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18 July 2012 – Westminster Secrets (Jennifer) - Uninhibited Young Senorita





I was in a strange mood, wanting something but not sure what. It had been a long day and it was drawing to a close, I was looking forward to going home, eating dinner and relaxing, but something was niggling at me. I went to the little kitchen to make a cup of tea and a work colleague was in there doing something or other. She looked good, never really paid any attention before, too professional J. Then I realised what was niggling at me, I hadn’t had a punt for a month. During the first couple of weeks after my last punt I was a bit off colour and the past two weeks I’ve been fully absorbed at work. The thought had now entered my mind and I couldn’t shake it. I checked my wallet and had just enough for a quickie with Martine of Georgie’s Place. Last couple of times I’d booked Martine ahead of time and I was late, so I thought this time I’d just front up and take pot luck. When I got there she’d just gone into an hour book booking and the only other on deck was Georgia who was also busy. Next stop Westminster Secrets. Three lasses introd. First was Chantelle who I’d seen before (review in 2012 blog) and didn’t feel in the mood for Round 2. I was shocked she remembered me, or maybe she acts like that with everyone. Second was Kitty (I think), a pretty lady, tall with large breasts and long CFM boots. I could have easily settled for Kitty until Jennifer came into the room. Jennifer looked the goods and agreed to all my suggestions hence she would be my fuck du jour, I arranged 30 min for $120 and a $20 gratuity for, shall we say, some flexibility in the room.



I’d like to think of myself as being a punter with eclectic taste however I am a sucker for a curvy lady. Jennifer was just that, not over weight but curvy in the nicest possible way. Long brown hair and dark eyes with generous breasts busting out of her uplift bra. Her face was very pretty and her lips looked inviting. Jennifer is Spanish, very Spanish. By that I mean her Spanglish was quite hard to understand at times. She was a real teaser and had a raucous laugh. All body parts were very lovely. On the down side she did exhibit one particular pattern of behaviour which I started to find annoying by the end of the booking. I’ll mention this to my dear friends in the SML rather than here. It wasn’t aweful or anything like that, perhaps it’s just that I’m easily annoyed by WLs at times.



We started with some light kissing which was pleasant but I would have liked it to be a little more engaging. I then began to give her an all over cat bath. As I mentioned before, her body was very much in my sweet spot, curvy and womanly. I enjoyed kissing her everywhere. Her pussy was responsive and she was happy to accept my fingers while I lapped at her pussy like a pussy at a saucer of warm milk. Jennifer had smooth, flawless skin that was soft to the touch and the kiss. She grabbed a condom and inexpertly applied it and began to suck my cock. I asked her to turn around so I could reach her pretty arse with my tongue so we moved into sixty-nine with her on top. She was sufficiently shorter than me such that I could reach her rim-receiver by simply lifting my head as she lay atop of me in reverse. After a while we moved to mish for an very pleasant charge to the finish line.



I’d rate Jennifer quite highly in looks, easy on the eye, she’d make me take a second glance in a coffee shop. Her body was full and womanly with all the right curves. Her personality was friendly and cheeky if not a little grating in one aspect (as alluded to above). Sex was fun and she’s quite uninhibited except her kissing is limited. I’m sure bribery would yield better results on that score. I think it would have been better if she chose a name like Juanita or Conchitta rather than Jennifer, but it’s no big deal. I’d give a medium-to-high level recommendation to be savoured at least once.



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