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2012 Review Index



Mattress Awards

My favorite accomplices for 2012 considered across a range of sex-related categories is now available here.


Shag Miles

A list of willing accomplices for 2012 including frequency and locations is now available here.


2013 Punting Objectives



6 January - Naughty Times (TS Dolly) - Feminine TS

My first punt for 2012 was with a pretty TS by the unusual name of Dolly. She was attractive in a cute way with quite a feminine face. All services were on offer.


17 January – Georgie’s Place (Martine) – MILF Trilogy – Part 1

After reading some good reviews of this lady and her doubles partner Georgia, I decided I would like to meet them each individually before embarking on my second doubles experience. Martine was first up and proved to be a very worthwhile experience.


25 January – Georgie’s Place (Georgia) – MILF Trilogy – Part 2

After reading some good reviews of this lady and her doubles partner Martine, I decided I would like to meet them each individually before embarking on my second doubles experience. Martine was first up and proved to be a very worthwhile experience and Georgia was second up and proved to be just as good.


31 January – Naughty Times (Kimberley) – GILF - A Shot In The Dark

Went to NT on the understanding there were a couple of BBWs there but it wasn't to be. Kimberley was full of personality and promised to be a lot of fun. This was probably my first GILF experience.


3 February – Ladies for Gentlemen (Rani) – Hot Babe

There was a review of Rani posted on the open forum on the Friday morning and it read so well by Friday evening I was in reconciliation with LFG. Rani was an excellent punt and I hope there will be many more punts with her.


13 February – Private Masseuse (Simply Bliss) – Fixed Me Up

Reviews of SB have flowed with regularity, both here at PP and previously at FAI. Having perceived them as R’n’T and not being an R’n’T fan, I admit, I never paid much attention. Things recently changed when I had lunch with a couple of PP mates and as you may expect, the discussion turned to punting. It was during one such conversation that I mentioned meeting SB at Christmas drinks and that she seemed very nice. It was after this remark that a very strong recommendation was made to check her out.


I sent SB a PM and after almost a week I'd long written it off when I received a positive response. After the slow initial contact, communications moved to text and was responsive and pleasant. The meeting was set and all that remained was to cool my heels until the time arrived. Meanwhile I checked out SB’s reviews. There were plenty and they were consistently good. So I’m wondering what I can add that has not already been said many times over.


21 February 2012 - Georgie's Place (Martine) - Passionate MILF - Take 2

Martine would have to be the kissing professor. Warm, soft lips with lots of tongue. Our mouths were continuously locked together for an unforgettably passionate pashing punt.


28 February 2012 - Moon Club (Tiffany) - Funny Girl

Tried to hook up with young Jenny in Melbourne on short notice but sadly she was otherwise engaged. After a string of fruitless calls to three or four parlours, I finally decided to head to the boon-docks of the South East. It was my first visit to Moon Club in Dandenong for a tipple of Tiffany.


2 March 2012 - Butterflys (Elly) - Awesome Elly - Lovely Young Japanese Girl

After a difficult week at work, got some good news on the way home and put in the mood for a punt. Butterfly’s was the closest option and I was feeling like some nice BBW talent. Receptionist said there were a couple of new babes, Candy was on and Pleasure was due at 6:30pm. I arrived at 6:30pm on the dot and Candy had gone home and Pleasure was running 20 to 30 min late. She said I only have Japanese girls, why don’t you meet them. OK! Met Elly first, didn’t notice the rest after that. She wanted $30 for DFK and DATY which at only $120 per 30 min didn’t phase me too much. She assured me DFK was just that. I asked about rimming and she said an extra $10. Then she said well I don’t know what it is so I shouldn't really charge for it.


13 March 2012 - Naughty Times (TS Jacinta) - We Both Like Fucking Women

I was trying to find a trannie to share with a WL who'd expressed an interest. It's easier said than done as most trannies aren't interested in girls. TS Jacinta was an exception to the rule being quite keen to do a threesome. We haven't executed the threesome yet but I suppose it's still possible.


20 March 2012 - Westminster Secrets (Tina) - Foreign Chick

Tina is a very beautiful, confident, BBW, Indian girl. She ticked all the boxes and was a pleasure to spend time with. Tina has a good sense of humour and is good in the sack. I'd say Tina is quite addictive.


23 March 2012 - Naughty Times (TS Julia) - The Name Put Me Off

Called in to Naughty Times to catch up with TS Dolly or TS Jacinta but to no avail. Agreed to spend 30 minutes with TS Julia. Julia is a tall, reasonable looking Asian who liked to be fucked.


2 April 2012 - Private Escort (TS Carmen) - Size Does Matter

Carmen had a "big" reputation if you get my drift. She lived up to the big reputation but sadly she never delivered on her promises in the services department. This was an extreme starfish experience.


4 May 2012 - Studio 54 (Emma) - Britain's Blow Job Baroness

It had been a long time since my last catch up with Emma, just on six months, in fact. After arranging things with her on email, we spent an hour together at Studio 54 for a trademark Emma experience.


2 May 2012 - Private Escort (Michael)

This was first time with a man and I suspect it will be my last. Don't read on if such things bother you. BTW, there was nothing at all wrong with Michael; it just wasn't my cup of tea.


9 May 2012 - Westminster Secrets (Chantal) - BBW MILF

This was an OK to average punt with a BBW MILF. It would have rated a lot higher if she'd been more honest about the services agreed to but not delivered.


20 June 2012 - Naughty Times (TS Meng Li) - Rather Disappointing

I've been hanging out to see TS Meng Li since reading warmnite's review back in April. I think this was a classic case of YMMV as sadly I didn't get the same reception warmnite experience. Never mind, there's always another TS fish in the sea.


18 July 2012 - Westminster Secrets (Jennifer) - Uninhibited Young Senorita

An unplanned punt turned out to be a very enjoyable one with the lovely Spanish Señorita with the incongruous pseudonym of Jennifer. This review is Round 1 with Jennifer which I’m sure will lead to a much more entertaining Round 2.


20 July 2012 - Le Boudoir (Isabella) - Sizzling Hot Italian Lover

After reading some inspiring reviews from Le Boudoir, especially of Isabella, I decided it was time to take the plunge and pay my first visit to this famous old brothel and to pay my respects to this highly recommended lady. I'm very, very glad I did, on both counts.


27 July 2012 - Le Boudoir (Isabella) - Insanely Good

After a stunningly good half hour with the lovely Isabella, there was no choice but to return, this time for an hour. She greeted me with "Hi, nice to see you again, you said you'd come back and you did." When we entered the room she said "We have unfinished business."


1 August 2012 - Westminster Secrets (Ally) - Dirty Old Man

An unplanned punt lead me to Westminster Secrets and to Ally for a fun, friendly, easy to enjoy punt with a pretty young girl next door who has one of the best hand techniques I've come across in a long while.


2 August 2012 - Westminster Secrets (Imogen) - Teen Working Lady

After seeing Imogen as I was leaving WS after a booking with Ally, I had to return. This was not my best punt.


6 August 2012 - Westminster Secrets (Jennifer) - Señorita Jennifer - Take 2

We'd exchanged many texts and a couple if phone calls since our last catch up. I'd mentioned in one of the texts that I enjoy DFK and not so much light kissing a la last time. She said she enjoyed it too. I made a booking for 45min for $155 which included no extra charges.


22 August 2012 - Le Boudoir (Davina) - Exotic and Fun

I'd been waiting to see this gal for months. It was only by a coincidence that it happened on this particular night. I'm glad to have stated with Davina and probably will again. The only let down was the light kissing, a waste of such lovely lips.


3 September 2012 – Private Escort (TS Natalie Sweet) – Sweet Thai Beauty

The minute I laid my eyes on her, my stomach flip flopped. I may have seen better looking women but never a better looking T-girl, she was incredible feminine. You would never pick her as anything but 100% woman.


14 September 2012 - Le Boudoir (Isabella) - Procrastinator

There's not a great deal to report as it could be summed up as being virtually identical to the time before, which was towards the latter part of July. Let me say this my interested, fellow-me-lads, that is exactly my point.


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