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Past Reviews 2008



I am in the process of transferring all my review to one place (a bigger job than I had envisaged). Would like to get my shed reviews, but may not be possible


Early May 2008 My first punt(s) with Lucy Blake then Lucy and Chantal and finally Lucy by herself again. A most eventful 2 days. It is quite interesting to see the changes in style evolving as the reviews did continue past the first one


This is my first and possibly only review, I had never seen a WL before. I often wondered why people wrote reviews, but now I know. When something wonderful/exciting/extraordinary happens, one feels the urge to share it, but who to share it with? I came across Lucy's blog by chance while googling something completely different. I was captivated by the Blog, with its wit, charm and passion. The blog led me to her website, and the website to SDU.


I lurked for a while, and then, for a variety off reasons which I have discussed with Lucy, decided that I would like to experience the full "Lucy Blake Experience". I sent a few emails (a few too many I'm sure) . Lucy graciously answered most of them with very extensive and thoughtful replies, which I now find even more amazing now that I have met her and have seen how busy with various aspects of her life she really is. I was going to be in Sydney for a few days, and so arranged an outcall with Lucy on one night and then a longer incall for the following night. As this had all been arranged some time in advance, I noticed that the full Lucy Blake experience now included a double with Chantal! I thought for a while, checked my finances, made a call to Lucy and soon Chantal was going to join us for the second half of our first adventure.



As the date drew closer, I was plagued by conflicting emotions, but lust seems to overcome most things including conscience and guilt. I arrived in Sydney the night before and managed to find time to arrange for roses for the ladies, red for Lucy and pink for Chantal. Champaigne was on ice and other provisions were available. Lucy called when she arrived at the hotel and I went down to meet her (hotel security). There was some confusion, I was expecting wavy hair, and that night it was straight. We made contact and returned to my room. Lucy has an amazing knack of making one feel at ease. I shall not go into explicit details, as I am old enough to still believe that a Gentleman does not kiss and tell. Suffice it to say that Lucy and I filled in the time with kissing, undressing, rearranging the furniture to make better use of the mirror and then body sliding.


Chantal rang to say she had arrived while Lucy was still busy, and so had to wait a little while. Lucy quickly got dressed and went down to escort Chantal up to the room. What can one say about Chantal, those of you who have met her know that she is a gorgeous young woman who exudes her sexuality. She had 'forgotten' to wear underwear, which was immediately apparent when she fell back on the couch, a nice touch, which I certainly appreciated. Chantal formally introduced me to her assets while Lucy popped into the shower. Chantal and I were getting very well acquainted when Lucy returned and joined in. Explicit details are unnecessary except to say that Chantal is very vocal and at one stage I vaguely remember thinking that I hoped the people in the next room would not complain! My only problem was that I found it difficult to concentrate on those two wonderful ladies at the same time. When we had a break for Champagne and nibbles, it was quite a surreal experience to be lying on the bed naked, gently fondling two absolutely gorgeous naked women, chatting about a variety of things. After we all recovered, I made a suggestion which was readily accepted and we started again. Nothing was hurried and we went overtime with no problems. I believe meeting Lucy and Chantal, for a double as an incall may be a little different, and I would be keen to try this at a later date.


The next day I went to Lucy's new apartment, and it was as if we were old friends, we talked for ages about a variety of things while kissing and fondling. we eventually made it to the bedroom taking wine and nibbles to sustain us. Lucy introduced me to her toys and demonstrated the advantages of restraints for both of us.

The one thing that I shall always remember was during rest breaks, Lucy would throw on a jacket and go onto the balcony, and coming back in with very cold bagina and bottom. (Lucy does have a divine bottom!)When we had finished, I realised I had overstayed my time by a considerable period of time, but at no stage did I feel pressured or rushed. I had a shower and we said a very long and lingering goodbye which involved a lot of bottom fondling and kissing. I am sure

Lucy is not for everyone, but for me, the total GFE was what I needed. The interlude with Chantal as well as was extraodinary, and something I would love to repeat.


Late May 2008 Blaise

After reading the reviews of Blaise, I decided that I had to meet her. We exchanged a few emails, discussing possible dates. An opportunity appeared and Blaise and I were set to meet. I decided on a three hour meeting for maximum unhurried enjoyment, and I am glad that I did.

Blaise is delightful, friendly and appears to love what she does!

When she arrived at my door, I immediately decided that her pictures did not do her justice. she came in, gave me a peck on the lips and sat on the couch while I poured the wine. We sat for a while, chatting like old friends, with a little rubbing of her leg on mine. Shortly after we were locked in an embrace and exploring each others mouths. This lady certainly knows how to kiss and was happy to let me know what she liked as my hands began wandering. At this stage we almost lost the glasses as she moved her legs across the table to allow me greater access.

The first of many episodes of DATY followed, and she really loves to offer encouragement More kissing and wandering hands before we retired to the bedroom.

The rest of our time (and overtime) passed amazingly quickly, lots more DATY, CBJ, different positions and finally completion.

Would I see her again? you bet! I have already made a booking


Aug 2008 My first foray into overseas punting:

While visiting Glasgow, I had not planned to visit a WL, but the opportunity presented itself and I arranged to meet Laura Lee (http://www.laura.69d.uk.com/). There are lots of European girls who advertise in Glasgow, but being in Scotland, who better to see than a true Celtic Maiden. Particularly one who said she was extremely fond of DATY.

A time was arranged, but her apartment is in a new area that wasn't on the taxi GPS so there was a little difficulty finding the address.

Finally I was in the right place and climbed the 3 flights of stairs to the apartment and I met Laura a very attractive and 30 something lady who was very friendly, and had a delightful celtic accent. She showed me into her room and the only negative aspect was the very small size of the room (and there was someone else in another room of the apartment). We had a chat and a kiss sitting on the side of the bed. Laura suggested I shower while she changed into her working clothes.

When I came back form the shower, Laura met me wearing some attractive lingerie. We then retired to the bed and she introduced me to her assets. She had lovely breasts, just over 1 BSH (British Standard Hand), with incredibly sensitive and responsive nipples. They enjoy attention, although the left is a little more sensitive than the right!

I eventually moved on to DATY, which I love doing on a woman who appreciates it, and Laura certainly did, a number of times. Laura was incredibly responsive and gushed with some G-spot stimulation added to the DATY

Laura offered to go down on me to reciprocate, and she surprised me with a BBBJ, which I wasn't expecting as she had said she only practiced covered sex. However she explained that she meant covered penetrative sex, "and after what I had done for her, it seemed only fair". We then moved to 69, and I had to ask her to stop because I was getting very close, and definitely wanted to finish inside this lovely lady.

We continued with cowgirl, doggy with some cuddling in-between, and finally Mish to completion. A quick clean up and then cuddling and chatting until the end of our time. I was the one who pointed out that our time was nearly up, as she was quite happy to continue cuddling.

Time 2 hrs

Cost ::240 pounds

Would I go back: certainly


September 2008 Blaise

I have been seeing Blaise on a regular basis for a few months, but I have been away for a little while and caught up with her recently for one of our favourite leisurely Sunday morning appointments. Absence does make the heart grow fonder, and we were extremely happy to see each other again. I brought champagne and roses which were appreciated. We chatted and caught up,we talked about my punt in Glasgow, as well as the latest things in her life. We were soon enjoying kissing and cuddling and exploring each other's bodies on the bed. I had requested "no undies Sunday" after the recent local publicity and Blaise was happy to comply.She was wearing a very pretty dress that seemed to allow "access to all areas" rather easily. For those of you who have not had the opportunity to meet Blaise, she really does enjoy her work and becomes very aroused with DATY in particular, although with many other things as well. As it had been some time since we had met, I took the opportunity to explore all her nooks and crannies with my mouth and tongue, and she responded enthusiastically and frequently.


Normally I have a four hour booking and after a very pleasurable and sensual 3and1/2 hours manage to finish towards the end of that time (or sometimes not). Perhaps because we had not seen each other for a while, things progressed more quickly than usual. There had been a cryptic post on FIA regarding her reverse cowgirl. I requested, and Blaise was happy to demonstrate and I thoroughly enjoyed it. We then changed to Mish to completion, and to my surprise we were only just over half way.


After more cuddling, talking and sipping champagne, I suggested we could perhaps try for round two. A little more DATY, a CBJ followed by Cowgirl and then Mish to a mutual completion. I must admit I didn't think I would finish round two but when I felt Blaise getting wet and contracting around me, I could do nothing else but cross the finish line too. It was the first time I have completed round two in 20 years! More cuddling, fondling and talking took us beyond the booked time. Blaise is certainly not a clock watcher as she has shown in the past.


Thank you Gorgeous, you made an old(er) bloke feel young again.


October 2008 Ling

An opportunity presented itself and I arranged a meeting with Ling. A time and place was arranged quite easily and I was delighted to see that Ling is even more attractive than her pictures would suggest. She is very accommodating (except for DFK), and asked me a number of times if there were any fantasies of mine she could satisfy. Being basically very vanilla, I declined, but perhaps I should have expanded my horizons.


After a shower, we retired to the bedroom. Ling is certainly very petite, and I was a little scared of breaking her!. We cuddled and fondled for a while and hen I went for some DATY, Ling was a little slow to get started but once she did, she became very wet and also very vocal (why do I always worry about the people in the adjoining room?) After she came to a very satisfactory conclusion, she said it was my turn. She demonstrated a very competent CBJ before moving to Cowgirl, Doggy and then Mish for a mutually satisfying result.


She offered a massage, which I accepted and then I offered her a massage which she also accepted.


After a break for some more cuddling fondling and talking, I was showing some interest in round 2, and so there was another CBJ, Mish and finally (although I almost didn't make it) doggy to completion.


After some more quiet time on the bed, Ling escorted me to the shower and jumped in with me carefully washing me, even in those hard to reach places. All in all, a fun 2 hours.


and Ling was kind enough to provide a mini review herself:

Hi Rumpole,


Thank you for the review..... have to tell you i have finished the juice and chocolates now :) Thank you sooo much...


I have a very enjoyable time as well....


Note to the girls: Rumpole is a genuine nice guy and very skilled in the art of pleasing a girl. On time, friendly and careing, basically a very enjoyable 2 hours.


Not sure if I'm supposed to give a review but Rumpole deserves an honerable mention :)




Ling xxx

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