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March 2012 - Naughty Times (TS Julia) - The Name Put Me Off




Called in to NT for the intros but only the one TS on deck. It was Julia, who I’d met in an intro a week or so ago. Last time it was her first shift and she was extremely nervous but now she had settled down. After a few clarifying points I decided on Julia for 30min for $155. Like others have said, its expensive but what can you do.


Julia is an Asian of medium height and shape with small natural??? breasts. I’d say she’d be in her early thirties with a pretty enough face. Her least attractive feature IMO was that some of her teeth are quite crowded/crooked a feature that is a sign of beauty in Japan I believe. She also boasted a very small uncircumcised penis which she had a name for but I can’t recall what it was. Seemed funny at the time that you’d name your dick.


Started with her instigating a CBJ which was nothing to write home about but it was OK. I then tried to return the favour without rubber and without success. I don’t think Julia was able to rise to the occasion during the entire booking which is kind of a big disappointment. We continued with some light kissing which bordered on getting decent but never really got passionate. She then asked if I’d like to shag her and since nothing else was particularly doing it for me, I agreed. I rarely do this activity in a TS booking, not because I don’t like it but there’s one obvious reason for seeing a TS instead of a WL and that obvious differentiating factor and what usually what gets my attention. In this case that side of it wasn't doing anything for me so I thought I may as well enjoy a shag.


It was interesting that Julia laid on her back and lifted her legs so I was able to do it in an almost mish-like position. This was actually really good as we could engage in some kissing throughout the act. Still lacking passion but at least it was continuous and open mouthed.


All in all I found the experience a little disappointing and Julia’s personality slightly annoying. I doubt I’d pay a return visit.



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this place is sadly a retirement village for very old warn out transexuals.


staff are pushy to fuck them-so sad


they should bull doz or shut this place down for what it is "C--p"


Just imagine fuckin your 90 year grand dad-that sums this place up

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