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September 2012 - Le Boudoir (Isabella) - Procrastinator



There's not a great deal to report as it could be summed up as being virtually identical to the time before, which was towards the latter part of July. Let me say this my interested, fellow-me-lads, that is exactly my point.


I had intended to see a particular W/L but as it turned out, she was unavailable. Last minute ring around and it came down to Martine of Georgie's Place or Louise of Le Boudoir. After much procrastination, Martine was eliminated leaving the choice of Louise. After rereading her only review several times I decided on Louise, firstly because I hadn't seen her before and secondly because of her alleged beautiful plump glutinous maximus.


Martine is awesome though and could I really pass up another visit given I was staring down the barrel of a forced hiatus from this addiction. Martine it would be. Settled then. Good choice Flexi.


I rang Le Boudoir and asked la operator to make me a booking with Louise for noon. Unfortunately, she refused on the grounds I'd not met Louise before. She said just come in and meet each other and let's take it from there. I explained I'd been there a number of times and was sure Louise would be fine. The process-driven receptionist would brook no further argument and bore her former answer back.


Ok fine, then Martine it is.


"Hi, this is xxxx, I rang a short while ago about booking Louise for noon."


"Yes, I remember, how can I help?"


"Well I'd like to book Isabella for noon and before you ask I've seen Isabella before." my logic was simple, I'd see Isabella at noon and then pay a visit to Martine after work. Louise would remain high on the "To Do" list.


I set off from work in time to get to Le Boudoir by noon. I was plagued wondering if I should have stuck with Louise and her allegedly beautiful bottom. I arrived at Le Boudoir smack on time.


"and the gal behind the register

took my bread and she shook her head

And looked at me as though I'd blown her mind Hey I just came for Isabella Hope I'm not wasting anybody's time." (lyrics from Julie by Dr Hook)


Isabella emerged from the gals room and came over for a cheek kiss. The moment I saw her gorgeous smile and figure hugging, black dress advertising her splendid, pendulous breasts, my procrastination left me more swiftly a fart in a stiff breeze.


We held hands as we scaled the stairs.


"How have you been, you're looking well."


"This is new Isabella, we've never done it in this room before."


"We should make sure we do it in all the room."


"Sounds like a plan."


The following hour was absolutely sensational. Isabella was happy to go with the flow and it was full on.


We started with a session of very, very, very intensely passionate DDFK. I'm convinced Isabella is really into this behaviour. She is a passionate, hot blooded Italian lady and her kisses are absolutely like that of a lover rather than a provider of a service. The passion built and the kissing became almost frantic. I had to fuck her immediately. I even contemplated for a few seconds what it would be like to just stick it in. In retrospect, I'm very glad I maintained control as Isabella is safe sex and I'm sure a transgression of such would have been met with stern displeasure and a future lack of trust.


She whacked on a franger. I think it was too big as it was a little loose. Unfortunately it was the only size in the franger bag so I battled on manfully. I hopped on top and Isabella was quite wet, she closed her legs. After only a few minutes I was in danger of cumming so I extracted my penis and calmed down a little. We then repeated the process.


A full service menu was on offer and every dish was enjoyed to the full. I dropped to my knees at the foot of the bed with the intention of worshipping her feet. It was only an hour so I decided to do her right foot thoroughly rather than rush both feet. After licking between each toe, I took each delicately manicured toe into my mouth to be licked with a slight sucking pressure. After pleasuring each toe from little to big, I took two toes at a time then three, four and finally five. Isabella let out a squeal of delight as I used my teeth in a gentle biting-scraping of the soft, meaty pad at the bottom of the foot, just back from the toe joint. I used a similar approach across her instep to her heel. In this I kept my teeth closed but used the pressure of teeth in conjunction with the warm wetness of lips to massage her instep until further groans could be heard. On reaching her heel I changed back to a gentle biting-scraping motion which drew some very complimentary remarks and more squeals of delight. I licked both sides of her ankle and smooched as wetly as possible along the top of her foot. I desired one last suck of the toe-end of her foot before licking the length of her calf.


Some girls really enjoy the back of their knee joint being sucked and Isabella is one such gal. From her back-of-knee I traced a snail trail with my tongue along her inner thigh to her hairless vaginal lips. I enjoyed myself a great deal, being heavily turned-on by the physical warmth and wetness of her pussy and no less by the very loud groaning. At what seemed like a natural break in the cunnilingus, I rolled her over for some delicious anilingus and much kissing, squeezing and slapping of her generous posterial cheeks. With my face nice and wet with what must have been a cocktail of pussy juice and saliva, Isabella dragged me to her for some wet, sloppy kisses and licks.


See my previous review for step by step details.


We finished in mish in a double explosion with about 5 minutes left on the egg timer. We had a lovely little chat about some common interests, then into the shower.


What I like about this woman.

  • Friendly
  • Believable
  • Good communicator
  • Passion filled
  • Gorgeous face
  • Curvy body
  • Extraordinary kisser
  • Generous boobs'n'butt
  • Enjoys my little fetishes
  • Has her own little fetishes
  • Provides feedback
  • Makes you feel like Don Juan
  • Tastes great
  • Exceptional lover
  • Nice person


What would improve a booking.

  • BBBJ


I left Le Boudoir very satisfied and didn't get to see Martine after all.


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Isabella's gain, Louise loss!


Let me know when you have got a handle on the female mind!

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Really good review FlexiSex, Isabella's is an excellent lady on all accounts, she is in my top 4 of favorites

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