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Bubbles Bath House - December 1998

Master Yoda


Let's keep the details on me to a minimal as I am a lot less interesting that the lovely ladies through the years I want to talk about lol.


In December 1998 the first of many encounters years later was took place in a little city at in the top of the South Island New Zealand. A place called Bubbles Bath House.


Her name is long forgotten, but this leggy young blonde with a tight model like body gave what I have come to know now as a very standard SOP service. Never the less....... the first step of countless miles was set in motion............



These days...... I am truly passionate about encounters with great ladies and writing accounts. I have since compiled archives upon archives.


Of late I really have not been inspired to see anyone or write much. Not that the greata ones are not out there. I have just grown tired of the over commercialised and the trends that have made punting well..... such a punt (hit and miss).


I will find joy recollecting here. And in hope that in the conversations I am going to have with punters and WL's I will be reinspired.


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