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High Class Escorts

When it comes to high class escorts in Australia, there are several different types to choose from. These include:   1. Independent Escorts: Independent escorts are self-employed and work for themselves. They typically advertise their services on websites such as Backpage, Craigslist, and Locanto. While independent escorts may offer a more personal and intimate experience, they often lack the level of professionalism and security that comes with booking through an agency.

HUSH Escorts

HUSH Escorts in Blogs

Let's Talk about Herpes

STD's can be a touchy subject in this industry, one full of stigma but also genuine concern from both workers and punters.   Today I want to talk about Herpes (HHV, HSV)     Believe it or not, if you're sexually active chances are you already have it. it's estimated up to 80% of the Aus population has this virus, most cases go unnoticed unless a major outbreak happens. You can contract Herpes both HHV and HSV1 both around your mouth and your genitals. That means if

Venus Nymphs

Venus Nymphs in Sex Work Activism

Sydney 1 week till I Visit

Hello Darling, 1 week till I am in this amazing City, where good times will be had.. Why not book in some Good times with Me ... I have minimal availability left... Wednesday 2 spots Thursday 1 spot 7am-12pm Book Now so you don't miss this little lady 0467 425 956

Kandice Lee

Kandice Lee in Sydney Visit

Australian Adult Industry Awards

Want to vote for us for the Australian Adult Industry Awards?    Best party entertainment: https://a.cstmapp.com/gallery/945260/62638/681138097   Best social media engagement: https://a.cstmapp.com/gallery/945260/62662/681286575   Best website: https://a.cstmapp.com/gallery/945260/62841/681286633   Best stripping agency: https://a.cstmapp.com/gallery/945260/62664/681137887

Private Waitresses Au

Private Waitresses Au in Private Waitresses Australia


We thought we would post a bit of a fun look into the behind the scenes of working as a Receptionist at an Erotic Massage Parlour. No offence is intended by this blog post. As the Recep, we have a lot of jobs to fulfil. Whilst we do a lot of cleaning, laundry, restocking etc, our biggest and main job is answering the phone, replying to messages and greeting clients at the door. Sounds pretty easy, you might think? Sure, it's mostly easy, but is it all easy-going?! Replying to hundreds

How I got into Sex Work | The story of a girl raised Christian who ended up a Whore

"What made you start doing this work?" is a common question at the end of a service during pillow talk with my customers.   This is a bit of a tricky question for me to answer, because really i've been doing some form of sex work from a very young age.   I was in year 5 when my best friend Rosie told me about ICQ   "It's an internet chat room" she said.   Rosie was the friend my strict Christian parents were always wary of. If I was up to no good chances a

Venus Nymphs

Venus Nymphs in Secrets of Venus

International Sex Workers Rights Day is Today - 3rd March

Today is International Sex Workers Rights Day!     In Adelaide where I am located unfortunately Sex Work is still an underground Industry. As a result when a woman chooses to enter and work in this industry she is making this decision under dangerous circumstances. Sex Work being a criminal activity and grey area in terms of the law not only enforces stigma, makes this industry dangerous for workers and punters and means there is no set standards to abide by.  

Venus Nymphs

Venus Nymphs in Sex Work Activism

Gents my New Photoshoot has dropped

Hi Gents I hope you are enjoying my new photos. And my name change to Kandice Lee. I also want to let you know I absolutely get an immense pleasure from treating you like a king, sharing a loving touch, a passionate kiss and great conversation together. So why not enjoy a date with Me and see what I'm all about. Thank you Kandice xxx

Kandice Lee

Kandice Lee in Photo update

Sex is an Energy Transfer | Why Sex Workers May Insist on Covered Sex

One of the most common requests we get as an escort is if we will offer bareback blow jobs and if we offer natural, condomless sex.   Whilst some (but not many) workers certainly may offer a bareback blow job as an extra, natural sex or as some punters like to call it "fluid exchange" is definetly not an industry standard.   Aside from the normal concerns of STDs and thus potential loss of income for the two weeks a worker needs to take antibiotics, risk of transferring something

Venus Nymphs

Venus Nymphs in Anthropology of sex work clients

Doing Less, But doing it Better

Bootiful humans! Just a quick email for you today my lovers! I wanted to give you a quick heads up     NEW BLOG POSTS Here:   'Doing Less but Doing it Better'         Bizarre News:   Sex Party 'The first installment of BIZARRE SALON' Hosted by Mistress Ada & Miss Paz Bizarre Selling Tickets now for MARCH 18, 2023           Sydney Tour Dates https://pazbizarre.com.au/tours/   Get in


MissPazBizarre in Announcements

"Men who pay for sex can't get it for free"

After being in this industry in and out for a good few years now I think it's time for me to discuss my thoughts on this comment that I get a lot when discussing this style of work with my civvie friends who know what I do, or even other sex industry professionals.   "Men who pay for sex can't get it for free"   I've certainly heard this line often and I suppose before I was familiar with the ins and outs of SW I may have had this thought too. Of course now I've worked on and

Venus Nymphs

Venus Nymphs in Anthropology of sex work clients

Hello Gentlemen, let's Enjoy Eachother

There is nothing more indulgent than spending time with a woman who'll make you forget the world for a while“ Let Me show you a gentle touch, lovely conversation and a hot and steamy sexy time. Available anytime when advanced booked 0467 425 956  Look forward to meeting you soon, Kandice 

Kandice Lee

Kandice Lee in Gentlemen

You May Have Noticed Something....

Hello lovers & sluts!   So I have been really off the radar, and I have something AMAZING to share with you! I’ve left Fetish House to create my own business .....   To read the rest, come over to my website here     or copy & paste this link below into your browser https://pazbizarre.com.au/you-may-have-noticed-something/     XXX Best Vibes Miss Paz


MissPazBizarre in Announcements

Mature Lady Available for Mature Gents

Hi my name is Kandice, I am a mature Australian darling, ready to enjoy time spent with real Gents. We can enjoy an extended time together and really lose ourself in our Tryst. Or you come and visit me for a shorter quick heated moment in time.  

Kandice Lee

Kandice Lee in Kandi Update

Paz Away on Holiday

Hello lovers, sluts, fans & community Are you ready to Explore?!?   What an eventful year 2022 was! Thank you for being a part of it with me. I am looking forward to the events of 2023, with some exciting new things to come.   Firstly, I want to INCREASE the value I deliver. I am doing this with my immersion packages & my increased rates reflect increased service. What do I mean by that? ‘INCREASED service’? Well, it means many things… th


MissPazBizarre in Blog

My Average Day

I'm not a full time Escort. I work a full day job and Escort at nights and the weekends. Plus I'm a single mum, who isn't! Therefore my days and nights are busy. I wake at 0430, coffee until 5. The washing machine starts and dishwasher is emptied while drinking my second coffee. Shower time, lunches and start my face - 3rd coffee. Get dressed, wake the kids before I leave the house. Work my full day. Come home. If I have a booking for the night, start dinner, washing comes in and sorte


Kristibbb in My Average Day


Hello Lovers & potential kinksters   I am now FULLY BOOKED ('Fully FUCKED'? Haaaa) for February...!   The only spaces I have available are for my Canberra tour from the 17th to the 20th of February.     Some popular dates & sessions I'm indulging in / 'WHAT'S HOT IN FEB 2023'/ 'Bizarre Trends' : BEING A ROPE BUNNY & getting a jacuzzi play & fed thereafter with a dear regular 'friend' I usually d


MissPazBizarre in Blog


Hi Lovers, I love this community. I love writing this email. I love hearing from you. I love building Paz Bizarre as a brand & business… AND I need time away. The flip side of loving what I do is that I struggle to give myself permission to just be. So I’m taking the ENTIRE MONTH OF JANUARY off. I’m reminding myself that not-doing and not-accomplishing is enough… that I am enough. I’m spending time with my family. I’m drinking my coffee while it’s hot!!


MissPazBizarre in Blog

Rockhampton Scam Escorts

Be careful in Rockhampton. Many of the escorts on E&B are bait and switch Asians. Some run multiple ads for the same escort and they are all different! Also many of them are "verified". They switch out the escort once verified. And stay away from Rockhampton Locanto. There are several scammers that will ask for a small "down payment" and then ask for the full amount before you arrive. When the client arrives at the address, no one is there. One tried to blackmail me when I refused to pay mor


Skookiwi in Escort scams

Xmas day and at a loose end?

If anyone is interested,   due to a whole history of events,   I find myself bereft of company of any sort on Xmas day.    So, I propose that I am prepared to entertain anybody who may also be at a loose end on Xmas Day to join me at a picnic of sorts at Tunsdall Park, Nunawading at 12.00 noon.   It may not be grand, but it will be friendly!   No charge, oh and any working girls will be financially rewarded.   Charlie 


Charlie in Social

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