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2 August 2012 - Westminster Secrets (Imogen) - Teen Working Lady




Imogen was described by the receptionist as a pretty, 18 yo, slim blonde (pretty tempting credentials). From her own words she said she is 19 yo (not that it makes any difference). She looked pleasant enough with a youthful face and large, kissable, light coloured lips. She is a tall girl with c-cup breasts and a slightly puppy-fat body. I caught a glimpse of her talking to Mr Dreadlocks as I was leaving the building after visiting Ally. She looked good enough for me to book her through reception two days later. I didn't want to miss her again so booked blind, so to speak.


Skip Forward Two Days

She was late coming out of the girl's room for our 6:30 because she was making a phone call according to the receptionist. On entering the bedroom she said "So! You're a house regular I'm told." Hmm, never looked at it that way but I guess it's a fair comment, of late anyway.


As I'd already committed the cardinal sin of making a booking before agreeing outcomes, I tried to engage Imogen in this discussion as soon as we reached the bedroom. This was a difficult discussion with quite a level of frustration. I asked what was included to which she gave the party line - massage, oral and sex. I asked about kissing and she said it was included in her service. I asked about DATY and she said that's extra and since it's a longer booking, I had better charge a bit more so make it $40 to which I said no thanks. I said OK what about rimming and she said I'm not comfortable with it, anyway I've never done it before so I wouldn't know how much to charge for it. I said maybe you should give it a try, you might even like it to which she said, I'm not that stupid, don't you think all the guys try that on ( holy shit). I said forget about rimming but it's too bad you have a nice plump arse (OK I didn't say that but I thought it). So we were up for a 45 min booking for $155 with my favourite activities unavailable.


I had a shower then surprisingly Imogen had a shower too. I was thinking at the time, that seems odd.

At WS the girls have to time themselves and there was a struggle to determine what time we would need to finish the 45 mins if we started at 6:45. After some further discussion the clock started and we were into the booking.


After checking her phone, she sat cross legged on the bed and started rubbing my stomach which she said she enjoyed doing to men, she advised it was acceptable to touch the outside of her pussy but there was to be no penetration.


She smelt very strongly of rub-on tan which she acknowledged and said it would diminish after a few more showers (probably explains the shower).


She had a long blonde wig on which annoyed her so much she had to rip it off after insisting I close my eyes (she actually looked quite good with her real hair instead of the wig). As we sat on the bed she reached over for a dom. She put it on and started a blowjob. It was probably the highlight of the booking, not brilliant but pleasant enough. Fair skills for one so young.


After a few minutes of this I rolled her on to her back and tried to kiss her but no way, despite her earlier offer that it was included, kissing was definitely off the menu.


After sending a text, we had CG sex (she called it something else due to her squatting technique), it is a good way to have sex, seems to bring on a tightening in the vagina which adds to the stimulation. We did mish sex, doggy sex and incline sex (her name for what I thought was caterpillar) during which I came probably only half way through the booking.


Imogen was a very bossy young lady, not in a sexy way (I quite enjoy being bossed around in the bedroom) but in an aggressive way. Perhaps aggressive is too strong, maybe very assertive would be fairer. I challenged her about it and I got a lecture about taking control, trust, not like that after getting to know, guys take advantage otherwise, etc, etc.


We sat on the bed and chatted, she told me she was an excellent conversationalist. Perhaps the generation gap was just too large.


She said in her 10 months working she's been at more brothels than she can remember (this was her second shift at WS). Another text.


I tried to give her a little feedback based on what its like being with a high quality, experienced hooker but all I got was the it's my body it's my decision lecture which had missed the point - it was like she was repeating what some other WL had told her but completely out of context. I tried to rephrase my remarks only to get the, I'm new at this and I'm only young response.



I suppose I've been spoiled lately with fantastic bookings with seasoned WL after whom you emerge knowing you've been sucked and fucked by an expert. Maybe Imogen will reach this level (if she has a mind to) but she'll need to listen to feedback and think for herself.

I wish her well and if she opens up a little over time (as is evidenced by a couple of positive reviews), I'd be happy to reassess my current recommendation.


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