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Things I've Often Wondered



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I've often wondered why someone hasn't invented the detachable bush.


I've often wondered what would it be like to give yourself a blowjob.


I've often wondered how much does a girls orgasm to a girl feel like a boys orgasm to a boy?


I've often wondered how would a pair of elephants do a sixty-niner.

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Ok let me say a couple of things then!! without offending /not trying to be insaulting or sounding like any of these thing make me in any way way a better or worse person then others


#1 that video I'm sorry to say was not that good at all. Sorry but that's my opinion.. was not that good,


#2 yes while I admit asain girls & verging pussys r very tight, they ain't hot nothing on me I'm not just tight but I do also have insane muscles which may also be located inthese areas; p)) & basically

These muscles manage to literally squeeze very tightly & hang on to every inch & instead of me becoming looser as I continue, it intact keeps getting tighter the entire time & if I go a second or 3rd round with a client i never fail to be stop being tight & if i reach orgasm well then ull deffenantly feel me slam on the breaks. Sometimes tho while I can have /I can, start this party to early for both of us oops so I guess u could say I'm not for the faint hatred & some men can't handle the heat in my kitchen while others others may be up for this challenge & others I guess think they but learn an expensive lession I would stay away however if your a vergin stay away u have a heart attack first befor u lost ur verginity so dead & vergin = no honey

#3it's kind of hard to explain although some of these factors make up some of mine & my clients experience. I prob can tell you all of my little querks girls gotta keep a few aces up her sleeve & some other ones r just for my personia life;0))

Ne hoo.. not disagreeing about the gspot m&f these balls etc there r plenty of places on a man that r no wear near there private area although hav just as good of an affect on that particular zone there may be some trick you would not know of & yes to me is just like pressing a few buttons.. & if you know were those nerves & pressure points & where to locate them these areas need to to be stimulated & teased first to create way more feeling & sensitivity not just in a clients pants but so the entire body can feel this way then when climax is reached, a girl can create a really bad effect on PP;)) haha gotta love it..

So maby these can make up a couple of thing

it is not even really just having these few things aloe

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