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Well a another September and the Prof goes out to play.




The Prof has a leave pass.


Well my wife surprised me by deciding to go away for a week, I spent a few days with her but had to return for work ;) while she stayed with friends.

So the first order of business was to finally book Holly. I have been trying to connect with Holly for over six months now but due to Holly moving more towards private bookings it was hard for us to connect. Before I went away a room was arranged and when I returned Sunday afternoon it was off for a night of passion.




After I recovered from Holly, Tuesday I decided it was time have a look at Maxine’s and then head off to Show Me Fire for some planed tension release. As it turned out Maxine’s closed early and so did Show Me Fire. I went down the road from Show Me Fire and chatted to the ladies there but they were not for me I like most of my ladies to be my age or younger. So it was a night of plan B’s and ended up at Goldfingers and then My Alibi. The lady at My Alibi was very enthusiastic and I am starting to think that ladies there go to the fast and furious school of sex.






Woke up Wednesday still feeling rather horny so decided to see what was available on the way to work. This lead me to do intros at Show Me Fire and The Oasis of the North I stayed at the Oasis but I think 30 minute bookings are not for me. I have learned from all this that if I book for an hour I need to be really clear that you a one shot man.




Monica was fine but I think I had run out of puff by the time I had gotten to her. I mentioned my week of fun and she asked me where I had seen Holly’s ad I start to explain and she said “not Punter Planet.” So I left the subject she never asked my forum name.


The holly experience has made think more about the private option as it felt a nice way to do things but it's much harder as you have to plan and book ahead, but it was well worth it.


Yes I had a lot fun spent some money but now I return to normal life.

Enjoy reading of my adventures in fantasy land for a week :)



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You bloody legend m8!


4 WLs in a couple of days! Fucking marvelous!

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It was a lot of fun but I only get a leave pass like this once a year so one has to make the best of it.

Love every minute of it even the not so good ones.

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