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No Sex = No Problems






People make bookings with sex workers for many different reasons. Sex is probably the number one reason. But its not the ONLY reason. Some people out there in society dont know about these people and they refuse to believe that no sex within a paid time actually occurs! Even some regular punters/clients find it bizarre when they hear about it!


In most bookings sex occurs. This is a fact.


But in some bookings, there is no sex. Its not what the client is looking for. These bookings happen more than you think. I dont work all that much but at least once a month i get a booking where no sex is required.


You may be asking - "If there is no sex, what do you do? Isn't it a waste of money?"


Clients who are not looking for sex, fall into many different categories. There's the married Gent who doesnt want intercourse, as that in his eyes is cheating... then there's the single Gent who hasn't had another human touch him, even for a cuddle, since his last sex worker visit, who just wants to massage me and chat and get touched and hugged... then there is the Gent who doesnt get off from intercourse, who only gets off on making a woman cum.. then theres the Gent who has a fetish for tickles... Then there is the Gent who is disabled in some way and physically cannot have sex and just likes female company....then theres the Gent who is lonely and just wants to sit and have a drink and have someone really listen to what he has to say.. i could go on and on.. all of them are different, all of them are unique, all of them have their reasons..


Do they think its a waste of money? Hell no! They got exactly what they were looking for, exactly what their soul needed to keep on chugging along in life, exactly what they needed to put that spring in their step :)


The reason im talking about this today, i saw a review on a punter forum. It was about a booking that happened where no sex took place. The client was very happy! He wrote a great review! He even said he would go back and see that lady again!!


He was charged a lower rate per hour than a full service rate. Some sex workers do this, (i personally do not, but i am in a lower price bracket to this example) and he was very happy about the lower rate he paid! I think it might have been half her normal rate!


The comments that followed this lovely review were... were... well they pissed me off! Punters making posts that seemed to in a way put the poor guy down!


"$250 PER HOUR what???!!! "


"$250 and no happy ending? Not even a hand job? I've never heard of this type of service before."


"nice review...but "


Well... reading those comments made me cranky!




Yes, you may go to see a sex worker because you want to fuck. You want dick in punani action!




Not everyone is like you!


Any reason you go to see a sex worker is YOUR OWN. It is your choice to have sex or not!


Please dont make someone else feel abnormal for requesting something that you yourself would never contemplate!


Most sex workers will say, "You pay me for time, not sex" and this is true. Each time we have a booking, the whole time we are with you, even if we physically arent "working" ie: having sex, we are still working by tuning ourselves into your world and devoting our time to making you happy.


I can tell you right now, for me, the sex part of the job is the easy bit! If i could just have sex and no other stuff, it would be a breeze! What is difficult sometimes is conversing with clients. It can be draining. Not with everyone, but some people can be mentally hard work.


Even without sex, while you spend time with us, we are thinking of you and only you, we are actually listening to what you say, we take an interest in what you are talking about, we sometimes even learn stuff from you! Do that a few times a day and we can end up emotionally drained!


You might see me as a quick fuck.. but some clients see me as a friend, a counsellor, a massage therapist, a life coach, a supportive ear.....


No sex = no problem.


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Fluffy Numbers


then theres the Gent who has a fetish for tickled.. you forgot to add, and cuddles!! LOL


I wonder who that is :P

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oo mad typo in there by me lol

Thanks for reading people!


I must edit that typo now before i forget :P

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Can I ask what forum? Those comments are by idiots IMO.


this one

Agreed :)

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Good post Holly.! Completely agree with you're comments and I am sure a lot of WL's feel the same way and would agree with you.!


Clients pay for the time regardless of what services that may include.!

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Funny you should write this now Holly, I have not been very horny lately ( too much work) and have been thinking I need to see my "therapist" for a great hour or preferably a weekend just chillin out and if sex happened ,great.

The part about "some clients see me as a friend" is so easy with HollyinAlbury even if you "are still working by tuning ourselves into your world".

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I get what your saying, one of the thing i enjoyed most about my session with Arianny was the cuddle and chat we had at the end.


Man i can't wait to see her again!

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The guy who reviewed is a lovely bloke. Others do not know him personally.

Each to his own Holly. The interaction is what you make it.

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It's not as crazy as it sounds. Some just want female company and to chat. I've often heard WLs refered to as naked psychologists or like therapists.


Not that I've had a no sex session but I do have the need to a have that closeness with a lady and be able to talk if I need to. The sort of therapy that you can't claim back on medical benefits.

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When I was away from 'home base' doing a training course and the instructor was a nasty bully and I wasn't having much fun, I went to a brothel still primary to have sex but it was also mainly just to engage with another human being on a social level because I was isolated at that current time. Also going to a sex worker for me isn't about just getting sex its getting sex without drama; two totally different things.

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Late read Holly but I am catching up. I read your comments with a smile on my face as you say we are all different. Me? Well i would see you for a slow fuck maybe some chat afterwards ha he but I need you to tour Qld!!?

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Also doing some catching up, but well put Holly, people need to be less judgemental of others, especially on a forum such as this. But so often people are "challenged" by others thoughts and actions because they are not very good at self-defining and they can lash out in response.

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