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Lady just for BJ

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Escort in Adelaide 1-2 years ago named Ranga (by her friends)

Met this girl who i became mate with . Would pick her up after she worked and we were just friends and she would come back to my house at Semaphore. We never had sex just friends but haven't seen or heard of her for 1-2.5 years now. She was called Ranga cause of her red hair. If anyone knows of her or anything id like to contact her again. Her number hasn't worked for ages.



Lady only for BJ

Can you have a escort come around who is fine with only giving me head and not sex. I dont want sex with someone yet but do want great oral for lots of reasons that hardly need explaining but I'm to embarrassed to ask if this is ok. Don't want to be shot down in flames and dont want to get a lady who hates it also. Any ladies who can help I'm in the beach western suburbs semaphore to be exact



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