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Position Vacant



blog-0773354001348573403.jpgWell I am now in a position where I'm sure many punters have found themselves in. That one where you are now wishing to find a new regular lady to see for you punting activities. When I had a recent punt I was informed that the lady at my establishment of choice has left the industry. So my visit to her on Valentines Day this year has turned out to be the last time I got to see her. Well the up side was that I had a 2 hour session with her and really enjoyed her company. So for the next few punts I will likely be road testing the talent on offer to see if there may well be any stand outs.


The funny thing about this is that had you said this to me 5 years ago I don't think I would have believed you. At that point in my punting career I hadn't seen the same girl twice. Mind you that wasn't a hard and fast rule of mine it was just the way thing panned out. Thought at that point in my punting career I was till unsure of if seeing the same lady more than once let alone having her as a regular was a good idea or not. As we all know punting whilst yes money does change hands, it's still like like any other business transaction. It's neither fish nor fowl as it were. It's not a complete business like environment and things are cut and dry, but on the other side of the coin you aren't getting close to a loved one either.


For me punting is a little like going to the football, it's a form of escapism where for a period of time I can forget about my trouble in life and blow off in more ways than one. (To me sex is the best stress reliever on the face of the planet)


I guess it was just as well that she wasn't somebody that I would consider for a relationship in the "real world" Mainly cause of the age gap between us.


As for what I look for in a regular lady. I can't really say what that is apart from somebody I feel comfortable with and one who'll go the extra length in a session. Somebody who's company I can enjoy and who would enjoy my company just as much. Other than that I probably wont know until I find them and have a session or 2 with.


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I understand that completely Ian. I never thought I would want to see someone regularly but that is just what happened and your description of the encounter is very accurate. Although I would "take her home to meet mum" I guess asking her to meet the wife might just not be the smart thing to do. :-)

Good luck in finding that special lady again.

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