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Increase of new infection.


I have just finished reading an alert from state government health department via the ABC news on line.


It appears, that among homosexual and bi sexual men, there is an alarming increase of MENINGOLOCCAL C. infections


Of concern to the health dept  is that there are also a few isolated cases amongst both male and female sex workers.


The Health dept is now concerned that hetrosexual men, (punters) that have frequent contact with sex workers are now also at risk of contracting the MENINGOLOCCAL C infection. 


The infection is usually found in the nasal pasages and at the back of the throat, and is is easily transmitted by kissing and sometimes oral sex.


More worrying is that some people are 'carriers', and that the infection does not cause them problems, yet they can pass the bacteria on to other people who then become infected.


The health dept is urging homosexual, bi sexual men, sex workers, and punters get the MENINGOLOCCAL vaccine for their own protection.


This is another worrying aspect of punting. What else can we catch?

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I read in 'The Advertiser', the other day, about how destructive condoms are to the environment.   STI's and pregnancies are on the increase across Australia and other countries, even with the covid lock down.   After some investigations by various health departments around the world, it turns out that condoms are bad for the ecology and the health of the planet. They do not break down, and are a danger to wildlife.   It appears that there is a concerted effort by o



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