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January 2012 - Naughty Times (Kimberley) - GILF - A Shot In The Dark




The Motivation

The only motivation I would admit to, for going to NT is to check out the trannies.


The Establishment

This place has great historic value. It was the genesis of the well known phrase "This joint looks like a fucking brothel." Fortunately, inside is better than out. No EFTPOS fee is a winner


The Intros

I attended NT to see three people, TS Nadia a honey pot high on my "To Do" list and two BBWs, all of whom the receptionist assured me were on. By the time I arrived, TS Nadia wasn't on, that's the second time that's happened and the BBWs weren't really BBWs just curvy MILFs.


The Chosen Accomplice

I picked Kimberley mainly based on personality and services offered. She was bubbly and sounded like someone who was well grounded and knew how to relax and have some fun. She wasn't very high on the attractive meter and was very mature.



Included in the set fee she offered DFK, BJ, DATY and bidirectional rimming.


The Encounter

As above



OK punt despite initially masquerading as a BBW. I probably wouldn't see her again despite the superb BJTC, she's just not pretty enough, and yes I'm a shallow bastard.



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