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Important info for all members

This announcement is no longer active


For the last 24 hours or so, we've been offline. Now we are back.


The reason was a technical one, not ours in particular but a wider one affecting our host. I have asked for more information and now I'm waiting. (When I know more I'll expand *).


Unfortunately they needed to restore a backup to get us back online, but there was no backup from last night as a disk failure also made that backup to fail. So they've restored the immediately previous one to that one, which means that we've lost a day of activity. That is content (yes, including reviews posted during that period), invoices and their status, new members who signed up during that period, etc.


I apologise to whoever has been affected but nobody is as gutted as I am. Mitigating the damage will be hard work, plus this is the first time ever something like this happens to us.

Below I describe some course of action for anyone affected one way or another.



If you posted between sometime Wednesday 24/07/19 and an hour ago (Friday 26/07/19 1PM) approx. your post may be among the lost content. If so, I'm sorry they are gone, the only solution is to repost in that case. I beg those who posted reviews, during this period to repost them please. I know it's a big ask but it would be fantastic if you did. (First please check that your review was actually lost).



Some people who signed up during that period, will find that their memberships don't exist. Please sign up again in that case. In some cases memberships may exist but you may need to repost your Intro or Hello post (which is a minor problem)



If you in the last two days or so paid for a subscription, and now suddenly can't access the reviews, it may be that your invoice was lost, or its status reverted to unpaid. This is going to be messy, but we do have all payment records at the bank sites. I will need to trace them, match them and mark them paid again and create a new invoice if needed. Send us an email if there's any problem (webmaster@punterplanet.com).



If someone has been made Star Master in the last two days, and now they are not any longer, please send us an email too. These are lower numbers, so we may be able to work it out anyway.



I don't think we have suffered much damage in this respect. Some advertisers maybe get two renewal invoices instead of one.



Anyway, please feel free to contact us if you experienced any problem. My apologies once again, and to make things worse this finds me overseas with a 13 hour difference, so please be patient when you are waiting for a reply. I'll endevour to sort your problem out asap.


(*) - A disk IO problem caused the filesystem to go into read only mode and this also prior to the overnight backups so some data got corrupted, especially on busy databases with open files. This unfortunately meant that our host had to restore from the last available backup which was the night prior, causing a loss of approx 24 hours of activity and content.


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