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6 August 2012 - Westminster Secrets (Jennifer) - Señorita Jennifer - Take 2



Saw young Jennifer again last night, she informed me her age is 25. Not 100% sure, I still reckon early thirties. Although she's still a student so maybe. I asked why Jennifer and not a Spanish name and she said the manager said it was Jennifer as in Jennifer Lopez due to a slight resemblance


We'd exchanged many texts and a couple if phone calls since our last catch up. I'd mentioned in one of the texts that I enjoy DFK and not so much light kissing a la last time. She said she enjoyed it too.


Made a booking for 45min for $155 which included no extra charges.


It was a fun and relaxed. She gave a good blow job and is overtly friendly and cuddly. She included sex in multiple positions and seemed to enjoy DATY. She even threw in a GS.


To her credit she was forthcoming with the DFK. Unfortunately her style needs a little work.


She has a good sense of humour and likes to joke around but when she gets worked up, the Spanglish is pretty hard to understand.


I found her looks very attractive and her little pink miniskirt and top is very feminine and sexy.


She's a bit of a fuss pot with cleanliness and seems to take forever to get showered and dressed at the end.


All in all, a fun and sexy punt that I'd like to repeat from time to time and may be provide some coaching on her DFK style.


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