and are waiting outside the hotel for someone from staff to greet us to no avail. Cristal walks in gets someone to come out load our stuff onto a trolley so I can park the car. We had to have a laugh when the guy informed us that the hotel did have its own towels and that we didn’t need to bring any in but we insisted.


I make my way into the hotel and meet Cristal, Delta and Bob in there and we have a quick chat. We then head up to the room and start unpacking and getting everything organised. Food/refreshments out towels in bathrooms, list of people attending, camera working, stereo working etc. Now I was going to be doing a lot more than just driving her now. I was in charge of collecting the money, greeting the guys, photographer when called upon and whatever else Cristal needed.


Everything is ready and now it’s just a matter of time before the 1st person arrives. I won’t go into much details of the party and there is already a review posted for which you can read suffice to say everything went according to plan the photos came out really well and once all the participants had left it was time to clean up. By the time we had cleaned up and were ready to leave it was roughly 9:00pm so I went to get the car park it out the front head back up to the room to collect Cristal and then back to the car. My last job for the day was to drop Cristal off safely. I arrive at the drop off point and its now 10pm and time for me to head home. What a day from a 9am start to getting home around 10:30pm at night it was long day but I would do it again in a heartbeat.


Monday 29th October

10:15am and I’m at work doing my job when I receive a text from Cristal asking if I have her suitcase in my car. Now I knew she would need this today so I had packed it back into the car over the weekend and replied saying yes. She turns up a little later we head to the car she picks it up we have a quick chat and then we head our separate ways.



Friday 2nd November

We had decided to catch up today for a morning brunch and also get the towels from the party washed and dried. I pick her up we make our way to a local café find a laundrette load the washer up and head back to the café. We discuss the jobs for the coming week when I’ll be free, talk about the industry amongst other topics, and some ideas she has for more blogs on her website. After about an hour we head back to pick up the towels make our way back to pick up the towels and then suddenly Cristal starts to panic as she can’t find her keys. We ask the lady in the laundrette she hasn’t seen them, we head back to the café there not in there and sure enough the last place we look we find them in my car. Cristal breathes a sigh of relief and I drop her off and continue on with my day.


That’s the end of this blog I hope you enjoyed it and got to see another side of the industry from a drivers point of view next time (yes there will be a next time as I plan on doing a continuous blog) I will make it a bit shorter.


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blueyufg, you're a sucker for punishment, but I'm so glad that Cristal found a substitute driver, especially when her original driver moved interstate.

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