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Would You Like A Massage?



He told me to lie down, oil in his hand. Oh goody! Im getting a massage. I lay down in my stomach. He spreads my legs and kneels in between them. I feel my pussy open, exposed. He pours some oil into his hands, warms it up before starting to rub my body. His big strong hands applying good pressure, up and down my back. I hear myself let out a moan. It feels so good. I could lie here forever. All the muscles in my body are so tense. I have needed this for some time. He concentrates on my shoulders, he can feel the knots and tries to work on them. I don’t want it to ever end.

After a while in between my legs, I can feel his member growing. I can feel the tip of his cock, just touching the lips of my pussy. My mind changes focus, No longer am I thinking of how great the massage feels, im now wanting his cock inside me. I move my body closer to him. He leans down and whispers in my ear..


“Not yet sexyâ€


I cant concentrate. I cant stop thinking about how much I want him inside me now. Or how much I want him to just touch me in the right spots.

He doesn’t give in to my wants or desires. He keeps rubbing me. He glides his hands down my sides, I can feel his fingers coast past my breasts. Oh please, touch them! He runs his hands down my lower back, then massages my buttocks. He teases me, running his fingers near my pussy but never on it. Oh god, TOUCH IT!

His massage takes a more tickle feel. He uses only his finger tips to drag along my body. Very lightly, it tickles in a good way. Again he goes near all the places I want to be touched but does not touch them. Somebody kill me!

I give up. Im not getting what my body is aching for so I go back to enjoying the massage. Don’t think about it holly.. Get your pussy out of your mind!

When I am back in a massage state, he takes me. BAM! His hands start at my lower back, he applies great pressure, he slides them up my back, when his hands on my shoulders, he rams his cock deep inside me and holds it there. I cannot move. His hands on my shoulders pin me down, my pussy starts to convulse around his cock, omg I think im guna orgasm already.

And then it begins. Deep fucking while still massaging. Omg im in heaven. I cant move. With each deep thrust I am sent into another world. I try to move with him, but he pins me down.


“You just lie there and enjoy your massage†he says to me.


I stay still. The only parts of my body moving are internal. My pussy is devouring his cock with every hard deep thrust. I can feel every inch of him. I can tell he is enjoying his massage too. The pressure he uses on my back starts to change. Slower but harder. His cock takes that rhythm also. I hold my breathe. He feels the change in my body reactions, he knows I am going to explode very soon. He grabs my shoulders and pushes his cock as far as he can inside me and holding it there. He knows I like this a lot. My pussy starts milking him. I can feel it coming. He leans forward to see if I am breathing, when he see me gasping for air, he knows it is time.

He keeps his cock in deep, only coming out a little bit at a time. The tempo gets faster. I grab hold of his hands on my shoulders, an intimate touch, so he knows im there with him and that I want to cum with him. Faster, harder, faster, harder. Then when it happens, when its time, he gives it one last long thrust, his cock making my body leave the bed, my pussy going crazy, I cum so hard all over his throbbing cock. To look at us right now, it would look like two naked gymnasts striking a pose, not aware of the action going on inside our bodies.

My body goes limp, I try to catch my breath. I cant move. He collapses on top of me and kisses my neck, my face. My body is shaking beneath him.


“Did you enjoy your massage sexy?â€


Did I enjoy it? Holy fuck yeah! This time next week? LOL


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oh my God Holly what a hot read... Will bring my special anointing oil for our first encounter...not sure when but I must catch up with you soon!!

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