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Cristal Hotbabe

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  • By AndyJ

    Submitted Feb 06 2012 04:10 PM

Cristal Hotbabe


Hot and unbelievably horny, I am very well known for my numerous reviews on the internet. From Central Manchester, I bring you the filthiest, dirtiest little English slapper you will ever stick your cock in. I am a cross between Malibu Barbie and a gobby trailer trash slut. I won't bore you with the usual " ive been to university" "im so well educated" blah blah blah If you want a nice high class hooker to wine and dine, massage and "make love".......then move along because you won't get that with me, I'm not your bird, I'm not your wife, I'm a whore and I act like one. I am wild, nasty, shameless and hardcore...if you can't handle that....then fuck off.. I specialise in XXX pornstar action, I don't give a shit who's cock I am sucking, nor do I care if it's been up my twat or my shitbox as long as I get a mouthful of steaming jizz. Perhaps I'm not the kind of girl you want to take home to meet your mother! I have had more pricks than a second hand dartboard ...so if you think you can handle the heat..bring it on little boys.. CHECK OUT MY WEBSITE WWW.CRISTALDOWNUNDER.COM i am the original true PSE slut.. Beware of cheaper and poor sub-standard copycat hookers!