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27 July 2012 - Le Boudoir (Isabella) - Insanely Good




After a stunningly good half hour with the lovely Isabella last Friday week there was no choice but to return, this time for an hour. She greeted me with "Hi, nice to see you again, you said you'd come back and you did." When we entered the room she smiled with a cheeky grin and said "We have unfinished business."


As mention in the Round 1 review, Isabella is a very pretty, voluptuous, fiery, passionate Italian lady who loves to DFK. Her kissing style is outstanding. It's everything I'm looking for, continuous, warm and wet, full of tongue, lots of wet lips sliding over chin, cheeks, ears and nose, tongue sucking and tongue licking. Last week I actually had a slight bruise under my bottom lip from the extent of the passion in the kisses. She gives herself to the moment with complete abandon.


Isabella has a shaven pussy that gets very, very wet and she loves to receive cunnilingus. She is an orgasmic and demonstrative lady who is comfortable to assist with the navigation.


"A little firmer, to your left, up, up, slowly, yes that it, oh yes. Don't stop, oh god, yes, yes. That's it push it in, further, further, ohhh god, aaaahhhhhhh."


You get the general gist, it's very exciting to receive such commands. I was thinking at the finale that the neighbors were going to complain.


Isabella has a fabulous style of giving oral sex. She licked my nuts for ages as I moaned with pleasure. Her eyes were locked on mine. She then licked along the shaft and rubbed my cock over her lips and face. It was an extremely hot visual. Then more ball work and the she repeated the cycle.


Isabella has a wonderfully curvy and delicious bottom and she genuinely loves to receive anilingus. Like last time I rolled her over and gave a solid rimming. Then I started gentle push my finger into her anus. It started to make headway as Isabella assisted the entry. Then more commands.


"Push harder, more, push it in, right in, oh yes, yes, yes, harder, ohh god, spank me, harder, again, harder, again, again, yes, aaaaahhhhhhg." I thought the neighbors were going to complain again.


Isabella is an outgoing and generous lover with a skillful tongue and she loves to give anilingus. Unlike last time when we ran out of time, Isabella returned the favour and gave as good as she got. It is something I've enjoyed a few times but not a large number of times. It felt very tickly and pleasant and I would certain be up for it again.


Isabella is a warm, cuddly person whose pretty face is a joy to look at as we shagged. Isabella loves to be fucked. She's either very orgasmic or a damn good actor. The race to the finish line was a very energetic missionary style shag with legs together until be both collapsed in a sweaty mess after the buzzer. We cuddled in silence for a while as our breathing returned to normal.


All in all, a truly awesome, full on hour of steamy sex with a really pretty, generous, passionate and skillful lover.



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