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Melbourne Colosseum - August 2010 - Anita



I had discovered I was going to be in Melbourne, and wanting to try somewhere new, I shot Steelmaster a quick email, asking if he had a reccomendation for the MC. Not only did he come through with a list of lovlies, he also met me there and introduced me the Michael the manager.


It was a wierd experience, sitting out the back, enjoying a coffee, and discussing the events of the last couple of months. Every so often the girls would be called for an introduction, and as they wandered past, I was given the run down of each. There are some very fine specimens on offer at the MC.


The time had come to make a decision, and I chose Anita, for 1 hour at $200.00 even. She is an absolute hunny, but a wee slip of a lass. Thai, 5'4 - 5'5, with an awesome tight, toned body, probably around a size 6. Her shoulder length black hair, and soft caramel skin, and C - D cup natural breasts rounded out the overall package.


I was shown into room 5, and must say this place is one of the nicest places I have ever been in. Massive bed, huge shower, with great water pressure, and very generous room sizes.


After the cursory shower, Anita returned and we adjourned to the bed for a little getting to know each other activities. Anita, has the most magnificent body, a very slight frame, with wonderful soft skin, and a smile that would melt even the hardest of hearts. The only drawback to the whole booking was that only light kissing was allowed. Gentle caressing, lead to her performing some very good nipple work. roaming hands soon found what they were looking for, she found me, and my fingers found the building wetness between her legs. A little more of this, and it was time to cover up, and recieve a very good CBJ. Her techique was rather good, the right amount of pressure and speed, and it wasn't long before that all to familiar sensation started to creep in.


Fortunately, Anita slowed down, before switching to cowgirl. The sight of this tiny thing, straddling my waist, while slowing lowering herself onto my cock was devine. Slowly, she started to build up the momentum, and it wasn't long before she had her hands planted firmly on my chest, humping and grinding for all she was worth. The sensation and feeling was wonderful, the sound of our 2 bodies smacking against each other filled the room. I was fondling and playing with her nipples, running my hands over her ample breasts, before the inevitable happened.


After a quick clean up, she offered me a massage, which I was happy to recieve. By her own admission, she has only picked it up from getting massages herself, but it was good. She worked the shoulders and back, took the time to work out a knot I had, and generally had me feeling blissfully content, to the point I could have nodded off.


With the massage out of the way, it was on to round 2. Some more nibbling, kissing, nipple sucking, and general fondling, had me up and ready to go again.


On with the rubber, before another good CBJ. This went on for a little, before we changed possition. This time is was missionery, slipping in, and slowly starting to pump away, she was biting her bottom lip, we made and held eye contact. Looking at each other, enjoying all the sensations. She was drawing her legs back, allowing me more access, I was kissing her neck, sucking her earlobes........... it was exquisite.

This continued on until I came for the second time.


With that the phone rang, and our time together was over. Into the shower, for a quick scrub, and back to the real world.


Anita could prove to be addictive.


Would I see her again: Absolutely. This may have been my first visit to the Collesseum, but having seen some of the other fine ladies on offer, it definitely won't be the last.


SM, thanks for today, you went above and beyond. It was a pleasure to have met you, and to put a face to the name. I look forward to the next time we can share a coffee and chat.

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Thanks for that great review stampede . I agree The Collesseum is a top venue with some very nice Asia ladies. I have visited there twice on trips to Melbourne & on both occassions have had excellent service at a very competetive price. Unfortunately I can't recall the ladies names but can their stunning looks. On the last occassion I hooked up with a young uni student down from Sydney , she was exceptional & we both had a great time. Will continue my visits when time permits!



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