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June 2010 - Fetish House (Katherine) - Wet and Wild



Katherine is a large, kinky lady in her early thirties with huge breasts and a pretty face. Paid $160 for 30 minutes including $30 extra for FS.


I was in the mood for something different and when this mood comes on, it either means a trip to TS Jennifer or a trip to Fetish House. This review is about the latter.


I keep an eye on this place's web site to keep across the comings and goings. This story all started when I read about Katherine's ability to lactate. I rang FH who usually let you talk to the girl if they're available. Katherine was available and we discussed what I had in mind in general terms, which actually had little to do with lactation. Made the booking and headed on down.


Katherine is a FS Mistress so the session was mainly focussed on the sexual side but also being a kinky lady she was able to add the things I was looking for at the time and had discussed on the phone.


We went to the only bedroom which itself is unusual at the FH, where the norm is a dungeon. It was more suited however to what was to come.


Katherine began by ceremoniously pretending to tie my hands to the iron bars of the bed head. Tied and helpless she was now able to take advantage of my situation.


The first item on the agenda was a special kind of kiss, a really wet, extremely wet kiss, and she did it with aplomb. She used her hot, wet tongue to lick saliva all over my lips then plunged it inside my mouth, it was very exciting. She repeated this many times. It was very wet and she tasted fresh and clean and maybe a just a little smoky if memory serves. It was all good.


The second was the inclusion of a golden shower (standard in every booking at FH but optional of course) which she did after thoroughly covering the bed in towels. Already being highly aroused from her intense spitty kisses this just about had me blowing a valve. Katherine moved around to dispense her waters on most parts of my body, well from the old fella up anyway. For those who are not into such things it may sound awful but for those of us who are, it's an amazing sensual experience. If I possessed water's or Princley's literary talents and eloquence I'd try to describe it but I'm sure I couldn't do it justice. She finished peeing and hopped on top and returned to her wet, sloppy, tonguy, licky kissing, evidently enjoying the taste of her residual self.


After a little straightening and cleaning up it was into more or less straight sex, CBJ, DATY, 69, fingering, rimming and finishing off with a very enjoyable and passionate shag in mish.


Katherine offered some suggestions for a very advanced master class in special kissing which was available for a small extra fee. I wasn't up for it at the time but its been playing on my mind. Not sure I'll get round to taking the class but thinking about it does bring about an excited flutter in the gut. She's a very naughty lady, lol.


This session would not be for everyone however I must say, I absolutely loved every second of it and hope to do so again. Katherine was a great fun loving, kinky babe.


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