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Adventures with 'Special Needs Dick'

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The wait......

For the past few years I have had a tickle on the inner part of my back just near my right shoulder blade. Not all the time,,,, Perhaps a few times a week. At times I would feel like I wanted a hair brush to just give myself a good scratch. At times I would scratch a little, that would form a tiny pressure blister, but it would pop with no issue. Sometimes I would find a doorway and scratch my self as a bear would on a tree! Recently I was fighting an annoying cough after a bout with the flu. W

When 'special needs' means 'special needs' and not the 'special needs' of what most consider 'special needs'

I must start off by apologising if you are confused with the title of this particular entry.... I will try to explain my definition of 'special needs'.... For most readers, the vision of 'adventures with a special needs Dick' would conjure thoughts and visions of a wheelchair or penis pump.... These are quite rightly so but in this case the 'special needs Dick' is more of a mental or spiritual need.....   I liken my Dick to be an extension of my own interests and therefore he too should be ab

Memoirs of deeds in the great outdoors!

I don't think I have many GF's that I have not had a romp with in the great outdoors..... I have not incuded most of the online dating chicks as most of those were a short fling to get me over the line until then next one came along. (a bit like spiderman using his web... going from one building to the next!   I have been thinking about this and there are numerous great locations around the country that one go be fairly certain that you won't see another living soul if you both decide to stop

Those comic book X-Ray glasses would have been handy

Do you remember the ads that appeared in comic books during the 1970's and 1980's? I think they were virtually the same during the 60's but I mean the ones that offered -xray glasses for $1 or a box of plastic soldiers for $1... There was even the mermaids for $1 but I think they were actually just Brine Shrimp! I always wanted to get something from one of these ads but the addresses were always in the US and even when I filled out the small details box I had no idea what a Zip code was?   I
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