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July 2010 - Ladies for Gentlemen (Charlotte) - A Year On




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Charlotte was my first ever review (at another time and place) back about April last year. I'd seen her three times before that review and since then have remembered her quite fondly. Coincidently, she's my first review in this brave new world of Punter Planet.



I rang up LFG to see who was working and there was Charlotte, Wendy (a mature, slim blonde) and Monique (a mature, slim brunette - review pending). I booked Charlotte for 30 minutes for $140. I was finally going to see her again after so long and so many failed attempts, it was an exciting prospect.


As we met, there seemed to be a slight glimmer of recognition, she seemed to like that I remembered she was a student and recalled the nature of her study. She quickly became very chatty about her activities over the past year. Being mindful that we only had 30 minutes I moved to silence her.



Charlotte is a pleasant looking young lady in her mid twenties, without being stunning. She actually reminded me of Emma, recently of LFG. If her tits were much bigger I'd believe it was Emma. She's has that pretty GND look. She'd be about 165cm tall with long, dark, curly hair and very Aussie. I'd say a generous size 10 or even 12 with pleasing c-cup breasts. She sports a very modest tattoo, no piercings anymore and she's trimmed but not shaven.


Main Course

It began with some great kissing, my recollection of this aspect was justified. Her unrushed kisses were full of tongue which she's quite happy to receive as well as give. We continued on with all the required activities, BJ (C unfortunately - I suspect this would be non-negotiable) which was OK, 69, responsive DATY and to use the phrase of a colleague, a little queening.


The sex was in missionary and was very pleasant given the constant DFK. We actually finished ahead of the buzzer and chatted some more about various stuff.



On balance, I believe Charlotte is a great value and very pleasant punt without being earth shatteringly beautiful or skillful. I plan to see her again but there's a "To Do" list to deal with before that happens.


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