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31 July 2012 - Westminster Secrets (Ally) - Dirty Old Man




I rang WS to check if Jennifer was available for Round 2 but the dreadlocks dude said she wasn't in this Tuesday. I didn't know any of the other names except Subin who I'd love to shag if her personality was a little more appealing. The dude also volunteered that they had a new starter, an 18 yo slim blonde, hmm interesting. I drove over to WS, arriving about 7pm to find the new starter was booked out until after 9pm. I did catch a peak though and from what I could see she looks gorgeous. The dude said Subin can intro in about 2 minutes so I thought lets see if anything has changed. I saw her walk past the door a couple of times, she's very hot IMO. Then he returns and says change of plan mate, she's no longer available.


Ultimately, there were two intros, an Asia girl whose name escapes me and Ally. After some positive discussion I decided on Ally for 30 minutes for $120 plus $30 for kissing, DATY and rimming on her. The dude took my coin and went to set me up with a FF card.



Ally is a pretty, young caucasian lady with a cute, GND appearance. After running the gauntlet of trying to guess a ladies age, she advised my very early twenties estimate was close, she was nineteen going on twenty. Made me feel like a dirty old man but a very, very horny dirty old man. Ally's body is a little curvy in the nicest way with probably c-cuppers, nice buttocks and very nice legs.



A health inspection was on offer. Ally said I like to do it thoroughly so please remove all cloths. There was something very exciting about being made to disrobe in front of such a young woman. I was starkers apart from my shirt which she said I could leave on if I pulled it up. Ally is a very hands on lass and I had a very thorough inspection before receiving the all clear. By the time I got in the shower I had a fully blown erection.



As I do, I was laying on the bed with the towel wrapped around my waist. Ally walked straight over and removed the towel leaving me starkers once more. She immediately laid beside me, fully clad and started gently stroking my boner. I can't explain it but maybe it was that I was naked while she was clothed, maybe it was that she looked so youthful and innocent or maybe it was because her stroking was gentle with just the right tightness and she gripped just at the right spot but I almost came immediately, which isn't the norm for sure.


During this time I ran my right hand round the exposed skin on her shoulders and upper back and with my left hand I worked my way into the top of her bra to feel that womanly softness. I moved her face from looking down at her handy work to be within reach for some kisses. The kissing was very light, not passionate or DFK but that was all that was promised in the intro so fair enough. She asked if I was ready for a condom and presumably a blow job but I asked for more hand job as it was feeling excellent. Eventually Ally rolled onto her back and we kissed a little more. She asked again if I was ready for a condom.


Suited up and lying perpendicular on the bed Ally gave me a very servicable blow job, quite firm and deep but little or no eye contact. I could've finished with this as well but needed to pace myself. I said it's my turn to give oral now and she positioned herself comfortably on the firm, noiseless bed. I very much enjoyed licking her clit and rubbing my tongue along her lips. She has a pretty pussy to the eye and it tasted fresh and moist. I then gently rolled her over for a rim job. She had already explained this can sometimes be very ticklish for her but we could try. I could tell she was resisting the tickles by clenching up but fortunately she hung in and I got to enjoy her tight little behind.


Throughout Ally was quite inquisitive as to what the client wants and she seems eager to please. She asked how I'd like to fuck her and being completely predictable I said mish. Ally rolled onto her back and I inserted. After a few minutes, I asked her if we could return to that earlier very stimulating hand job to complete. She said yes but you'll have to leave the dom on in case you squirt on me. I said ok let's just stay in mish in that case. The pressure built slowly over about 5 minutes to a resounding orgasm. I extracted and we lay chin wagging for a couple of minutes before hitting the shower.



All in all, a fun, friendly, easy to enjoy punt with a pretty young girl next door who has one of the best hand techniques I've come across in a long while.


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