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Private Escort - April 2012 (TS Carmen) - Size Does Matter




Gentlemen, this is a chapter in the ongoing tale of my continuing search for the perfect transsexual experience.


Carmen advertises on a number of TS escort advertising sites, the one I saw first was this which had a link to her web site. I gave her a call and spelled out quite clearly what I had in mind. I usually find that being very clear at the outset makes it look like you know what you’re doing (even if you don’t) and more unlikely to put up with any horse shit at the time. Our thoughts were aligned on DFK, rimming, mutual oral including natural oral to completion on her. I maintain that I was extremely clear on these points.


When I first clapped eyes on her I couldn’t believe what I was looking at. She was at least 6’6” tall, maybe 6’8” even though that is not what her web site says. I mumbled something lame about being tall and then thought I better stop talking until I’d gathered my thoughts. She was slim and blonde with quite a pretty face and generous bright-red lips.


We shared some alchopop G&T while she had a fag or two. After quite a long chat about TS and punting related topics, I got up and started to undress, she followed suite. I stripped completely except for a towel but for some reason Carmen left on her knickers and t-shirt.


I’m not particularly tall, being about 6’ but I’ve never kissed anyone taller than myself before. It felt weird stretching up instead of bending down. It felt intimidating actually. Not that the kisses were the least bit passionate or interesting. This was possibly the most disappointing (dishonest thing No 1) part of the booking. We laid on the bed and I tried to engage her again but again I was fobbed off. I know when I’m beaten so I looked for more fertile pickings.


She exposed the tool that I had been looking forward to, while she was still wearing her underwear. I was initially surprised, it looked quite normal but I’d read it was supposed to be huge (oh well typical trannie advertising hype or so I thought). As I started to caress and suck it, it started to expand to something quite spectacular. I was wondering when it was going to stabilise. It was more grandiose than any cock I’d ever seen before in life, but that’s coming off a pretty low base TBH .


I gave it my best effort for probably 30 minutes and it stayed up but it never reached the agreed target. I reckon you can tell when someone is deliberately holding back so IMO this was dishonesty thing No 2. I was starting to get tired, mentally and physically (and hungry for my dinner). It was harder work than usual due to the thickness. It felt really good to play with by hand but I'm not sure I enjoyed it orally as much as a more typical sized one.


With a desperate feigned (IMO) display of frustration and disappointment Carmen said "Oh, I'm sorry, it's just not going to happen".


I laid back on my back on the bed, naively expecting something to be forthcoming. Nothing was. Nothing at all, so I did it myself but was so unexcited by the whole thing, that I lost my erection.


Called it quits at that point. Showered, dressed and paid the money, not that it was deserved.


Would I see Carmen again. No it was too much of an SFE! The bright side of a wasted punt is it recalibrates the appreciation of the good times.




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