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Because I am always right.

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Friday the 13th No. 21 Jason Kills PP.

As remembered by me!     It was last Summer as I remember, and due to the hotel discrimination issue, Australia's punting world was at a standstill. Punter Planet had nothing to do so we decided to become counsellors at an American Summer Camp. We flew to the States with the help of AndyJ's frequent flyer miles and after a short, yet bumpy ride in a decked out minibus, we arrived at a small town in the woods. We went to see the appropriate people to get directions and the run down on how to



Racial Harmony, the Star Trek way...

Racism in the future, will not exist. We know this is to be true because of the historical documentation that is Science Fiction T.V shows... If we were to reference from the book of Star Trek, we realize that the Right Honourable Captain James T. Kirk didn't care that the Klingons were black, and somewhat on the lumpy side... He cares because they were intent on blowing the shit out of the Enterprise, killing his son, and just generally giving the big black lumpy middle finger to the Starfle



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