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March 2012 - Butterflys (Elly) Awesome Elly - Lovely Young Japanese Girl




Elly is slim but not overly. She was a very pleasant, young lady and genuinely Japanese. Long thick black hair. Beautiful face. Little breast with nice brown, pointy nipples. Happy to lie there and DFK as long as you want. DATY was responsive and seemed quite genuinely enjoyed.


Her normal life is in Sydney as a uni student and she visits Melbourne as WL two times or one time per month.


A CBJ like I’ve not had before. The pressure was so light at the start I almost asked her to beef it up but I was enjoying the view so much I let it go. It built like I wouldn’t believe. Your response to it may vary but I loved it.


She’d never been rimmed before but enjoyed the experience and made little responsive sounds all the time. She was quite shy about it. I washed my face and gargled Listerine after rimming so she wasn’t put off kissing.


We DFKed in mish to completion about 2 min after the buzzer. She even said thanks for being gentle.


Her personality was very warm and friendly and she was genuinely very funny and bubbly, a really lovely young student. She like to sing in the shower.


I started calling her Awesome Elly and she thought it was cute.


I definitely hope to see her again.



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