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Private Masseuse - February 2012 - Simply Bliss - Fixed Me Up



Sorry for the lateness of this review, I’ve been slack lately. I’m quite nervous posting again after the long break.


After being shown into the massage room I was invited to disrobe and take a position on the massage table face down. A towel was made available should my modesty get the better of me. I stripped off, lifted myself on to the massage table, discarded the towel and started to get into a tranquil frame of mind aided by that type of music you’d find for sale at the ABC Shop. SB gave a little knock at the door then came back into the room.


“Lol, you need to turn around” she said.


I could have sworn she said face down but I wasn’t there for a debate. :P


“Lol, no! Put you head this end and your feet that end.”


“Ohh, OK, that makes more sense, now there’s a breathing hole you usually find in a professional massage table.“


SB asked if I had any questions or concerns so I explained my lower back was stuffed from a heavy weekend and she may need to be gentle. She acknowledged and set to work.


The warmth of the oil felt very soothing. SB worked my lower back with her forearm (I think it was, I couldn’t actually see) and it caused an odd, combination of pain and tickling. Not painful enough to ask her to stop but too tickly not to react. This went on for some time as SB worked the warm oil into my back, shoulders, legs, feet, thighs and buttocks. The latter was a gentle reminder that I was a sexual being. Gentle, gliding strokes with soft hands and warm oil morphed to a tracing of the finger tips, it was all extremely personal and sensual.


About a third to half way through the hour, it was time to roll over. A similar type of treatment was applied to the front. Warm oil, slippery hands and a beaming smile on SB’s face every time I let out a groan of pleasure as she hit a sensitive spot on my oily body. All the while her more than ample and very attractive rack was in my personal space. I noticed there was more variety on the front. Still the same slippery, sensual, warm oil but more handiwork in a way that was designed to increase tension then let it subside, over and over and over again. It felt terrific until I reached a point where it just wouldn’t subside. Even then, SB was able to keep the right amount of torque applied in exactly the right way to prolong the pleasant feeling.


All in all it was a very worthwhile experience which I hope to repeat. The combination of oil, pressure, tension, delay, tease and ultimately relaxation was quite unique and very pleasurable. It helped my crook back too. :D

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I'll never forget my time with SB til the day I die! Shes the best RnT I ever had.

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