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Just Do It

Just do it.  One of the most famous slogans around.  We can thank Nike for that.  But we’ve seen that slogan adopted in so may other ways that it no longer belongs in performance sport alone and has become a mantra for so many of us.  I, for one, am glad that I took Nike’s advice.   For the longest time, I’d been one of those reserved soccer mums, although in my case the sports were more footy and cricket.  You know, suppressing the wild side of me to make sure the kids and the hubby were fine, not drawing attention to myself, not causing controversy, not wanting to be gossip fodder for the neighbourhood.  Until it just got a little too much and I said fuck it.   Just like a dam that hadn’t had any release, one day I just said enough was enough.  After years of a mundane routine that included a nearly non-existent sex life, I decided that I couldn’t take it anymore.  So, I got rid of the hubby, kept the kids, and let the inner beast in me out.  I was literally just going to do it.  Or more precisely, I was going to do the next piece of male meat I could find.   The first Friday after the hubby moved out, I went on the prowl.  I was tentative.  I hadn’t done this in years.  But the anticipation made me all horny as well.  I rounded up 2 of my girlfriends to head out for a night of drinking and partying but warned them that I was in hunting mode.  We got to the pub and had a nice meal and a few drinks and that started the engine going.  Then we went to another pub where a great 80’s cover band was playing.  Who doesn’t love some 80’s music?  And after about an hour, I spotted my prey.  He was tall, he was brunette, he had no facial hair, he looked fit, and he was easy on the eye.  He looked like he was with a couple of mates, but he didn’t seem to have any female by his side.  Perfect!   I managed to shuffle my way through the crowd of people bopping away to the music to just within a couple people in front of him.  I made sure I was in his line of sight.  And luck would have it that the music was so upbeat that people were turning around and just bopping away, so I just so happened to turn around to face him.  Close up, he looked even better than from a distance and I started to fantasize of the ways I was going to have him tonight.  And he looked down and smiled at me, and I returned a coy smile.  You know the type of smile that says, “hello Romeo, what you doing later?”  At some point, not sure if it was subconscious or just dumb luck, but I found myself face to face with him.   “Hello …” I said.  “Hi!” he responded and seemed keen.  We did the usual small talk back-and-forth ritual that I like to call “the dance of the horny singles figuring out their chances”.  I found out his name was Jack, he was 32, and he was a chippy, to which I laughed and he asked why, and I said that I thought Jack Hammers were more for construction than carpentry, all the while thinking to myself that he could jackhammer me all night if he wanted to.  He laughed at that, and that started things rolling towards an inevitable adventure.  As they say, Alice had gone down the rabbit hole.  At some point soon after that, I texted the girls to not worry about me as I had “hooked one”, and before long we were heading back to his place.   When we got to his place, and got to his bedroom, the hesitation struck me again.  It’s been a while for this old duck.  And the sex that I’d been having with hubby had been the mundane 3-minute wonder, probably once every 2 months.  How’d I handle this?  Then Jack took off his shirt and the sight of his chiselled body with that gorgeous 6-pack made my nerves jump 3 more levels.  What if I got naked and he didn’t like what he saw?  What if he felt uncomfortable with a woman who could easily have been his mum (admittedly she’d have had to been pregnant as a 14 year old, but still…).  What if … oh, shut up you idiot, he took you home didn’t he?  Look at that body, you want to fuck him, don’t you? And he came over and kissed me as he undressed me.  It wasn’t one of those sweet kisses you see on rom coms either, it was an animalistic “I’m gonna fuck your brains out” kind of kiss.  Yep, one of those “slam you against the wall, frantic undressing, tongue hockey” jobs. When we were both naked, he looked at me and the lust in his eyes told me all my fears from moments ago were just my own mind games.   I got on my knees and took him in my mouth.  Oh god, that felt – and tasted – awesome.  The fact that his virile young cock sprang to attention so quickly just made me hornier.  And I might have been mistaken, because this Jack may wield a hammer, but he had a mighty impressive beanstalk!  We spent the better part of the next 30 minutes just exploring each other’s bodies, and his tongue definitely knew where my clit was.  And when he drove it into my arse, it just made me wild. When he eventually came up for air and I gently guided him in, I was so wet that he just slid his whole length in me without any trouble.  We fucked like we were in a porn movie that night.  I had him in so many different positions, the Kama Sutra would have had trouble keeping up.  Jack fucked my pussy, my mouth, my arse and I loved every second of it.  After all these years of humdrum sex, this was what it was like to really be fucked like I deserved.  And the fact he was young meant he just kept recuperating and going again, which was sheer utter bliss for me.  Truth be told, I had more mouthfuls of his cum than I had cocktails that night.   In the morning, I got up really early and snuck into the shower.  Years of getting up to hurry the kids up, even on the weekends for their sport, just made it a habit for me.  Only thing was this morning, as I had my eyes closed and letting the shower soak through my hair, I felt Jack come up behind me and caress me.  And I felt all warm and glowing and tingly from that.  And I felt his raging hard boner too.  Well of course we fucked in the shower, I couldn’t let the man have a boner without relief!  After the shower, I got dressed and started to head out when Jack asked if he could have my number.  I paused, pondered the question for a brief moment, then said perhaps not, but I knew where I could probably find him on any Friday night.  And left.   The next week, I went hunting again.  With the girls … again.  And I found Cameron.  Cameron was slightly older than Jack, probably late-30’s.  And owned his own business.  Blonde, 5 foot 9, divorced, no kids.  The perfect prey.  And he fucked like a teenager, only with much better technique and he definitely knew how to please a woman in bed.  Seemed to particularly like doggy … not that I had any issue with that at all.  Probably not as many repeat erections as Jack, but he more than made up for that with the amount of sensual touching and tongue-work he imparted.  This old duck was extremely satisfied the next morning as I snuck off before Cameron awoke.   The next time, I decided to go hunting solo.  Partly because the girls had something on, and partly because I was starting to get my confidence back.  And I found Luther.  Big, tall, black man with a smile that lit up a room and eyes that were both cheeky and intense at the same time.  Luther towered over me.  Over most men, actually.  And he also fit quite nicely on my bucket list.  I’d never had a black guy before, so I was gonna have me some fun.  And fun I had indeed.  I know girls have said that not all black dudes have big dicks, but Luther did.  It was big.  Like 11 inches of it.  And he knew how to use it.  By the end of the night, my pussy was pulsing, my arse was twitching and my mouth was slobbering.  They’d all been well and truly fucked, but they would just as comfortably welcome another round of Luther.  And whatever it is that Luther does to keep fit, it’s working, because he could just go again and again and again.  We even fucked twice in the morning before I left.  And it was a shame to leave, but the parting sight of the sweat glistening against that ebony 8-pack of his was enough to keep me going all day.   And as I got into my car to drive home, I thought to myself that all that time that I was putting up with compromise, I should have gotten the courage up to get back on the horse and enjoy life.  Life’s too short anyway to not have a go.  You know what?  Nike was right.  Just do it.  I did.  And baby, I’m back!



Do's & Don'ts (Who'da thunk it)

Hey... U up? Available? Hey bby, wanna fuk? Hi. How much? When can u be here? I wanna fuk, but only if ull do it for $80. Send pics!!!   Really? That's how you speak to the receptionist when making a doctor's appointment? Or your mechanic when booking in your car? When your told the cost of your order, do you haggle the prices? So why is it that so many people can be so disrespectful to those providing a service such as sex work? This is  a profession that predates the effin BIBLE, yet not only does society in general place a stigma on it, those that use the very same services do!   Ok I get that you don't like the cost involved, but most every escort that advertises, advertises their prices also. Therefore, you already know before contact if you can afford/want to pay that amount. It is NOT ok to then contact said worker and try and knock the prices she has set. Because although you may think this sort of job is 'easy money', or no work at all, I can honestly assure you, you have  no idea all this job entails.    More importantly, those that think they have the right to dictate what they're going to pay or what a girl or her services is worth,  i want to remind you of this one, primary and most important fact...   You are arguing about paying for a human being! A human BODY!! THAT YOU WANT TO DO SEXUALLY EXPLICIT THINGS TO!!!   Maybe think about that the next time, before you tell a girl you don't like her prices.    



Gentlemen, PLEASE Take Note...

A few weeks ago, i was contacted by a gentleman for a first time booking with me. In his first message, he stated his name, the length of booking he was wanting and the desired time. No ping pong messages, and everything arranged within a couple of texts. Upon his arrival, i met him at the door and showed him to the bedroom, where i was handed a beautiful, long stemmed, red rose and an envelope. This was a gent that knew the 'rules' of the game, understanding the professional side of things and showing respect for the role that myself, and others like me, pay in today's society. That alone allows me to provide my best services; I felt relaxed, respected and and comfortable. Absolutely lovely man and a fantastic time had. And in general, this is the majority of all the clients I see. Reason being? As an independent escort, I choose who I see. If you're disrespectful on the phone or through text, move on. I'm not going to see someone in person when they're trying to undercut my prices or just be a disrespectful wanker on the phone. Like any business, there is a respectful process to enquiring after and booking an escort. When you're respectful and polite, you would be surprised in the difference of others attitudes.    There are a lot of men that could and should take a lesson from this gent. This is how you book and greet an escort. 



What's the role of a Sex Worker ?

What is the role of a Sex Worker  ?   An interesting question to ask when consideration is given to the wide variety of clients a sex worker is exposed to.   Why see a sex worker ?   This really is such a huge question once you can wrap your head around the fact that may clients see a sex worker for different reasons than your own.

A short yet not comprehensive list: A disabled client that can’t touch their own genitals and wish for sexual release A client who has a fetish that maybe seen as too extreme or weird for a partner A sexless marriage which isn’t meeting the needs of the client A practice partner for the first time client has sex A sex educator in which client wishes to learn more about themselves Concern about sexual performance and a ‘coach’ to guide them to satisfaction    In many respects these are the same reasons one may see a sex therapist too. This question is further exacerbated when consideration is given to the recent NDIS decision to award monies to a client for seeing a sex therapist which excluded sex workers.
https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-07-11/ndis-to-pay-for-sex-therapist-after-landmark-ruling/11298838 https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-07-11/ndis-to-pay-for-sex-therapist-after-landmark-ruling/11298838 https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2019/jul/22/we-are-sexual-beings-why-disability-advocates-want-the-ndis-to-cover-sexual-services    A question was raised in forum post about “ Would you consider yourself as more 'Health Service/Counsellor' or more 'Actress'?  “.

The answer to this question I feel isn’t so much about the qualifications or skill set of the workers, yet more on the intention of the client.
That may sound like a backwards statement, especially in this day and age- yet I didn’t say the qualifications didn’t matter, just that the intentions are a valuable part of the process.
Let’s be honest. The secretive nature of sex work in general makes the idea of seeing someone whom sells their time and body for money an unlikely ‘professional’ trade and yet that very lack of adherence to strict rules can actually make it the most ‘human & caring’ of all professions.
When hiring a worker, it’s not just the body, yet their intention, caring and ability to touch another a very powerful modality. That last part being a huge part. Most therapy modalities forbid any sexual contact ( or even just touch ) as it’s against professional boundaries- which I can understand- and yet at the same time does this dismiss the human experience that is sexual touch ?

When getting a massage, the genitals are usually excluded. Considering how often one may get a massage, what sort of message does this send to the human being lying on the table ?  Are your genitals not an important part of your being ? Now before you resist the temptation to place a joke like a 14yr old, maybe feel into why that reaction ‘is’ there in the first place ?
Where did you learn that your genitals where to be the brunt of jokes and not part of your very real, lived human experience ?  Where did you learn that the genitals are an acceptance part to be ignored when engaging in others ?

With a sex therapist you can talk about them to a client, even show some diagrams to them to show the different parts, but could a client ‘show’ you how they masturbate ?
Is this an acceptable part of sex therapy ?  According to the code of ethics… no.
Yet can a sex worker give very real hands on help ?  Yes they can.

So are sex therapy and sex work completely misaligned ? No .. they can and do work together. While a sex therapist will spend a lot of time talking, and this may seem counter productive and yet what if it came about that the sex you tend to have in always hard, fast and very pornographic ?
Nothing wrong with that, and yet if through therapy it came to your attention you'd never had slow, sensual, considered engagement in any sexual encounter, what would you do ?  Could the sex therapist strip off and guide you through a session in which you’re given constant reminder about the intention of the session ?
To have a very different experience to the one you seem to default to ?
Again the code of ethics dictates no. Yet would a suggestion to see a sex worker and describe your intention and how you’d like the session to go a valid and very real therapeutic benefit ? I'd say so ...

This then comes down to the question. So does a sex worker provide a therapy service ?   A recent twitter post below shows the stories that come out of the work of being a sex worker.

These stories are told among sex workers by the many, yet the general public hears them by the very few.   Maybe it's all the shame around sex ? Maybe it's the secretive nature that sex work is conducted with ?  Or maybe ... just maybe ... the the very human experience of sex itself ?   So to answer the question posted - Are sex workers a kind of therapist or more an actress ?
The answer  ? …. What’s your intention on the session ?

I welcome your comments below.

PS. I note that this brief blog was to point out the difference between a worker and a therapist. There are other modalities that fit into between these shades and that would be sexological body-worker and sexual surrogates. 

Scarlett B Wilde

Scarlett B Wilde

A First Time Guide To Adult Service Providers

This is my first time.
I’m not sure how to go about this ?
I’m sorry to have wasted your time.

This scenario comes up a lot, so here is a guide with questions to ask yourself so you may be better prepared for the upcoming adventure.

The question that comes up is how do I engage or introduce myself ? This is a question that I'd answer with a question. What are you looking to get out of the exchange ?  Most reply with.. umm.. sex ??? or even a more broader - just a good time.
  So further curiosity asks  - What type of sex are you after ?
Rough and ready ? Soft and sensual ? Wet and sloppy ? A more natural exchange as opposed to a full on porn experience ?   What about that fetish you always watch on porn and feel you'd like to try it out in real life ? Or a personalised experience that treats you as an individual ?

 My next question is - What's a good time for you ?
If you can't clearly state that in a two or three sentence answer, then I'm curious how you expect another to 'know' what it is your after ?  It’s not necessary to produce a ‘To do list’, yet how do you want to be treated ?
 Take the time to just think about that. You're paying for a service, yet when asked what type of service, you can't really answer. Best that a few moments are spared, so you don't go blowing your money then blame the other because you couldn't communicate your needs.
I can honestly say the worst type of client is one who only tells you what they don't like, yet can't articulate what they do.
Consider what you liked about previous experiences ? What didn't you like ? This should build a more fuller picture for you.

 What I'm enquiring about here are your needs. Why is it that you seek an adult service provider ? This means that you can then effectively communicate to the provider what it is you're after. This will only mean a more successful outcome for both involved. You know what you need, and the provider can answer those questions to provide a match or not.

These are the first two questions I ask, because I have a fair guess of the other questions coming and yet the answers to these first two questions, usually answers all the rest.

  Questions such as -
How Long should I look at  ?
 Again, this comes down to what you're after. If you've a list as long as your arm, asking for a half hour is a ridiculous proposition. Even if it's possible to act out all services in the allotted time, are you giving yourself time to actually enjoy and experience them ?  Is being in the throes of passion for a whole 2 mins and 33 seconds a viable option for you because you need to move onto service #13 on the list ? Something to think about.

How much should I spend ?
 Again, this comes down to your needs and desires. Every industry has a median. So in your research you find everyone charges $ 550 for the service and you find someone whom will do it for $110. I'm not so sure that's a wise purchase. Seems a bit too good to be true, yeah ?  Someone who's priced at $350 - 400 maybe an option worth considering yet don't necessarily let price dictate the service.
 Any amount of money is a waste if not serving the purpose you're after. Mainly, your needs being met. The example of $110. That's a lot to spend on a dud, yet the $400 can bring fantastic memories like a holiday if the right choice is made. And the choice is yours.
Addressing your needs and the time needed to actually feel them, will ultimately dictate the price you pay. If you find that it's more than you expected, it may be best to instead of giving up on your needs- save while you research more providers, which keeps you busy for the next two weeks, before you arrive at a grand total.

Something to be mindful of - While as Adult Service Providers we bring alive fantasies and dirty thoughts, in actual fact we're running a business. So in your dealing with us before being in the room, best you keep that in mind. While as a client I need to respect your privacy, time, and space, please offer the same to a worker. You know what you're after. How long you'd like to experience that for, and the amount of money you'll pay to see it born into reality.

If you're looking to engage a private worker it's best to introduce in a professional manner with clear instructions on the how, what, where, when ?
An example such as -

Good Morning Scarlett,

Hope you are well ( this isn't needed, and yet politeness never offended anyone )
I saw your advert on Punter Planet ( again, while not entirely necessarily, a worker will greatly appreciate this )
I'm looking to spend 2 hours with you next Friday between 11am - 4pm if possible. ( you've given both an amount of time and your availability around that time. A provider has a calendar and I can check that against it. Asking if I'm available next Friday doesn't give me anything to check against. Clear times and availability do )
I'm looking for a more sensual experience with some strap on play and if you have rope to tie me up with, that's a bonus. I also like passionate kissing.
Is this something that you are happy to do ?
Let me know...


Note that Joe has asked a question, yet it's pretty clear of Joe's intentions and almost zero ambiguity. I have a few questions to ask in regards the text, yet I can and will engage a client with such an enquiry.

or  You available ?

Give me no idea of anything ?  Available when ? now ? How long ? What do I need to prepare ?  Can I serve you without knowing anything about your needs ?

These type of enquiries most likely get left alone, due to the arrival of Joe's response above. If you find workers not getting back to you, this maybe a case of your enquires needing more details.
Personally I'll reply with more questions which you've been fortunate to have read through already.

   DO's & DON'TS
I can't speak on behalf of other providers on the do's that they do, so best you ask up front if there's something you'd like to happen during your time together, yet I can state a few Don'ts that would apply to almost all providers out there.
Haggle prices- You have every right to state and stick to a budget you dictate, yet although your intent may not be malicious, your attempt to cheapen someone will rarely go down well. Your eating into someone's pay packet.
Imagine if you will, in your job of 38 hours a week, you notice one week a missing $ 200 from your pay. You ring the payroll dept expecting a mishap has happened and it will soon be rectified. To your horror you employer has decided that they aren't going to pay you that amount that week. What ?!  I worked yet you're cutting my pay ?! Exactly. You can disagree with the rates, sure. Yet best you just move along to someone whom is within your budget range and meets your needs.
No one likes to be cheapened, and as the sex industry is a very personal one, that's exactly how it will come across as. Best to never ask than risk offending.

Don't get too personal -
  Now while the nature of the deed is a business transaction, I personally like to respect that it's two human beings coming together. This doesn't mean that I'm suddenly going to reveal my personal life to you. I honestly believe that will have no standing on the level of service I provide to you, yet incessantly insisting on 'knowing' things about me usually builds discomfort in the provider. If they choose to tell you something, then lucky you, yet if you aren't one to understanding or respect boundaries I'll ask you to reconsider if engaging another is right for you right now. Everyone has the right to privacy... everyone.

In closing I'm hoping those of you that are first timers may read through this a couple of times as I'm of the firm believer this will only further enhance your success to a great first time meeting of an adult service provider and hope that the adventures and time ahead are enjoyable and fulfilling overall.

All the best in your travels !

The aging escort

Having been a punter for 20 years, I have a list of reliable/dependable go-to ladies and another list of randoms that are entertained when there is nothing available off the regular menu.   I've observed some of my fav girls leave the circuit to start a new life (eg family, steady bf etc), some come back and others disappear into the twilight forever. But there are some that solider on, from bright eyed fresh 20 somethings to worn out tired 40 somethings.    A recent experience of my of my fav regular involved an obese client that fell in her tub and couldn't get up so the police/fire department had to come in. The guy did a shit too which she had to clean up after all was resolved. Sadly she lost time, money and ended up with a filth-turd collection to clean up while dry retching. She said at 44 years of age she literally can not believe the 'shit' she has to deal with to pay the bills. I felt a little sad at knowing this lovely lady that brings me joy has to deal with so many clients on a weekly basis that bring her distress.    Another of my fav was telling me she can't get clients unless she offers more as a older escort. Recently she had to agree to water sports, being spat on and hardcore BDSM to keep the cash flowing.   The older escort these days have not just younger girlies to compete with in addition to the sheer volume of escorts flooding the market (at least in NSW). Look at the Private Girls website, at least 80% more girls than just 8 years ago.   So my advice to the older escort is built a loyal client base, save/invest your money well and get out before you burn out physically and psychologically.  




Point Taken.....

Scarlett B Wilde   Venus Nymphs   Posted 15 June Hmmmm..... I've this gorgeous beautiful woman beside me, dressed seductivity, and she's mine. All mine...
God she.....oh, and the smell... oh my god her smell.
Ohhh... and there's that smile, god I love it when she....... awwwwww.... you fucking bitch, you know I love i....... Ohhh.. Ohh.... My god .... touch me there..... You know I really want to....   Oh for FUCKS SAKE !!  You've put your panties on the inside of your suspender belt. I can not believe you've done that ....!!?!!?!

Missing the point much ?      



Business is Business ... Right ?!

Business is Business …. Right ?!   While engaging my clients I’m often asked why I started in the skin trade ?
‘No offence… You just seem soo ……sorry... doesn’t matter’

It’s actually a difficult question for anyone to name a reason. Mainly because give any proper thought longer than mere minutes, and you’ll start to see the many, many twists and turns in your life that bring you to the now.

So... I’m not a good enough writer nor even prepared to type out an epic autobiographical tome about my life, so I’ll name the moment that was the catalyst.
  catalyst /ˈkat(ə)lɪst/ noun a substance that increases the rate of a chemical reaction without itself undergoing any permanent chemical change.
"chlorine acts as a catalyst promoting the breakdown of ozone" a person or thing that precipitates an event.
"the prime minister's speech acted as a catalyst for debate"   Jill* was what I’d call a rough woman, a self made woman, a strong independent woman. She seemed head strong and determined to go with what’s what.
I’m employed to engage her and help her business thrive. She’s been in the industry for years, so she tells me, and yet I can see some bad choices have been made-  given my current understanding of the environment I find her in.
She’s moved shop yet hasn’t told anyone ?  Why ? Still, I’m here to help her, and help her I will. Or so I thought. Aghhh Jill. That woman had balls of steel, and to get even a sniff of difference from her seemed a wasted effort.   Her business was in the dying stages. Having entered the last quarter, I predict she’ll close within 6 months. I was wrong. When construction happened in the local area, she lost one and half months of passing trade. Yet she was still standing. The choices she was making seemed to be directly detrimental to her business. The bigger giants of businesses had moved to a newer model of operation, followed not so long after by the independents, yet it seemed that Jill knew better. She had a wealth of knowledge, yet she didn’t seem to be able to convert this into any cash flow whatsoever.   So this brought us closer to her departure as she persisted in her own methods and understandings to the detriment of her business. Her income. Until now.. Somewhat her life.   And yet it didn’t seem to faze her. She held a quiet confidence in her standing of the very ground she walked on. I had statements, budgets, spreadsheets and real life scenarios, and yet Jill was still happy to wind up the business. 27 years in the biz. Gone. She didn’t care what others thought, needed or wanted. Including me.
She had made the decision to turn face and start a new path. I knew the proposal to her business would of been a shock, it would have been successful, yet it just wasn't Jill ...really. It wasn’t.   I happened to be in town the last day of her trading and took an 8 minute detour to pop in and say goodbye. I stood by as she packed the last into boxes. The interior a starkness of not much left.
My eyes absorb the surroundings as a message of failure reaches my heart. I lean in the give Jill one last hug. I whisper “… sorry ” into her ear.
She pulls back from me with a puzzled look on her face “ Why ?“ I motion to the environment. She fires back a smirk almost immediately then her lips part  “… Don’t..”.   As my corporate training taught me. Learn from your mistakes. You’ve failed. You’ve failed to help the client. You’ve failed to secure a contract. Scarlett. You’ve failed.

As I drive away, on my way to my next port of call, I have a good 25 minutes to ponder my thoughts. Okay.. I’ve failed. I failed.   I failed.. I failed to see what Jill had. Contentment. Now in no way am I saying that Jill was unaware of some of the turmoil she faced in life, yet she was happy. Truly she was. Where was that in my budgets ? My spreadsheets ? My incredibly sales pitchy antidotes designed to bring clients round ?
How do I measure that ? What formula can I use to bring the analytics I needed to report on ?  Where…..
  Am I content ?
  Am I Content ?   Am I  …. ?  
  4 years later - I’m in full time employment as an ASP. Adult Service Provider. 

   * Names have been changed to protect identities on living persons.



A working girl talks about The BoyFriend Experience™

A working girl talks about The BoyFriend Experience™      What the hell is the boyfriend experience ?   
    First it’s best to add bit of back story..

As a working girl for quite a few years now, I’ve seen the industry change and vary in many interesting, and to be honest, challenging ways. As I’ve listened to my old-skool sisters of their days ‘walkin’ the Cross’, I am struck by which- while laws around sex work makes the occupation difficult at times- today more than any other time, the sex industry operates with remarkable ease. Ease in finding the product or service, ease in which said product or service is delivered, and also access into, and acceptance of, use of said product or service.

With this ‘ease’ also comes the side effect of ‘consumerism’. The idea that money can, and let's be honest does, buy *virtually anything. In the world of the independent escort it will buy the time, skill set and dedication of the service provider. The provider is expected to perform to a certain level of competence and is expected to ‘give their all’ that is possible within the means and constraints that the provider finds themselves in. I pay the escort, I expect them to give me 100%.
As an escort myself I totally agree with this mindset and wish for my clients to get the best ‘bang for buck’ when they spend time with me.
Yet I’ve been struck how, in maybe the last 4-5 years things like voicemails are no longer left when a missed call from a potential client is placed. Communication seems to be less warm and one sided, and a general reluctance to engage with the service provider makes the task of providing outstanding service quite difficult, as the clients seems to take a very passive stance on what is quite frankly, a very human, and intimate experience / service.

The area I hear the most difficult in is the GirlFriend Experience. While I have my own thoughts and ideals of what this marketing term means, in practicality it’s industry speak for a set of circumstances and services offered within the time together. Namely, passionate kissing, a genuine warm and smooth exchange, a slower and somewhat more sensual exchange of physicality, with the ethic to speak none ill of the other partner.
For an exchange such as this to come about, within the environment there should be warmth and invitation, on both sides. The issue of contention here is that if I as a female escort I am to play the ‘girlfriend’, you as a possible male client will have to play the ‘boyfriend’. For this to happen it would pay to consider the others needs as well.
To passively enter a room, place money on a counter, lie on the bed and expect the other to make up for two would be incredibly challenging for the provider, and any chance of successful engagement is near nil as the client isn’t open to any warmth as they aren’t offering their own.

Consumerism rears its head when it’s thought that in the exchange of money, came a certain drop in engagement or presence on their behalf. This is dangerous thinking due mainly to the financial aspect of the exchange. If you’re to pay hundreds of dollars in an exchange for an experience that is at least hopefully successful and by all standards, memorable, then being present and active during the exchange is bound to bring a more enjoyable time together.

And let’s also speak of the obvious. The nature of this exchange, while fuelled and brought into the market as a very human desire, is a business transaction. So while a power balance has been introduced within the area of participation - one party is now obligated to engage for the duration of the interaction- my personal experience of myself and other service providers I’ve chatted with, we’re more than happy to as our immediate needs are taken care of within the financial exchange. Essentially you’ve ‘bought me’ and my presence, so take full advantage of this.
Now let’s not forget that the presence and engagement of the client will have an effect on how the time spent together goes. I’ve found within the consumerism of today, a ‘fix it’ attitude is introduced into the engagement. The idea that money can buy away any responsibility.
Hey doctor I'm feeling sick, fix me. Hey therapist, I’m not well, fix me. Hey trainer, I’m stiff & unfit, fix me.

The likelihood of success from any of the above mentioned scenarios is that if you actively participate and get behind the services of the provider, you’ll realise that work needs to be done on your end as well for a successful outcome to occur. Doctor's give medications to help heal the body, yet the body actually heals itself. Any instructions in changes of lifestyle only enhance the chance of success.
A therapist may guide you as you seek to find peace within yourself, yet most if not all work will be done with the soul searching you do within yourself.
A trainer can shout and teach exercises yet consistency of pushing one’s self to further limits, yields the success of a fitter, healthier body.
Millions are made every year off services, which seemly add ‘quick’, ‘easy’ options to those that may be just a little too lazy to truly get anything meaningful out of the exchange they find themselves in. Fad diets, Get rich schemes, and devices which enhance and make ‘life easier’ are certainly brilliant cash cows for the businesses that born them, yet the client will probably look back after the expense and think that the idea to engage in such a manner won't really yield desired outcomes in the long term.

So… the BoyFriend Experience
 While I have my own thoughts and ideals of what this marketing term means, in practicality it’s industry speak for a set of circumstances and services offered within the time together. Namely, passionate kissing, a genuine warm and smooth exchange, a slower and somewhat more sensual exchange of physicality, with the ethic to speak none ill of the other partner.

The next few years

Well now it seemed I had a fascination with strippers and the pursuit of RnT places. I was relatively cashed up and through a lot of cash at strippers in Adelaide and Melbourne. I was a pretty easy and generous target but hey they made me feel good.  The mostly Handley street massage places were much more miss than hit but hey it was still fun.    One thing i noticed is that is that unlike the movies when a wife dies you don’t really get that endless supply of lasagne from the single ladies which is a shame because I do enjoy lasagne.    One lasy that did contact me was an old friend from school. The cute little really smart blonde girl I had a crush on back then. She contacted me innocently about the up coming reunion. We got chatting and chatting and got to know each other quite well over cyber space.    I think she she was leading the conversation to sex and my word.. starting with, have you ever etc and we’ll she certainly out did me. Showing me nudes,Telling me she had sex with her ex husbands mates wife in front of them. Showed me a no face pic of her and the girl with the double ended dildo. Wow..   Thay ended up separating and I got to know her while she was with a married guy she worked with who was promising to leave his wife. She told me of what they got up to away from his wife. Like her wearing no panties to work and flashing him. Daytime sex in the parklands amongst the bushes. All fun but kinda normal so far.    Mince they went to club x and had sex while lots of guys watched closely and wanted. Wow hot. He found a guy who wanted to try cream pie and they fucked in front of him and after she spread her smooth pussy for the stranger to lick his cum from her. That for me was a massive turn on. I asked if she had shared her bloke with another guy as in a bi 3 way. They had done it but he wasn’t into it. She then asked if I’d ever considered a guy and unfortunately I lied and said no. So she downgraded the question to ‘had I tasted my own cum’ of which I answered yes. That pleased her. I wished I’d been totally honest with her.    We kinda went our separate ways and both ended up with long term heterosexual partners..    funny thing is is there is still chances to tell her because we now socialise together 




Wife 2 now and the RnT

Eventually I did meet wife number 2, she was 5 years older and right for me.. sexually she new what she liked and didn’t mind making noise and being fun in the bedroom.  I did enjoy the noises she made while sucking my cock it seemed like she really enjoyed it which did make for an even more pleasurable experience.  She did have other fun tricks like holding her nice tits together while I fucked them until I blew up her neck and face. She didn’t understand the fascination with coming on her face but she went with it. Good girl    once again my pleasure from hearing of her past sex life reared it’s head again with me attempting to get her to tell me sexy stories. She wasn’t so much into it. I then started to buy her toys her favourite was a modestly sized glass dildo. She loved the sensation and I loved seeing it in her but it didn’t quite satisfy my desire to see her really filled.  I did manage to get her to talk a little about a hung black guy she’d been with which was very much a turn on. So I bought her a very large ‘life like’ black dildo. ‘To big’ she said while I attempted to gently slide it in. Fair enough I suppose it really was big, very thick, quite impressive.  Then one day much to my delight she sent me a little movie.. a close up oh her lower naked body. Sitting down on the enormous thick black dildo. She had managed to take it all and was sliding up and down. Oh my, good girl. While sitting down all the way on the black dildo that was ‘to big’ she was rubbing her clit with what now seemed like her very small glass friend. She kept up this momentum until she started to shake and moan loudly. Great show geez I watched that a lot.    We would have naked days, where from getting up in the morning we’d be naked all day together. In the backyard spa playing 8 ball and cooking the bbq. She would randomly suck or rub my cock and of course I’d enjoy rubbing my hands all over her naked smooth body. Fun times.    Then came the dark clouds. She became very ill.    Not a story for here.    But we we had to travel to the big city for treatment. And lots of time to wander the city.    Now ive always been fascinated by Asian girls and peered into the window of a few city Thai massage joints.  I found one and took the plunge. I thought you never know and got naked. She was very pretty and a great masseur. She was also very friendly and we chatted.  But nothing more was offered and I was far to naive and nervous to ask. I visited that place a few times, never asked but alway got the same girl. Until I didn’t. This time it was an older Asian women and her massage wasn’t as good but it was better. A more touching of areas I was hoping for more attention to my butt and up between my legs. This was exciting. On the flip I was hard.. she covered me and massaged more. More ‘accidental’ brushes and the towel slipped off. There I was laying on my back naked and rock hard my ok sized cock pointing skyward. She made the what I know now as the universal sign for ‘you want me jerk you’ yes I nod. Nervous negotiating a price and happy days. Goodness me what have I been missing out on.  I think this girl was moved on or moved herself on and was coaxed into another place down the road by the same girl for the same pleasant experience on another occasion.    My my wife passed away. RIP  




Wife 2 and between

Wife 1 gone.. turns out that now I’m a bit older and although I now know what I’m doing and what I like. Chicks weren’t throwing themselves at me as much and the ones that did were for different reasons.    Like   i used to to work with your wife, she was a cow so how about it. Hmmm ok sure.    This now was early internet and broadband.  Porn everywhere. I now had the ability to flirt with people anonymously all over the world. I found that there were sites for gay/bi/curious guys like me and was able to express my curiousness with like minded guys and perv at more penis and more pussy. I really enjoyed my cyber fun and guys liked chatting with me.    I just remembered something I used to do which should of been earlier. pre or early internet time I used to frequent public toilets and look for messages. I was never going to act or ring them but I was curious and excited.    Chatting away on gay contact sites you could narrow the search to locals. One thing I haven’t made clear is I lived in a country town of less than 25,000 people so kinda small. Some locals were kinda pushy I wasn’t into that. One local I got talking to was friendly and revealed quite a bit about himself. Like the fact that he was gay but married, where he worked etc. OMG I knew who he was.. I was very very excited, I revealed to him I knew who he was but I would definitely keep it a secret. I did and still do.. more later. He was disappointed I didn’t reveal myself and that I wouldn’t meet him.    I met met a girl interstate online we eventually met after much cyber and phone sex fun and she was a very horny girl who had some specific quirks. Although she was very experienced and loved anal said I was the first to ever cum in her butt. She also liked to be fingered vigorously from behind on all fours. A fun girl but to far away.    After a a few more one nighters of no particular note. The internet and my curiosity got the better of me and after chatting to a guy for a few weeks I agreed to meet him. Now we talked about what we could try before we met and what I think I might like.    I had told plenty of people people online that I’d like to try receiving or bottom and he knew that.. we discussed and agreed that I wasn’t quite ready. He asked if I’d kiss and I said probably not.    I drove to to his place and knocked on his door shaking with nerves. I sat on his two seater lounge thinking he’d sit with me.. he didn’t. We chatted and him sending my obvious nerves asked what do I want to do? Do I want to leave? I said no let’s go to your bedroom. We undressed and got on the bed face to face cock to cock.. we cuddled and I was rock hard, we stroked each other and then... kissed it was weird because of a tiny bit of stubble but it felt right. No regrets. We sucked each other and the rest is a bit of a blur. I’m sure we jerked each other to orgasm and after a little while I left.     




Wife 1

My mate shared her with me.. I took her away and married her.    She loved sex.. she was a dirty girl and insisted on sex almost daily. That much sex leads to experimentation   We had sex anywhere and anytime.. outdoors in public albeit under the cover of darkness was always fun. Using whatever I could find even slightly dick shaped a was able to push inside her. I enjoyed that. A few she was one who insisted often on anal sex if for whatever reason the front door was closed.    I kept my interest in penis a secret still. She was a loose canon although we did experiment a little, I enjoyed wearing her panties and she was ok with that. I liked it when I came in her mouth and she pushed it into mine. And she never questioned, out loud anyway, my sexuality.    The fact that that she had been involved in threesomes in the past excited me so I enjoyed getting her to talk about it. Getting her to talk about the big cocks she’s had. Getting her to tell me about the guys she’d like to fuck. One day she mentioned our doctor and on internal examinations she got very turned on and wet but nothing ever happened.    I did encourage her her to be flirty and wear very revealing clothes around a mate but once again nothing more happened. I guess I didn’t quite push it.   She eventually ran ran off with another guy and that’s fine we were both ready for the next chapter. 




The next 10 years continued

I won the competition  1 mate met his eventual wife The other wasn’t as desperate.  I totaled 12 girls in 12 months all different a couple I’d been with before and 1 each of my mates ex girlfriends. Yep I know.    My first girlfriend did from time to time come back for more. I’d never turn her away and eventually was experienced enough to know how to make a girl orgasm. I think she may of taught me.    The girls I was with in this decade some I worked hard to get others were ridiculously easy. The easiest was my housemates girlfriend wanted to come over to visit him and late at night but had a friend with her. Rang to ask if it was ok if she cane over with her friend and I could fuck her. Ok sure so I did. She was a big girl but hey good fun.  Another was I’d move out of and away from town of said house and a girl had moved in. I’d come back to visit and needed somewhere to stay. Apparently it was ok to share her bed but nothing more.  Challenge accepted. Turns out wasn’t a challenge at all. We slept together a few times after that.  Another revisit from the first girlfriend and of for some car sex and kinky chat.. I asked her if she’d slide down onto the gear lever of my car as I watched and she did. Wow. I liked that a lot. A lasting memory.    All the while I still liked looking at cocks and pussy when I could access porn magazines. Remember pre internet. I never discussed this fascination with anybody and I remember being with 3 mates and seeing something on tv saying 1 in 4 males have at least thought about male male sex and we all jokingly pointed to our best dressed buddy. But I knew it was me.    I had been in a couple of sex shops but only ever bought straight hard core mags so I could see it all. Eventually I got the ‘balls’ to buy a gay mag and I liked it. I spent a lot of time looking at that magazine    Having said that, I’m not attracted to guys just fascinated but cocks balls butts and sex. Same to this day.    My tally late in the decade was into the 30’s is that a lot..? I don’t know. But I decided to take a trip to the big city and phone and ad for a guy.. yes a guy to come and massage me. I was nervous despite some Dutch courage but we undressed and I seen a semi hard guy in real life for the first time and I wasn’t offended. He did ask me why and I told him that I was curious. So we layed together, him helping me fumble around. I will always remember that first touch of his semi hard cock. He encouraged me to rub him and then started to push my head towards it. I needed that and enjoyed sucking him. I jerked him of until he came and I sent him on his way. I didn’t cum with him but I certainly did re living it after he left.    I moved into a new job and made new friends. One in particular liked to tell intimate stories to me about his wife. Telling me how him and another mate used to fuck her together. This was a huge turn on, she looked ok. Eventually he asked me to fuck her with him but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I wish I did although I know it would be strictly heterosexual threesone.  Ahe however was determined so got permission from him to come and fuck me anyway. That was fun but kinda awkward. The closest we came to a threesome was ducking her in the next room. Eventually she started sneaking around    then we got married.   




The next 10 years

I spent the next 10 years chasing as much pussy and my shy demeaned and only slightly above average looks would allow. To a point where it was definitely my number one focus whenever I was out and about.    I think I was reasonably successful although standards did drop significantly to get my end away on more than one occasion. I tried not to let my mate know about these ones and only showed of and kept around the good looking ones. But my mates knew that my standards were low. I didn’t care.    My pick up technique was poor but for some reason girls gravitated towards me. I’m not sure if it was that some thought I was a catch, or they were just the female version of me and liked to fuck around.  I did have a couple of longer term girlfriends which escalated to more interesting, at the time, sex.   Like the first time a girl shaved he pussy for me I loved that.. and still do. Something about a smooth vagina.  Very happy it seems to be ‘mandatory’ these days  The first time a girl let me use the other hole.. I loved that too, the naughtiness of it, the taboo. Many decades later my mate telling me he’s never done it and being married long term it’s not likely. I was proud to say that any girl I was with for longer than a couple months eventually let me fuck her ass. Proud as punch. Also many years later I discovered that some girls loved it and actively asked for it. Wow.    In this decade still pre internet I discovered I also like looking at cock, as in hard core porn mags with intercourse I also enjoyed looking at the guys cock.    This is of course I kept a secret.    I still loved getting up close close to all types of vagina. Innies all perfectly tucked away nice and smooth. Outies with the big lips hanging out, nice. All lovely.     Someof the lower quality girls thinking back , I wasn’t nice I just used them and moved on. But hey maybe they were doing it to me.. no one ever accused me of anything untoward apart from some mates saying I was a slut.    On that hat myself and two mates decided to have a competition, yes I know poor form. But the goal was who could sleep with the most different girls in one year. Not the most sex but the most girls. I took this comp a little to seriously. The only rule is you had to tell them who it was and we back dated it to New Year’s Day. I’m in I thought and then had to admit to my mate that the morning of New Year’s Day I went into his bedroom and encouraged the girl he slept with that night into my bed. Score 1 all. No shame. She was cute. 




Early days

Of course as a young bloke I couldn’t keep my hand of it.  Managed to find some porn.. well more of a how to/positions type mag in my dads drawer. My first taste. Later I found some real porn in the bushes of my local park. How often did that happen back in the day. I had a best female friend I told her about the mags and we looked together. Clearly now knowing what I know.. who knows, but I got an embarrassing stiffy I hid and we did nothing. Stupid boy.  I was a very shy awkward kid but eventually got myself a girlfriend. She was very confident and outgoing. We went through the usual steps.. first kiss, first touches, oh my the first time I touched her pussy it was both really hairy and really wet. And of course amazing. From then on I had my hands in her pants whenever I could. This of course eventually led to first blow job and losing our virginity.  Mom sure it was all very clumsy and unsatisfying for her although she always accommodated my advances and was always wet.  I loved her.  Eventually she dumped me and I was devastated.   





Has anyone experienced her,  her profile does not seem to give any details what services she is going to offer https://www.escortsandbabes.com.au/Profile/NSW/North-Sydney/Independent/Fullmoon/




Always Want Real Answers......

Excel101 Seasoned Member  Venus Nymphs 862 posts Type: Escort City: Melbourne Location: VIC Report post   Posted 1 hour ago   https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6780843/Dentist-killed-ex-stuffing-suitcase-cruel-former-patients-say.html   This is the 100% classic Indian you don't want here.    We have enough of our own domestic violence perpetrators without bringing more in like this and making the numbers even worse.   What some people don't realise is that Indian violent men act differently to Australian violent men. If you can't talk about the problem because wah political correctness then you can't share tips on how to avoid these people or how to deal with them. How you deal with a guy like this is different to how you deal with a violent Aussie bloke. Many women are unaware of the tell tale signs of you're coming across a bad Indian. And we're not allowed to share tips because we might offend someone.   Imagine that, you can't share tips on how to spot a violent Indian because you might offend the man who might beat you and kill you.    This guy has all the red flags. Things that jump out at me from this article are 'rude' and 'invasive questions.' Now, an Aussie male violence guy is often actually charming. Not the ones who jump out of bushes, the ones who date you then it turns out they are violent clingers. They can be charming, polite, good company and use love as a weapon.    Indian guys are different. They are often rude and they do stuff like ask invasive questions. Many women don't realise the rudeness and questions is a warning sign. Many women are good people and not racist and just assume 'oh he's just foreign that's how they are,' That's not how they are. Good Indians don't do that.    The invasive questions thing is full on. We need to be educating women to look out for Indians who do that as it increases the chance he's one of the bad ones. But there is no way that the sex worker organisations would ever be allowed to put out a fact sheet about this.    As for women who say stuff like "oh everyone can be bad and it hardly happens and blah blah blah ' maybe recognise that some of you do higher end sex work and you're not exactly on the front lines of sex work. The experiences of street workers and the lower end brothels is different to the fancy world of nice private escorts and we'd appreciate some moral support not being told we're imagining things or we're racist. I don't think some of the girls in this thread even know what an invasive Indian is or what they act like.   I don't make the statistics. The statistics are that sex workers have a higher rate of violence and it's usually at the lower end. I'm not advertising so I'm not going to put a gloss on the realities of sex work to not deter my future clients. The reality is our job can come with risk and abuse.    Now, I like my job. I really like it. I'm willing to take the risks and deal with them. The risk to reward ratio is fine with me. What I don't like is the general industry discussion dominated by a certain kind of sex worker with an agenda. Some of us sex workers are marginalised within our own industry.    I guess it depends what punters want this thread to be. Do you want real answers or do you want fantasy answers and public relations? Do girls want me to leave this thread so it can just be a glossy fantasy? What are we doing here? Are we discussing the real insight into sex work or are we selling a fantasy? What do people want to do?    Some of the answers to these questions are going to be unappealing like, yes violence and abuse can be a serious issue. I'm not someone who can lie so I either tell the truth or stop bothering with this thread if I'm expected to toe the line of fantasy answers where everything is peachy. What do people want gloss or truth?  




Sydney Gym Antics

I'm the type of girl who loves to run, to move, to sweat.
The gym is a constant source of pleasure for me.
Whether I lift with perfect form or I run without pause, I love the rush.
But today I found a new rush.
Cardio as masturbation.
Before my daily cardio, I typically do my kegels with my geisha balls.
Each day, I slowly slip them inside before I stretch, removing them slowly before I put on my activewear.
Well today I thought, what would happen if I left them in as I ran?

It was slow teasing to start, then tight throbbing, before finally release when I removed them, slower than needed, feeling every curve and edge before a resounding "pop" and my orgasm came to an abrupt holt.

This may be the best part of the gym now.




Bucket List Item #004

Have you ever wanted to fuck in an elevator?  Backseat of a limo? On a public beach?   Well tell me all about it because I have a bucket list item I need assistance with.  I want to be fucked in my tiny little courtyard, looking out at all my neighbors, smiling. Want to help me out?   My incall is in the charming Pyrmont and I promise to charm you. 



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    • La Cucaracha
      Welcome back, Paris!  And I see you've not missed a single step of your writing flair.  I wish I had your writing talent!
    • AndyJ
      Here's an emoji 🙄 and here's a good ol' fashioned emoticon (which I prefer).   All yours to use
    • Cara Valence
      Can we please have an eye-roll emoji @AndyJ? This industry is exactly like the airline business, doesn't matter where in the world you go or who you talk to, we all have the same stories. My particular favourites are like the guy last night who wanted a booking 'now' then mucked me around for an hour saying he had to go to an ATM, then tried to tell me how to run my business - 'if you took card payment or bank transfer it would make life a lot easier' - then kept delaying. I blocked him in the end. Or the five texts I woke up to this morning from a guy persisting over the course of several hours wanting to pay Amex. I also have 'bb' guy who sends the exact same text every so often - 'Hi bb I can cum for 100?'. Sigh. 
    • Ariadna Majewska
      My comment about what I said was along the lines to compare Europe V Australia and if you did you would see where I am coming from which was comparing apples v apples that was all, then to go back to Australia you would appreciate how freaking good the game is there,  Eg some ladies whom pull 18 hour shifts at some clubs in Europe see over 15 men a day in a shift I know that 1st hand,  that is what my post was about, to see how good escort and client have it in Australia that was all,  nothing more nothing less, and from what  I have seen 1st hand in some clubs Escorts in Australia wouldn't put up with the crap women here do especially with clients from some countries in Europe some nationalities treat women awfully, in Australia once again that would not occur as you ladies there would call that crap out,  that is what my post was about the overall game comparing the pair that was all.   Sorry for the confusion caused.    
    • Scarlett B Wilde
      Or maybe appreciate variance and difference in the world ?  Why is your opinion of what a sex worker is better than anyone eles's ?
      Your allowed to have an opinion yes... I back you up in that-  in fact my post about how the choice of the session can go is in this very blog, and yet you seem to push the idea that everyone one should act in one way ?!!?  What a deary world we'd live in.

      I have many customer reviews / testimonials that state as an Australian, I'm performing / exceeding to the standards of my clients.
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