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La Casa de Nana - 26/10/05 - Natalia



As promised, here's my review on Natalia. As I came to observe later, Natalia is a very busy girl since her door remains closed a lot. She's early twenties, dark brown hair with highlights, brown eyes, olive complexion. She's slim yet with great curves in the all the right places. She must be a natural D cup (very nice breasts) and has a bubble bum.


She's a single mum and comes from a country town in central Uruguay. You can tell that sort of innocent charm that country town people often shows all over the world. She's very friendly also in a direct way; you can see that she's quite sincere.


After walking around the place and looking inside the open doors, I came across her. She said hi and after that she practically did not let go of me. I asked her the prices and she quoted from 250 pesos (US $10) for straight sex, 300 pesos for sex and oral ("con oficio") and 400 pesos for sex, oral and greek ("completo"). Then, I don't know if she saw the surprise on my face for those prices, she quoted 700 pesos for half hour (where "completo" also applies).


Now, let me tell you that erotism in this culture revolves around the female butt. You see round fleshy bums everywhere, in magazines, in TV ads, absolutely everywhere... breasts come a distant second! So, these girls cater for that taste with great naturality. Another funny thing that makes you think about things we take for granted in Australia, is the name they give to anal sex: "completo" (complete). While in Oz, in a very insular fashion, all forms of sex which deviate from straight vaginal sex, takes a foreign name (Greek, French, Spanish) as something that only those "deviants" in continental Europe do in a frequent basis, in Uruguay you haven't had full sex until you haven ́t had anal sex... and here, the male gives and the female receives, end of story... get it the way around and you'll be called a queer.


So, when in Rome, do as the Romans... and in all honesty, what the Romans do comes only naturally to me. So, here's how things happened.


As soon as I agree on half hour and stepped in, Natalia asked me if I wanted a drink. I answered that I wanted a soft drink, thinking that was on the house. Then she asked me if I would buy her one... oops, drinks are not on the house... too late to say no. She called the bar and they brought my soft drink and some strawberry cocktail for her. The total price: 160 pesos (hey... that's about a whopping US $8 sum!)... okay, that's still peanuts for oz standards but if you consider that my soft drink would be slightly more than US $1 at a bar, that's quite expensive for their standards. Also notice how sex, in relation to other things, is dirt cheap. You can have sex and oral for the same price that the taxi will charge you for taking you there and back.


As I said originally, no shower required here. We undressed and Natalia started with a bit of foreplay, thrusting her pubis against my yet uncovered penis. Natalie responded well to some soft kissing but not DFK on offer. Then she put on a (rather thick) condom and off she went with some oral. She certainly knew her job and if it wasn't for the thick condom I could have come right then. After a while, we started with some doggy action until she asked me if I wanted to put it into the other orifice. I wouldn't refuse and as I was ready for her to reach for some lube, I realised that wasn't in her plans... ouch, okay her bum not mine I thought. After a little while, I noticed that Natalia's little hole, despite being tight, has become a sort of second vagina. She was able to move and squeeze me all the way. I'm sure it did not hurt her but couldn't help feeling a bit naughty doing that without any lube (other than the bit that comes with the condom). After a while I couldn't hold it any longer and I came. She showed me to the sink to wash myself and noticed that she was arranging the bed. The 30 minutes were about to expire in all likehood anyway. We had a bit of a chat as I got dressed (I'm generally slow at it) and then she kissed me goodbye.


If I was living here I would certainly see her again but since I'm on holidays I'm exploring instead. Tomorrow I'll bring you my review on Ximena. Stay tuned for more.

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