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3 September 2012 - Private Escort (TS Natalie Sweet) - Sweet Thai Beauty





In my endless quest for transsexual perfection, I was faced with both a coincidence and a dilemma.


I was planning (but not locked in to) a visit with Private Escort TS Isabela (http://www.vicesiste...-ID57053!D.html) and had been looking forward to it all weekend after discussing some interesting possibilities with her last week. However, when I checked my email while riding the train to work, I noticed a PM message notification from a PP colleague. It said,


“Hi Flexi


Just a heads up, the lovely TS Natalie that I have spoken to you about is in Melbourne ATM.


Seize the moment :D


Cheers mate“


A couple of PM back and forwards and I'd established this was Private Escort TS Natalie (http://www.vicesiste...-ID51153!D.html) as reviewed under the name of TS Natalie Sweet by two independent reviewers. The reviews were strong recommendations as was the recommendation from my PP colleague. OK decision time. My logic was thus, TS Isabela will be here next week, TS Natalie will not. :o


Approx 9:05am I sent a text to TS Natalie saying,


“Hi there Nat. A client of yours mentioned you were here in Melbourne for a few days so I checked out your Vicesister advertisement. Is there a good time to give you a quick call to discuss a booking or do you prefer text or email. Cheers Flexi”


She replied almost immediately saying,


“Call me baby xx” :wub: :wub:


The rest is history. Meeting booked and arrangements made shortly thereafter.


Sweet Natalie Sweet

The minute I laid my eyes on her, my stomach flip flopped. I may have seen better looking women but never a better looking T-girl, she was incredible feminine. You would never pick her as anything but 100% woman. She is a Thai lass with moderate level English skills. Enough to get her message across and enough to seem very cute when she tries to tease which she does often. She was very inquisitive, innocently asking questions I usually don’t get asked and telling me things I’d usually not ask about. She has long, black hair which is almost straight but slightly on the wispy side of straight. Her face is absolutely gorgeous with large lips resembling cushions of softness, moistened by a slippery tongue which she used with skill.


The Meeting

The instant we met we kissed. It was a kiss to remember and the first of many such delightful kisses that were forthcoming over the next little while. After we had finished the enduring first passionate kiss she said “Hello, nice to meet you.”


I could muster nothing but “Oh my God.”


In the Bed

I was on my back on the bed when Nat came to me with her black bra bulging due to her enhanced c-cup breasts and her black knickers bulging from something quite different indeed. She sat on my stomach and leaned forward as her long, black hair fell across my face and eager lips. She flicked her hair out of the way and our lips joined again. We stayed like that for a while until I figured the hair would be less intrusive if she were to lay on her back. I moved her gently to a convenient position then lay on top of her as our lips became attached again. The more we kissed the hotter it got with each other taking turns to suck each others lips and tongues. She was a beautiful kisser and it was made even more exciting because of her beautiful appearance. At times I stopped kissing her and sat up just to look at her face. Maybe it wouldn’t have the same impact on everyone but it certainly was beautiful to my way of thinking. Looking at her lovely face while kissing those big, warm, marshmallow lips and exchanging tongues certainly had me in punter’s heaven. Her breath was fresh and neutral and I would have been happy to stay there in that position all day. After about 10 to 15 minutes, she looked up with her big, dark eyes and said “You can do anything you want.” I said “Thanks I am doing what I want.”


The little discussion broke the concentration and I decided to take the opportunity to move to another amusement. (She calls herself a man toy.) I went down on what was quite an attractive and very functional appendage. She’d made it clear during our initial phone discussion that her cumming was out of the question as she had to be able to produce the goods throughout the rest of the day. She had a good six inch and quite thick, uncircumcised tool. I enjoyed my fill for about another ten minutes or so then back up top for another bout of DFK followed by a light but serviceable blow job. Her technique was reminiscent of Elly from Butterflys which started very light and built as it ran its course. After the blow job and some more DFK, I took the opportunity to engage in one of my favourite things, giving her a rimming. Like everything else about her physical being, she had a lovely set of buttocks and I was happy to hook my arms under her upper legs and draw her butt onto my tongue.


Eventually, after my tongue had started to tire anyway, she invited me to fuck her, which I was happy to do. She applied a wetsuit and laid on her back again, pulling her legs up to her chest. I entered the same place my tongue had just vacated and collapsed forward so our mouths were locked again. As I pumped her vigorously, we pashed with ever increasingly wet kisses. She was happy to have her forehead, nose and eyes kissed. She was even obliging with regard to a special kiss (spit swapping) which she engaged in to perfection. It felt pretty much the same as missionary position.



Half way back to work and I heard a text come in. It was beautiful Nat with a long thank you text. After replying, I had to send a big thank you to my PP colleague. :)


The best TS experience of my punting career and possibly one of the most lovely mouths I’ve ever kissed. Only down side is she only comes to Melbourne on rare occasions and I'm missing her already. :unsure:


In my quest for the perfect transsexual experience I have reach heights that may never be transcended. :P



Source: Private Escort - September 2012 - TS Natalie Sweet



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wow.. awesome review :) im glad you found what you were looking for :)

Why didnt you post this as a review? Why a blog? Its lovely xxxx

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