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As we all know misogyny has been a buzz word in the last couple of weeks in relation to federal politics and the shit hitting the fan in parlament which has sparked that speech by the Prime Minister.


To be honest I had no idea what the word meant until it hit the media and have since been smartened to it, basically a hatered or disklike of women. This boiled over in light of those text messages that Peter Slipper had sent to his staffer. (Which I wont repeat in my blog because I don't want to give this prick oxygen and by calling him a prick I'm probably being nice to him)


It got me thinking that it wouldn't surprise me that those who want punting to be banned refer to us punters as misogynists who denograte women because we pay them to have sex with us. Well I'm sure that I speak for most of us punter here when I say that nothing could be further than the truth and I would also like the opinion of the WLs on Punter Planet.


John Laws and Billy Connolly have been quoted as saying that they "love women" well you can add me to that list as well. I too "Love women" I absolutely adore them, granted I have trouble understanding how their brains work, but I love them all the same. As I wrote in one of my previous blogs whilst I punt punt to have a good time, have fun and get laid, I'm more than aware of the fact that the lady that I'm spending time with is somebody's daughter, somebody's sister etc and in quite a few cases that I know of she's somebody's mother.


Now I'm a hot blooded male and know a nice looking lady when I see one and have often mentally undressed them in my overactive imagination and fantasised about getting it on with her.In fact I have on occasion used the phrase, "The things I'd love to do to her that'd be illegal in Utah" Not only that but a couple of years ago at our work Christmas party I made a comment to a work mate saying about one of the girls from another department "Is her dress painted on?" I'm sure you can figure out what prompted me to say it, but that is just my admiration of the female form, which I'm sure we're all guilty of. But I seriously doubt that anybody who knows me would refer to me as a misogynyst for having that kind of admiration. I'd like to think that I'm in the majority of men who are decent people who have respect for women, even if we don't understand how they think.


By the way for the record the lady in question at the Christmas Party didn't take it the wrong way. In fact later than night she was sitting on my lap, it was a wild night I can tell you.


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There will always be someone out there that thinks they know what we think!! Thats why they have no character because they are always psychoanalysing every one else when they really are the problem!!

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Misogyny is what happened to the 14-year old girl in Pakistan.


Totally agree

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