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February 2012 - Westminster Secrets (Tina) - Foreign Chick



A phone call to WS at lunch time revealed they had just the sort of girl I was looking for on the roster. I arrived at 6pm and four ladies intro'd.


First was a very pretty, mature, cuddly lady called Chantelle who was tempting but she sounded bossy.


Second was Rhiannon. I'd forgotten how damn gorgeous she is. Almost booked her on the spot but the temptation of Tina kept me from it.


Next was a tall slim lady with a pretty smile called Silvia.


Finally, Tina entered the room, and my imagination. She strolled in with hand outstretched and spoke in a confident voice. I gladly took her hand.


"Hi I'm Tina, what's your name."




"I give a very passionate service blah, blah, blah, do you have any questions?"




"Yes, that's fine, I enjoy kissing. Any more questions?"




"Yes, that's OK, I love that."


It was like she was trying to rush off so I kept hold of her hand until we'd finished the discussion and I still wanted to get her thoughts on rimming.



"Um, arhhh, oooo"


"Come on, you can do it."


"Ooo, arrrhhh, ooo, OooOK"


"Good girl."


The receptionist returned and asked who I'd picked and how long I wanted to stay. I said Tina and an hour would great but I better check my wallet. Better make it 45 minutes for which she requested $155. I had a strong gut feeling this was going to be awesome.

I waited just outside reception for Tina to reappear and when she did, we headed upstairs. She was quite talkative and bubbly.


She was rather height challenged emphasising her cuddly appearance. Tina was a 23 year old lass of Indian ethnicity with very lovely, dark, clove-coloured skin. Her face was beautiful with a big smile showing her white teeth and was enhanced by a large, bright red bottom lip. When she smiled it made you want to smile. This girl was just lovely. I'm sure her body shape is not to the liking of the more slender woman connesiur but I thought she was gorgeous. According to the receptionist, she was dress size 14 to 16 and her dress was very well suited to showing off her womanly curves. Her breasts were massive.


I was laying on the bed on my back when Tina took off her dress and sat beside me in her bra and panties. She leaned over and traced my nipples as we started a getting to know you chat. I was enjoying watching her talk, she was so pretty. Her red lips moving with flashes of bright white teeth and that beautiful dark skin with a constant happy smile. She spoke with a smile on her lips.


She was leaning on her right arm looking towards me and I was half on my side facing and slightly below her. As she spoke she moved her hand from my chest down to flexi and began a gentle rubbing. Then without warning she introduced our first kiss. It was gentle and with a closed mouth but I could feel the fullness of her bottom lip. As we loosened up her kisses warmed.


In one moment it suddenly struck how similar Tina was in almost every way to the lovely Rani at Ladies for Gentlemen - review to be posted sometime but there's a draft in my blog if you're interested.


I helped release her bra and started to handle her very large but quite firm breasts. I loved her breasts and huge nipples. After I had enjoyed both sides I moved down to her pussy. While removing her panties I got side tracked at her feet and stayed long enough to give her right foot a thorough tongue massage. I licked her toes and nuzzled her instep and ankle and kissed her silky smooth calf, her knee and then slowly licked from her knee to her pussy along her dark inner thigh.


I worked my arms under her buttocks to lift her pussy up for easier access. I set to work on her clit which started to bring some little responses. I moved down a little and could feel the opening with the tip of my tongue and could feel that delightful slippery wetness we crave. I eased my tongue into her and she seemed to enjoy this particular activity more so than the clit action.


Tina said it was my turn to sit back and relax. She whacked on a rubber and started sucking as she kneeled perpendicular to my body. I'm sure she had this move worked out. The vision of her dark, curvy body and the accessibility of her breasts and pussy was perfect. The blow job started off a little nondescript but improved as she hit her stride. All of a suddenly, of her own volition, Tina stopped sucking and jumped into CG. Again the vision was magnificent, her face, her kisses and her wonderful large breasts in my face. However, I knew I wasn't going to get over the line in this position.


Eventually, I invited her to lie on her back for some mish. It was feeling pretty good but I asked if she would like to close her legs and she agreed. I kissed her cheek and ears. She bit my chin with her lips and I returned the favour. I then bit her nose with my lips and she returned the favour.


Tina seemed to be enjoying the sex. She was pushing off the wall behind the bed to get purchase. Maybe she wasn't enjoying it, I'm never sure when they do that. I could feel myself getting close. With her arms up she unknowingly exposed her arm pits. Like a red rag to a bull, I have a little fetish for nicely shaved arm pits. As I was getting very close to cuming, I leaned forward and started to vigorously lick and suck her left armpit. Her response was surprising. The armpit stimulation seemed to be the catalyst to get her over the line. The combination of the fetish, the sounds of release from Tina and the stimulation of mish with legs together brought on a powerful finish.


"Are you a forum chick?"


"Yes, can't you tell?"


"What do you mean? How could I tell?"


"Well isn't it obvious? My father was Indian."






"I just asked if you do the online forums, are you a forum chick?"


"Ohh, lol, lol, I thought you asked if I was a foreign chick."




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