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Spring Special

All Prebookings with Deposits Paid Will get $50 off an hour Or Add an Extra 30mins to any 2 hour or more booking. Come take advantage of me!! Kandi Minxx

Kandi Minxx

Kandi Minxx in Escort Special

Melbourne I'm in you next week

Melbourne Darlings Dinner Dates and playtimes available from next Wednesday at 2pm Needing a naughty lady added into your Weekday calender... I'm mature experienced all natural Little Lady.. But oh so naughty behind closed doors . Pre Book with a Deposit is required Kandi Minxx

Kandi Minxx

Kandi Minxx in Melbourne tour

Hotel screening. Canberra, property 1.

This heritage hotel is full of style and charm. The room layout is excellent. Upgrading for a bath tub to be included, I later note it comfortably fits two people. Inside the shower, there is one flexible shower head. Shampoo, conditioner and shower gel are kept in full-size bottles that are firmly screwed to the wall, pun intended.   The dining room is well-appointed with ample space between unclothed tables, French doors open into a garden with more seating available. Some zones are

Ivanka Petrov

Ivanka Petrov in Venue screening examples

Dining notes, Sydney.

At the Chef’s table with my taste buds being entertained in the most spectacular manner. I close my eyes in almost a meditative state. To watch this kitchen is a privilege - I am reminded of a symphony orchestra experience. The venue is delightfully synchronised: the Maitre d’ess and the floor personnel, the bar and overall ambiance. I am a little detail inside of a large sophisticated clock polished inside and out, designed and crafted by a master.    Tick-tock.    Both A la

Ivanka Petrov

Ivanka Petrov in Venue screening examples

Twenty Years And Counting

Hard to believe that this week it will be 20 years since I first entered this crazy world we call punting.   Was a memorable day all round for me cause I had been to a footy game that afternoon and saw the messiah rub salt into the Melbourne Storm wounds by kicking a penalty goal from half way.   I even remember what I had for dinner that night. A Super Supreme pizza with garlic bread and finished it off with a pot of cookies and cream ice cream. Ahhh my last meal as a virgi


ian80au in First punt

How desperate & low can you get

So I contacted a massage TS worker by name of Ruby. I asked her for what she did & didn’t do etc & explaining what I wanted. She then asked as a pact of trust could I send $50 as to confirm I wasn’t wasting her time on phone. I was hesitant at first, but having asked her if it would be refunded if I had to cancel booking later, she said “yes I have built a long honest network of clients & I’m here for the long run blah blah blah” ok so I did send & all seemed fine, bu

Ripped off

Has any one been ripped off by a so called high class. I paid near 2k up from a few years ago. Covid hit and the Working Girl has not made any effort to come to WA from QLD. Wondering if 9thers have had same.  It's time to name and shame these individuals 


Dell in Ripped Off

What to Expect from a Girlfriend Experience With a Sydney Escort

What to Expect from a Girlfriend Experience With a Sydney Escort   The Girlfriend Experience, more commonly known as GFE, is one of the most frequently requested high class escort services at Hush, and with good reason!   While Girlfriend Experience has different definitions for different people, essentially a GFE blurs the line between having a regular escort booking and a romantic experience with real life lover. It’s like having the perfect part-time girlfriend – with all

HUSH Escorts

HUSH Escorts in Blogs

Has anyone taken an escort to a wedding

I would have loved to have taken a sexy escort to a wedding and watched all the men feel envious of me. We would have acted outrageously. Can anyone share of a time where they did this? it would have been awedsome


Spike in Escort

Slippery When Wet: Best Shower Sex Positions With HUSH Escorts

Slippery When Wet: Best Shower Sex Positions   In our imaginations (and in the movies) shower sex is the stuff of fantasies. Afterall, what’s hotter than making out and having sex in the shower with someone who’s naked and slippery with soap, as water cascading around you. Shower sex is inherently hot because it comes with a sense of urgency. But if you’ve ever had shower sex, you’ve probably found that the reality didn’t live up to your steamy fantasies (and it probably just felt

HUSH Escorts

HUSH Escorts in Blogs

Sunnyside Gangbang

I had an inkling that I needed a really good fucking one night as I couldn’t get the idea of a gangbang out of my head. It was a warm night and I tossed and tuned and at one stage I got up and opened my computer. I googled the weather in Melbourne for the next day and saw it was going to be sunny and 28. I then googled where Sunnyside was as I’d never been there before as I always go to Point Addis in Geelong. I decided in bed then and then to drive to Sunnyside the next day and see what it was

Lily Lavine

Lily Lavine in Sunnyside Gangbang

5 Great Ideas For Roleplay Sex To Get Your Motor Running

5 Great Ideas For Roleplay Sex To Get Your Motor Running       Do you feel like you’re in a sexual rut or feel like you want to try something new but don’t know where to start? There are a lot of options for spicing things up, from sex toys to new position, but if you ask the high class escorts at Hush in Sydney, you can’t go past some good old-fashioned roleplay. Roleplay is exciting because the opportunities are endless. Roleplay allows you to take a holiday from

HUSH Escorts

HUSH Escorts in Blogs

Client Stories: “My Wife And I Had A Threesome With A Couples Escort”

Client Stories: “My Wife And I Had A Threesome With A Couples Escort”   In this brand new blog section, we will be sharing some of the exciting experiences our clients at Hush have chosen to share with us. This titillating true tale comes to us from Brian* (not his real name) in Sydney.     My wife Shelley* (not her real name) and I have been together now for over 20 years. We got married when we were young and while we’ve always been each other’s number one, 20 yea

HUSH Escorts

HUSH Escorts

Client Stories: “I Lost My Virginity To An Escort And It Changed My Life”

Client Stories: “I Lost My Virginity To An Escort And It Changed My Life” In this brand new blog section, we will be sharing some of the exciting experiences our clients at Hush have chosen to share with us.   My name is Chris* (not his real name). Until about a week ago, I was a 32-year-old virgin. How? You ask… Well I’ve always lived and worked in small towns in remote Australia where I’ve mostly been surrounded by men (and their wives or girlfriends). In the las

HUSH Escorts

HUSH Escorts

Lets Talk About Sexual Fantasies

Even though some people are reluctant to admit it the truth is that all of us have a certain sexual fantasy or more of them. When you go to bed at night you probably think of your sexual fantasy, daydream about it at work or in the shower as you’re getting ready to start your day. Sexual fantasies are good for your libido and erections. They also serve as useful pointers we can use to take our sex life and sexual prowess to a whole new level. It’s not uncommon for men to have a lot of sexua

HUSH Escorts

HUSH Escorts

What is Sensual Massage and What Are Its Benefits?

When we discuss massage, we usually consider massaging on head and body with essential oils and often other areas of the body. But when we focus on sensual massage, that is usually referred to as erotic massage or adult massage we feel this is simply not a massage. Such is usually not therapy by any means. Would you truly think that sensual massage, erotic massage or adult massages have a bit of benefit? Sure, it is. There are lots of points to learn about massage therapy, the key benefits of ma




I read in 'The Advertiser', the other day, about how destructive condoms are to the environment.   STI's and pregnancies are on the increase across Australia and other countries, even with the covid lock down.   After some investigations by various health departments around the world, it turns out that condoms are bad for the ecology and the health of the planet. They do not break down, and are a danger to wildlife.   It appears that there is a concerted effort by o



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