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August 2010 - Ladies for Gentlemen (Tiffany) - Gorgeous New LFG Babe




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I rang LFG and the receptionist said Charlotte and Monique would still be in from the day shift and Tiffany would be arriving at 6pm. I explained that I didn't know Tiffany and would appreciate a description. She told me she was 23 yo, size 10 and busty with mousy blond hair, very pretty and provides a very friendly service. What else did I need to know.



I booked on the basis of the receptionist's description for 30 minutes for $70 - what a ripper it was my first FF 11th booking bonus. Haha, it took over 60 bookings at LFG to get to this point, so don't be like me and forget to get your card ticked. In terms of descriptions, I've found the receptionists to be quite reliable and helpful and I've learned I can trust their recommendations.


When Tiff walked through the door I was pleased to see Rita's description was fair and reasonable. Tiffany took me to the green room, a large bedroom with two double beds and a large ensuite. Tiff seemed shy initially and I was starting to worry that we hadn't discussed DFK or DATY. Have faith I said to myself, has this joint ever let you down. She left me to shower.



In addition to the description in the intro, the following is how I remember Tiff. Medium height with hair slightly darker than mousy. Gorgeous, tight body with a flat tummy but she wasn't scrawny. Undoubtedly the best tits I've seen in ages, good size, very, very perky and the sweetest nipples. Model calibre tits. Tiff has a BB stud, a tongue stud, a small tattoo on her hip and is smooth down below. Speaking of which, it was a lovely pussy, just the way I like them. To my taste, this babe has the perfect body.


Personality wise, Tiffany is quite like Charlotte. A youthful exuberance and almost an innocence that hasn't become jaded. Easy going. Easy to laugh.


Main Course

As I was finishing up in the ensuite, I heard a shuffling in the bedroom. When I re-entered, Tiff was kneeling on the bed in a set of tasteful black nickers with matching bra and a see-through black, lacy bed jacket. She looked really sexy and really gorgeous. She patted the bed where I was to take my spot. Shy my arse. "What do you like?" she asked and before I could answer we were in a passionate embrace that lasted for about a third the booking. Such soft, melting lips only come along occasionally and it's not skill, it's genes. I was laying on top of her and was in seventh heaven. I had my left hand under her head and my right under her back while her hands were locked around my neck as she rubbed my head and run her fingers through my hair, very GFE.


We eventually moved to 69 where she provided a better than average CBJ, good pressure and depth with a lot of squeezy hand work. Almost as good as a CBJ can get. Tiff was very, very wet. She didn't get off on my DATY but made lots of gentle, sexy sounds as I explored her fully with fingers and tongue. I had to ask her to stop the BJ as the vinegar stroke was approaching.


I jumped on her in mish with her legs apart and lifted with her hands under her knees. The old fella was showing signs of wear and tear for some reason, hasn't done that for a while. There was certainly nothing negative about Tiff that caused it. A few moment of slow, gentle kissing and he was serviceable again if not a little half-hearted. We migrated to mish with legs together, probably my fav position. This didn't last long, with the intensity of the DFK and that tongue stud tickling, it was over all too soon.


A few minutes left to chat, I'm thinking it couldn't get any better when I found out this lovely girl was a Cats supported. The remaining moments flew like a premiership flag on a Skilled Stadium flag pole.



This young lady has a very pretty, very cute, young face, delightful body and pleasant nature. She provides perfect, passionate kisses, skillful CBJ, great sex, went along with everything and, and she's a Geelong supporter.


Ok, to be honest, her fav is rugby and Melbourne Storm but that's not to take anything away from the fact she's still a Cat gal. I'll be going back for some more of Tiffany asap.


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