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When Will I See You Again?



I wanted to be all sexy and seducing when you arrived. I wanted to bat my eyelids, give you the look that said ‘take me now’, to have your undivided attention from the moment you walked into the room. But as always, it didn’t happen that way. Nerves and shyness get the better of me. More than that, im scared of how you will react. Will you laugh at me? Will I look like a dickhead? Will I trip over? I just don’t think I can pull being a seductress off well at all.


So instead, before you arrive, I take a long shower, shave all the right bits so I don’t scratch you, put on simple but lacy bra and panties matching set under my clothes. I timed everything a little wrong, so hair and make up were neglected, but I had every intention of doing it....that counts right?


You arrive and we engage in the usual chit chat. No kiss or hug hello. Off to the shower, where I make my feeble attempts to look desirable. I strip off to my underwear and lie on the bed. Oh my god, its freakin cold! I I have no choice but to cover up, the chill in the air is too much to bear and I cant imagine goose bumps all over a scantily clad woman is very attractive. There I wait.


I hear the water shut off and you appear, towelling your head dry as you walk in the room. You climbed in the bed with me and for a moment get a glimpse of my pathetic attempt at sexy before I quickly strip off and press our naked bodies together.


We lay there, touching each other, your cock growing hard in my hands, me getting wetter as you run your fingers over my clit. For brief moments I lose concentration, it feels so good, my hands freeze around your cock, grabbing it tight. You move me into the missionary position, slowly driving deep within me. You bring me to orgasm many times, hard n fast and deep and intense. The grand finale, you blow your load all over my stomach. I love the way it looks against my skin.


A cigarette is in order. We had worked pretty hard. It took quite a while to get my breath back. More chit chat as we lay on the bed, still naked, only now, its not as cold as it first was. You lie there naked, cock out, I lie under the blanket, occasionally a breast exposed.


Round two began.


We start off touching again. I get impatient and climb on top. I have a few issues getting your cock inside me. Im horny but the body isn’t playing nice. Why arent I drippin wet right now? After fumbling around finally we got him in there. God why am I so awkward??? I ride your cock til I come many times. The only word I can use is intense. Intense sex is the best sex. I cant explain it but when you have it, you know!


You move your body so you can kiss my nipples from underneath me. Then remove your cock from inside and slide down the bed, bringing your mouth to my pussy and start what can only be called a tongue tornado. On all fours, it brings a new angle to DATY, one that I couldn’t get enough of. Over and over and over again I moan, hold my breath, freeze, moan, orgasm, moan, hold my breath, orgasm, gasp for air, moan, all the while my legs are shaking uncontrollably with every lick, suck and flick...I feel myself on the verge of squirting, but fear makes me hold back. I want to, but I just cant…


As you slide up from underneath me, I collapse face down on the bed, out of breath and in bliss. You spread my legs and take me from behind. I may have felt like I had no more energy left in me, but once I feel your cock deep within, I know im up for another round. Again we move together, me having orgasm after orgasm, you having the stamina of a true champion. When I think I can take no more you jump off. I was disappointed that you couldn’t cum again, but seriously, I was fucked. Well and truly fucked. The smile on my face lasted for a very long time.


Clean up begins, you have a shower and get ready to go. While your doing that im in a daze Im happy but im sad. Happy that you came, but sad you have to leave so soon. Happy I got to have such a wonderful time with you, sad that I cant have it everyday. A quick hug and kiss goodbye and you are off... I wonder if you realise my attempts at being sexually appealing for you. I wonder when I will see you again…

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Awesome read Holly!

When you're on the verge of squirting, please don't hold back. Just relax and let it go. It's the ultimate turn on - at least for me. :wub:

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